• Published 12th Oct 2012
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Helios - Mandroid

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Canterlot had been recovering from the attack by the griffins. By the grace of all that was good in the world, the damage was mostly superficial and casualties were low.

Less than a hundred citizens had lost their lives. Most of the city infrastructure was intact.

The guards had been helping refugees from their damaged homes and setting them up in shelters across the city. Another lucky break was that the platform suspending Canterlot above the valley below hadn't been broken. A bit shaken up from the explosions, but not broken. The masons were repairing it now.

If that was a lucky break, then you had also caught a blessing. By some miracle, Grogar's cage hadn't been damaged at all. If it wasn't for him being bound to the city and feeling everything it felt, the Necromancer wouldn't have even known there was an attack.

You walked through the city, helping direct reconstruction efforts.

Next to you walked...another matter.

t had been three days since you and Princ- Since you and Celestia had spent the night together. You had almost been caught by the morning servant, but Celestia was able to teleport you back to your room before she got in.

What followed were the two most awkward days on the job you had ever experienced.

How do you go about guarding someone who was moaning your name the night before?

You remember asking her where this was headed, just as you remembered her almost sad response. "I...don't know, Anonymous. I'm not too certain about much these days. But...I know that I would like to...continue to be close to you, if you would have me." she had said.

Of course you had said yes.

You had to stay close to her. It was your job.

Celestia and you continued to walk through Canterlot, helping rebuild where you could.

There was hardly a need for a bodyguard today, not with the city still on high alert. Today you would help build.

Sometimes you would secure an overhang as Celestia held it up. Other times you would be the one holding things up as Celestia reached inside a broken structure to retrieve a filly that had been caught in it.

What seemed to help the most however, was simply her being there. You could see the looks of adulation and thanks pouring out from the citizens as Celestia did everything in her power to return them to their way of life.

You had been seeing many different sides of Celestia recently...

You had almost seen a furious Celestia when she made an emergency trip to Gryphus to confront the new Thane. Fortunately, he was quick to declare his predecessor a madman and promise to keep his distance from Equestria as a whole.

The two of you were now in the southern plaza near a relief cart. You were handing out food, water and blankets to everypony who wasn't in a shelter yet. There were reports of things getting rather hectic at some of the other relief carts, but not here. Here, ponies were lined up in an orderly fashion and were content to wait their turn for food. You chalked it up once again to Celestia's presence.

"Here, this should help you through the night, please be safe My Little Pony." Celestia said.

"Bless you Princess..." The mother said as she trotted back to her children.

The last of the supplies handed out, Celestia trotted up next to you. Out of sight from the refugees, she leaned forward and nuzzled the side of your face. "Thank you Anonymous...I couldn't have done this without you."

"O-of course, Celestia."

Celestia lead the two of you out of the plaza.

You turned your thoughts inward.

You really weren't too sure about this... She was your boss, the pony who not only paid you, but dictated what you did with your time on the job.

Hell, she was your monarch! She had the ultimate power over if you could even live here or not!

And you had slept with her.

Celestia had said that she could not be in a relationship. She had said that the citizens of Canterlot and possibly all of Equestria couldn't accept a monarch

Why would Celestia risk her reputation over you? You weren't that special, just a bodyguard. Was she really risking her reputation?

Maybe this was just a night of casual sex and there was nothing to worry about.

You admit Celestia is...attractive. Any hang-ups you had about species had long since been left behind, she was just another person now.

Another immortal, sun raising, royal person...

You weren't really helping your nerves here.

Celestia had also said that she was going to do more for herself and "never let you down". But what the hell did that even mean? She had never let you down before.

And why should she worry about you?

She was the sun. You were just a guard.

You sigh.

A guard...

You start to wonder on the significance Shining Armor played in your current situation. Celestia had taken you into her bed just after Armor had died. There was no doubt that the two of you were just trying to make each other feel a bit better in such dark times, but was that it? Was Celestia's current mood towards you affection that had always been there? Or was it just a response to losing someone dear to her and trying to fill the void?

It was absolutely no secret that the two of them were close, they were family. Hell Shining had been close to almost everypony in the castle. Celestia had said she failed him, you figured she blamed herself for what happened. But she also said she would never fail you, and that was more interesting.

Was she only doing this because she thinks she MIGHT one day fail you? Is she trying to give you what she thinks you want before it might happen? And why the hell is sleeping with you the first thing she decided on?

You're so wrapped up that you don't notice Celestia has stopped until it's almost too late.

She was staring up at the gradually setting sun with a mournful expression on her face.


Her head lowers and her eyes flick over to you. "It's time, Anon."


The sun was setting over Canterlot's walls, casting the area in harsh shadows.

The perfect setting for a funeral.

Princess Cadence was there, but she refrained from giving a eulogy. You and several of Shining's friends in the guard had each given a short one, detailing his strength and heroism in the attack.

As shining was lowered into his plot in the royal gardens, another stallion took his place next to the Celestia at the podium.

"And so it is that with great honor that I name Dapper Thunder the new Captain of the Guard." She said.

Dapper was a good guy, he'd take good care of the guard. Seven unicorns took position and fired off bursts of magic into the sky as the casket was lowered. As the bolts passed through the air, three streaks flew out of Wonderbolts stadium and passed over the ceremony.

As the guests began to file out, you were able to catch Princess Cadence before she leaves.


She turns to you, her eyes red and puffy from tears shed and her lip trembling. Anything you could have said then just seemed so...pointless, making the words die on your tongue.

"I'm...so, so sorry..."

Cadence shook her head. "It's not your fault, Anonymous...The griffins attacked and Shining tried to defend the city..." her head perks up a bit and she now wears a teary smile. "I know that Shining would have been proud of his final act..."

"What...will you do now?"

Cadence looked out over the city. "I must return to the Crystal Kingdom...But I may decide to take some time to myself soon."

"You deserve it, ma'am."

Cadence smiled at you. "Be safe, Anonymous." she said before she turned and walked away.

You stare at her for some time, eventually hearing the sound of hooves behind you.

"I weep for her." Celestia said.

"I can't imagine what she's going through..."

You bristle as Celestia rests her head on your shoulder. Cadence vanishes into the castle tower, leaving you and Celestia alone in the garden.