• Published 12th Oct 2012
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Helios - Mandroid

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A Day in the Life.

The halls of the Canterlot royal palace echoed as you walked down them. Damned boots, you were going to have to get them refitted again.

You were Anonymous: Royal Bodyguard to Her Majesty Princess Celestia. And you were currently on your way to another day on the job.

Things had become fairly routine during your time in Equestria. You had come a long way from waking up in a Canterlot alley and scaring the locals. After a night in a cell, they had taken you to see Her. Princess Celestia I, ruler of Equestria and She who controlled the sun.

After a few questions as to what and who you were, she had said she came to her decision. It was rather shocking to most of the assembly that she had decided to let you go.

"It is clear that you were not brought here on your own accord, and it would be wrong to imprison you for the perceived crime of simply being an unknown creature." She had said.

You had enlisted in the Royal Guard the next day; trying to in some way repay the kindness of the being who had allowed you to stay in Her kingdom.

Jeez...that had all been years ago.

You rounded the corner to Celestia's room and stopped in front of the stallions outside her door.

"Anonymous." they say.

You nod to the two of them. "Hey Brawny, Diamond. She ready yet?"

The two of them nod. "Just like every other day."

Of course.

You adjusted the sword on your waist and walked through the door, prepared to greet the monarch on the other side.

Or you would, if anyone were on the other side.

Your bodyguard sense activates as you scan the room for signs of a clue. You're examining the seams on the nearby balcony window when a voice speaks up from behind you.

"Always on duty, aren't you Anonymous?"

You turn to see a pure white Alicorn stepping out of her bathroom and over to her beauty desk.

"A guard must always be ever vigilant, a Royal Bodyguard doubly so."

Celestia smiles in the mirror as she begins to brush her hair. "And I am very grateful for your service."

You make your way over to Celestia's side as she prepares for her day.

"Did you enjoy your evening last night, Anonymous?" she asks.

"I did. A quiet night in my room did me wonders."

Celestia chuckles. "There was a time I remember seeing you go out every night with that mare...what was her name again?"

"It was Spitfire. But no, I haven't been seeing anyone since we broke up."

You had dated the Wonderbolts Captain for a few months before you decided to break it off. She was a great mare, but the two of you didn't share too many common interests.

Also she was like, REALLY into Watersports.

That was not your fetish.

"A shame. You two were cute together." Celestia says as she levitate her crown and jewelry onto herself.

"Thank you, Ma'am."

Celestia glances up to you with a smarmy grin. "Back to "ma'am" now, are we?"

"You know the rules Ma'am, so long as the crown is on."

Celestia rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

"Well then, shall we begin our day?" She asks as she made her way to the door.

"Lead on, Princess Celestia."

Nine out of ten times, your job was simple. You would follow Princess Celestia around to wherever she needed to go and simply try to look imposing. Today, you were tailing her as she was accosted from all sides by advisors before her usual walk around the city.

You caught bits and pieces of the advisors words as you followed along. As you reach the main gate, Celestia pauses and turned to her advisors.

"My friends, I must make my rounds into the city. But I will see to all of your issues in due time." She says with a smile.

You took your place at the side of the Princess as the advisors retreated into the castle.

Celestia sighs. "While I do love all My Little Ponies, I do sometimes wish they would simply wait their turn in certain regards."

"Perhaps you should delegate them to the Royal Logician, Ma'am."

Celestia chuckles. "Storm Flicker would throw a fit if I were to dump those problems on him."

"If I may, what were they asking about?"

"Oh, the political situation up North. The Griffin kingdoms have been going through a rough patch in the last few years and a bit of it is spilling over into Equestria."

That sounded bad...

"Anything we should be concerned about?"

Celestia shakes her head. "Far too early to tell, Anonymous. But something to watch."

"Yes, Ma'am."

The two of you continue down the front steps of the castle and into the street below.

Canterlot was a fairly safe city, it wasn't too unheard of for the Princess to-

Your trained ears pick up something behind you. The sound of steel on leather.

Judging from the length of the sound-


You spin yourself around just in time to dodge the unicorns thrust. He was dressed in street clothes and had a maddened look in his eye. His swipes were also slow and sloppy, you could dodge him even in your mail. You snap your hand out and grab the knife after a particularly wide swing and wrench it away from his magical grip. A mailed fist to his face sends him flying to the ground and a knee pressing on his chest keeps him their until the guards arrive to take him away.

The young vagabond simply glared at the two of you as you waited. As he was taken away, you made your way over to the Princess.

"Princess, I believe we should move you back to the palace. It is not safe out here."

Celestia watches as the boy is hauled away with sad eyes. "No, Anonymous. I cannot be scared away from the rest of my people because of one poor misguided soul."


"It's good for the citizens to see me out and about, Anonymous." She says.

Celestia looks over her shoulder as she walks. "Besides, I have you to protect me."

The rest of your day was, thankfully, more calm then the start. You had followed Princess Celestia throughout her walkabout of Canterlot, keeping an eye out for any more threats. The two of you ate lunch at a small deli on the East side before you headed back to the castle to visit the royal Guard barracks.

A familiar unicorn spotted the two of you and trotted up, bowing deeply as he approached the Princess. "Your highness."

"Rise Shining Armor, there is no need for that among family." The Princess says.

The Guard Captain turns to you. "Good afternoon, Anonymous. I heard about your scrape this morning, I'm amazed you can still move that fast."

"Likewise Shining, I find myself in shock that you still remember how to instruct guards despite the weeks you spend at your wife's kingdom."

The two of you smirk and silently bump fist against hoof.

Celestia chuckles as she walks past. "You boys..."

You take the Princess back to her room in the late afternoon. Once she's inside, the monarch steps out onto her balcony and lifts her horn into the air. The glow of magic encircles the horn as Celestia begins the task of lowering the sun in unison with her sister.

Celestia walks back into her room and turns to you, a smile on her face. "Anonymous, I must thank you for your haste earlier today." she says.

"No thanks necessary, Ma'am. It's my job."

"Still, some form of reward is in order..."

She looks off into the corner, lost in thought. "Tell me, were do you take your meals when not with me?"

"Usually in my room, Ma'am. Although I have been known to eat with the rest of the guards at times."

A smile parts Celestia's lips. "Then from now on, you are free to take your meals in the royal dining hall."



"I...Thank you Princess, that is very generous of you."

"Think nothing of it, Anonymous." She says as she levitates her jewelry off.

"Can I expect to see you tomorrow at breakfast?"

"You did invite me, Celestia. It would be rude of me not to go now."

Celestia smiles a warm smile at you.

"Well, since you're safe in your room now. Permission to take my leave?" you ask.

Celestia nods her head. "I will see you tomorrow, Anonymous."

"I'll see you then."

You would see Celestia in the dining hall tomorrow, but you would see the hall before that. A quick stop by your modest room to remove your armor and hang up your sword and you were off for a quick dinner. The royal dining hall was hidden off to the side of the hall leading from the throne, letting someone grab get some food in them before a day of delegation.

As you entered, you made a discovery. You were not alone.

Far to the rear of the dining hall, Princess Luna sat eating what appeared to be a sandwich. No doubt in preparation for the night court.

"Anonymous?" came a voice from your side.

"Hey Sunshine." you say.

Sunshine Smiles was more or less your counterpart, serving as the only static member of Princess Luna's guard. Despite her making it very clear that she did not want a bodyguard.

Not that that stopped Sunshine.

"What are you doing here?" he asks.

"I stopped an attempt on the Princesses' life, she saw fit that I should take my meals here from now on."

Sunshine reeled back. "Someone tried to attack Princess Celestia?"

You nod. "He looked like just a kid, poor too, probably just trying to get the bits to eat tonight."



You stop one of the servants as she trots by. "Excuse me, Princess Celestia has deemed that I eat here from now on. Would it be too much trouble to ask for some meat of some kind?"

The girl, to her credit, does not react poorly to your request. "Of course Sir, I will see to it right away."

"Thank you."

The clinking of horseshoes behind you causes you to turn. "Devouring the flesh of others, how brutish."

You about face and bow. "Princess Luna."

Luna had returned to Canterlot some time ago and immersed herself into the history of what had happened since she was gone. She seemed to not like what she found, citing a decline in Equestrian civilization in her absence. Ever since then she had been colder then the stories had said.

Particularly to you.

"My sister allows you to not only eat here, but to eat meat as well?" she asks.

"It assists me in protecting Her Highness."

Luna scoffs. "The rulers of the Sun and the Moon should not need protection." She says as she silently leaves the room.

You let out a low whistle. "Is she like that with you, too?"

"That would require her to either see or talk to me."

"Hiding in the shadows Sunshine?"

He sighs. "It seems like the only way I can do my job anymore."

"Well, keep her safe Sunshine."

Sunshine groans as he walks away. "Were it so easy, Anonymous."

Heh. Silly Sunshine. The life of a bodyguard is never easy.