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Helios - Mandroid

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Politics and Poundings.

You stood silently outside the meeting room. Your duty was to guard the door while Princess Celestia met with the Griffin High Thane inside.

The Griffin Kingdoms had been going through massive political upheaval, with new Thanes and Jarls taking leadership constantly. The current leader of the nation was here in Canterlot today in an attempt to smooth over the frosty relations between Griffin and Pony kind.

Opposite your side of the door stood a member of the Thanes Highguard. Sporting a more impressive and protective set of armor then the rest of the Thane's guards, he stood ramrod stiff and glared ahead.

You clear your throat, no reason you can't try to lighten the mood... "So...does that armor make it hard to fly?"

He glances over to you. "Our armor is based off the Golden Fleece. Light as a feather, yet hard as steel."

You let out a low whistle and lift up your arm. "I'm in Dragonbone Plate, myself. Light, fireproof, and durable enough to keep me whole."

He continues to eye you. "Equestria has the resources to down dragons?"

"Heh. We just had a few bones from a long time ago..."

"Still. Impressive that a monarch would commit such resources to her personal guard." he says.

That...was a bit odd.

Suddenly, the door to the meeting room swings open, almost smashing you in the face. Out walks a Griffin in highly ornate armor. "I will not stay here and be patronized by a child playing at Queen!" he shouts

The Thane to the guard next to you. "Eitri! We are done here, we make for Gryphus at once!"

The High Thane stomps his way down the hall with his bodyguard tailing him. They both take to the skies as soon as they are out of the building, flying North at high speeds.

As they departed, Princess Celestia slowly walks out of the meeting room. Her head low.

"What happened?" you ask.

Princess Celestia shakes her head. "The High Thane refused my peace offering. He says that Equestria is too weak to be allies with The Griffin Kingdoms."


"Are all Griffins like that, Your Majesty?"

Celestia adopts a disappointed demeanor. "No...but many Griffins still cling to the old ways. High Thane Weisshaupt is simply one of them."

The two of you stand in the hall in silence for a time.

"What now, Princess?"

Celestia's face grows steely. "I must speak to Shining Armor." she says as she makes for the door.

"Yes, Ma'am."

The guard barracks were located on the opposite side of the city from the embassy. Along the way, you got to play your second role as Royal Queensguard.

Crowd control.

Many citizens tried to get close to Princess Celestia as she walked the streets, it was your duty to ensure they didn't get too close.

This was the aspect of your job you really didn't enjoy. Any of these ponies could be hiding a weapon on them, and when they swarmed like this it made it overwhelming.

Celestia pressed onward, however. Her patience and grace keeping the two of you moving at a decent speed towards the barracks.

You found Shining Armor drilling a few new recruits in the barracks central courtyard.

He turns to you as he dismisses his troops. "Anonymous. Princess Celestia. What may I do for you?" he asks with a bow.

Princess Celestia chuckles. "Rise Shining Armor, there is no need for that among friends and family."

The guard captain smiles as he returns to his feet. "What's the nature of your visit today, Princess?"

The monarch's face falls again. "I recently had a meeting with High Thane Weisshaupt regarding our two nations. It...did not end well."

Shining Armors face hardens. "What needs to be done, your majesty?"

"I need you to prepare the guard for any actions the High Thane may attempt." She turns to you. "Anonymous, I want you to coordinate with Shining Armor. Two minds are better than one here."

"Yes Ma'am." you and Shining Armor say in unison.

"Anon?" Shining asks.


The Guard Captain grows a wry smile. "Have you been practicing your combat skills?"

Oh, this again.

"More so than you just standing around looking important."

Now his smile is a full blown smirk. "Care to test that?"

"Any time anywhe-..." your eyes drift up to the giggling Princess Celestia "Uh...That is, if Her Highness doesn't mind."

"Oh no, go on. I know how competitive you two can be." she says.

Your face reddens a bit. "Thank you, Ma'am."

You throw off some of your bigger armor and grab a practice sword off the rack. Shining Armor was easily the best swordspony in all of Canterlot, perhaps all of Equestria. You were good, but you had your work cut out for you.

Shining was still wearing his smarmy grin as he lunged at you, his sword held in a magical grip. You stepped back and blocked his swipe. "On the defensive already, Anon? Not good..."

That was the other reason Shining Armor always won duels, he never shut up.

This jerk had the endurance of a minotaur. His wife must be ecstatic.

You twist yourself out of Armor's assault and begin one of your own. He retains his smirk even as he backpedals against your strikes. You scrape the tip of your practice sword along the ground and toss sand up into his eyes. He erects a shield over his eyes a moment too late as the dirt traps itself in one eye.

Armor smiles through his now closed eye. "Not bad, Anon. But let's see if you can keep it up."

You're happy to oblige as you swing on the his blind side. Shining's sword snaps up to block you, but you don't stop. You continue your assault to the sound of Shining egging you on.

"Faster! Faster! Disrupt my focus!" he says.

You swipe low at his feet before you rocket up, inches away from his face. "You're gripping the sword too tightly!"

You adjust your grip on the sword and swing at Shining's head once more. This time however, he twists his sword around yours and hurls it into the air.

He then emits a short blast of magic at you, pushing you back. You lower your hands from your face to see Shining Armor holding your own sword to your neck.

"Now too lightly." he says with that grin.

You had lead Celestia to her room like you did every evening after the sparring match with Shining Armor. Imagine your surprise when she asked to meet her at the dining hall.

"I was planning to grab some food before I retired, would you care to keep me company?" she had asked.

You were a bit surprised at the request, but you accepted soon enough. Celestia may be your monarch and it was your duty to protect her, but she was also a good friend of yours.

You had removed your armor at your room and found Celestia sitting at the table when you arrived. Princess Luna was also at the table, albeit farther back.

You and Celestia sit at the table as you ate, talking as friends over the events of the day.

"Perhaps I should make Shining Armor my bodyguard after his performance today." she teases.

"I don't want to badmouth a friend, but he cheated."

"Did he now?" Celestia chuckled.

"Shining Armor knows that he can be distracting, and he has magic. Tell me Celestia, how am I supposed to compete against that?"

Celestia releases a laugh as she feeds another forkful of salad into her mouth.

Princess Luna chooses that moment to rise from her seat and walk towards the two of you. "Thy guard should apply himself more, Sister."

Celestia grows an annoyed frown at Luna. "Anonymous has valid points, Luna. He does not have the magical aptitude that Shining Armor has."

You really should figure something out for that...

Luna scoffs. "I had heard that something happened with the Griffin Thane today, is it something I should know?"

Celestia's frown grows more honest now. "Yes. Thane Weisshaupt has declined my offer for an alliance. He says that we are too weak in his eyes to warrant one."

"Arrogant kit..." Luna mutters as she makes for the door. "Fear not, Sister. I shall see to the Thane..." she calls back.

Luna shuts the door behind her casting the room into silence.