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Anonymous is not from Equestria, he'd never even heard of it before he crashed. But looking around he sees things he shouldn't. Despair, resignation, sadness. No life form, however big or small should be forced to live that way, so Anonymous and his new friend set out to bring hope back to the kingdom no matter the odds, alone if they have to.

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>Implying that every chapter title of this short story won't be a line from that album.

Will this story have a Gundam in it:pinkiehappy:

3639981 oh well it seemed like you cold have a gundam save the day but thats just me just curiouse its sounds good though

Uhm...I guess it's possible for a Gundam to appear and save the day in -any- story, in theory.
But that's not going to happen here, it's a Green Lantern story.
I'm not sure where you got Gundam.

3640011 i didnt read it so... i was just askin out of curiosity and im a big fan of Gundam so if somthing good hapens a gundam is the first to come to mind

3640028 so can i sak you somthing since i assume you like MLP do you like the Sappy stuff too

Might I make a suggestion? Fill your bathtub up with water. Warm, cold, it doesn't matter. Next, kneel down beside it. Finally, stick your entire head into the water. Don't pull it out.
Thank you kindly in advance.

Comment posted by Orudios deleted Dec 17th, 2013

3640041>>3640041>>3640034 no insults please

3640041now mandroid what i mean is iv seen all eps of MLP and it funny but i hate the sappy friendship harmony stuff.... magic is fine

If you're not into the sappy friendship stuff then I'm afraid you may be watching the wrong show, man.
It's kinda in the name, "FRIENDSHIP".

3640073 i see im not into the sappy stuff but it is funny im just asking if yourthe same but that answers my question thank you for your time

No problem at all.
The way I look at it, if I'm watching a show that is specifically marketed towards kids, I can accept some of the silliness or sappiness that comes with it for the parts that I like.
I watch Power Rangers for the big robots and fight scenes but I can endure the lame jokes, the same applies here, I don't mind the occasional morality lesson because I like the product.

Hey now, I never insulted you. All I did was make a friendly suggestion.

Imma tell Betsu on you, Brain-sama.

Haven't really read into the Lantern comics, but this seems pretty promising. ONWARD!

All you -really- need to know is that the Blue Lanterns are a monk like order who's rings are powered by hope. They have a symbiotic relationship with Green Lanterns in that when a GL is near a BL, the GL's powers are supercharged and the BL can make light constructs. Without the GL, the BL can't make any constructs at all.
But I may end up bending that rule here for the sake of a scene, I dunno.

i just read up on some lantern lore:twilightblush: this could get really good:heart: also have you ever thought about doing something simular with a black lantern? one that doesn't want to be a black lantern? anyways this looks promising:eeyup:

Yeah, I'm going to favorite this just for the Protomen reference.


"Did no one stand up and try to fight?"

Is there not one in all your ranks? Is there not one who values courage over life?

"To me, that's as good as a hundred percent. Hope makes anything possible, Spike. Hope and hard work."

I see what your hotblooded soul did there. :pinkiehappy:

A friend of mine was considering doing something like that, I haven't heard word of it in a few months though.

You two seem to be insinuating that I didn't write this knowing I'd be dropping those left right and center.

3642160 well then i hope it gets to somwhere:pinkiehappy:

:ajsmug: Why of course, I'd be upset if the rest isn't chock full of more.

But the possibilities of the blue lanterns intrigue me. Since their proximity up-scales the effectiveness of other power rings, would they have a similar effect on a certain harmonic set of artifacts?

I suppose time will tell if the Will of One is enough. :trollestia:

LIKE A BOSS!:pinkiehappy: this is awesome!
KEEP GOING FOREVER!!!!!!!:rainbowdetermined2:

Bravo! Since cries for more are assumed, I'll just reiterate how much fun this story is shaping up to be.

No matter how dark the city gets, there will be light. :ajsmug:

Much praise to you good sir/madam for this magnificent literary feat. :moustache:

I found this to very nicely written and well enjoyed. :twilightsmile:

The limited spacing during the Applejack conversation gave a more energetic feel to the conversation; however it could also be said to detract from the cleanliness of the chapter overall.

You may wish to contemplate additional spacing between paragraphs to tidy up the appearance.

It's kinda odd how this seems so short yet not rushed.

Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

Damn it, when I saw the story name and chapter titles, I was hoping this would be a Protomen fic.

Sandlot reference!
"'Heroes are remembered, but legends never die."
-Babe Ruth Ghost

I never made that joke.
God dammit.

The final confrontation. This should be good.

a cyan one with a brilliant rainbow man

Just a heads up 'droid


For a solid week, a heard of ponies as far as the eye can see

This should be “Herd” i believe.

Nice story, and possible sequel. :twilightsmile:

Click on music, then wings, you'll never guess this, z0mg Victory! ^o^ and lost and forgotten in that order for this chapter. Enjoy!
There were some minor spelling errors, but still understandable.:twilightsmile:

You've made a good thing. Be proud.

Maybe someday they'll see, a hero is just a man who knows he is free...

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