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Well I'm Garfield23 and I'm another Scottish Brony. Writing stories is one of my favourite hobbies.



After Twilight spends some time trying to figure out what the mirror is capable of, Discord revels some secrets about the mirror and pulls a trick or two. Allowing the world to access an untold number of worlds, alternate dimensions and other times. However how long will it be before the very composition of creation is put at risk? Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing?

(Yes I'll be taking requests for this one. This is more of an experiment for me and I'm not sure if this first chapter works....at all but hey let's give it a shot) (And I know the cover image sucks...but it's the best I can do)

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Grammar, use it. Spelling, use it. Capitalization, use it. The one you need least is grammar and the one you need most is capitalization. Also, there are some other things but they mean the least.

6611797 Thank you for your feedback I'll check it over one more time but thank you. I'm sorry it is a personal weakness of mine and it's appreciated. How did you find the story overall?

6611842 Story is OK. Also, I actually meant punctuation, not capitalization. Your capitalization is perfect.

funny blue box

Hey Clockwork, I didn't know you had a cousin!
Oh wait, you don't actually have a cousin nor any biological family... sorry.

Oh sorry my punctuation is terrible no matter how hard I try but I'll go over the story again.
Clockwork? Who or what is that?
Blue box I was referring to the Tardis

Lets see...
Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
Link(Legend of Zelda)
Pit(Kid Icarus)

all should show up at the exact same time wondering why the hell their ponies...

6615768 Oh dear, I'm terribly sorry I'd love to but I've never played any of those games. The only reason I know the first thing about Sora is that I've read two Kingdom Hearts graphic novels. The only thing I know about Link is he has an annoying catch phrase and Kid Incarus I only vaguely remember what he looks like from Captain N. I'm afraid, I just won't be able to use that suggestion because by the time I have watched replays and read up on the characters it'll be too late but please make more suggestions. I'm just really sorry, I can't do that suggestion and I hope you can accept my apology.

Mihile from MapleStory, Shiroe from Log Horizon, Itami Youji of Gate: Thus the JSDF fought there, Jiraiya from Naruto, Yoroichi from Bleach, Master Chief from Halo, Garen or Lux from League of Legends, Team RWBY from RWBY, Rias Gremory from Highschool DxD, and Saber or Arturia Pendragon from Fate/Stay Night.

6626664 Thank you, one of those suggestions will defiantly help.

heres an idea member to this evil alliance, Gul'dan from world of Warcraft. look it up

6632719 I'm sure it's a great idea but I've never played any of the World of Warcraft games so feel free to make more suggestions just know that I can't really use that one.

kingdom on the moon.....
has sailormoon been sugested?

6635659 No. That was just the first thought of something crazy I could think of but if you want suggest a character from Sailor Moon go right ahead

character suggestions
1. sailor jupiter (american version Lita)

2.Tommy Oliver mmpr green ranger
3 firefly (g1)
4. batman (animated series)
5.morrigan aensland ( marvel vs capcom)
6. moka and tsukune (rosario vampire)
7.aslan( narnia series)
8. optimus prime transformers g1
9. cheetor beast wars
10. elsa frozen
11. spike buffy series


1. negaduck
2. lich king hobbit series
3.predaking transformers prime
4.sub zero
5.shego kim possible
6.metal sonic
7.the joker dark knight version or animated version
9.adam buffy series
10.venom marvel
11.slade teen titans

6636310 Those are some great suggestions and one of my favourite characters of anime is there.

Just a few people:
Ziddan for Finle fantasy 9
Squall From Finle Fantasy 8
Dart from Legend of Dragoon
Kongo from Legend of Dragoon
Isabell from Animal Crossing New Leaf
Shadow from Sonic
Sonic from well Sonic
Yu from persona 4

6644042 Thank you for the suggestions

OMG This is awesome. I'm just gonna sit here and wait for the chapter in which you said you would include some Star Wars villains. :pinkiehappy:

6647143 Which star war's villain do you want to see?

6647166 I dunno, probably... Darth Vader? And if you added in any other Star Wars characters, Yoda, Leia and R2-D2 and C3P0? :) *EDIT* ohhh another idea for if you include a Star Wars villain... Kylo Ren from the New Star Wars movie would be awesome as well

6647171 Thank you for the suggestion.

6647182 No problem, can't wait to see where this story goes! :D Oh one more suggestion, if you included any Animal Crossing characters I'd be super happy.

6647195 Sadly I've never played any of those games but it pleases me greatly that your enjoying the story

Ok, this is interesting.
How about Mega Man?

6647534 sadly what I know about Megaman comes from the recent screwattack video where he lost to Astro boy. So I'm afraid I can't use him. Thanks for the suggestion thou. Also I hope your enjoying it.

Godzilla. Do it or I'll eat your happiness.

Still needs the green ranger to stop lord zedd and batman to stop joker maybe captain America and spiderman to stop venom and carnage

6660017 Those are good suggestions but I want characters who've never crossed paths. So while the green ranger is a fun suggestion he'd be out powered and I would be bored. Captain America though is a fine suggestion

ok in all seriousness, no more power ranger characters :pinkiesick:

6661578 Don't worry they're just monsters and come on they're hardly characters, Lord Zedd is in story, I have to include monsters. It's like including a dragonball z character and making "It's over 9000!" joke, it's the law that comes with certain characters.

6647622 Why the hell would that be a factor?

6780542 I'm unsure what you mean?

this story is nuts, I LOVE IT, please make more ch I want to see how it goes. you don't hold back on any tv moive anime cartoon do you, to me it need a little more detale but with or without I love to read more so please when you can update till than I look forward to any more work you make


sadly what I know about Megaman comes from the recent screwattack video where he lost to Astro boy. So I'm afraid I can't use him. Thanks for the suggestion thou. Also I hope your enjoying it.

Bullshit...we have the god damn internet people!!! And we have Google so if you don't know something look it up...If you want to get a decent first hand look let's play do an incredible job...so what the hell is you excuse?!

6781866 No excuse I don't know these characters well enough and I would want to do them justice. I know you feel strongly about it and I appreciate that your angle is as long as I research Megaman it'll be fine but I wouldn't be comfortable with it. I wouldn't have you know an emotional connection to the character, I'm sorry I'm not the best at phrasing my concerns but I hope you know you can suggest other characters and I'd be happy to use any I have encountered even in passing but Megaman is a mystery to me and sadly so were the other two.

"The Incredibles", "Megamind", or "How To Train Your Dragon" movies would be good crossovers :pinkiehappy:

6784970 Hmm indeed those are good suggestions they will be considered. The incredibles are certainly worth considering.

I like it.. Good idea. :twilightsmile:

6785342 Thank you. I appreciate the compliment.

We really need some one from DBZ to show up...Piccolo would be good...

6807716 Thank you! I have just the man in mind for the job! I decided with DBZ only to include a character if someone suggested a DBZ character because like superman even the really weak Z fighters are a bit overwhelming! So my favourite anime character getting into this story just in time thank you, thank you thank you! Sadly it won't be Piccolo, he is my third favourite DBZ character.

I fliped a coin and it landed heads so option 2,I could see Rayquaza or Pit there helping the fight. Great chapter

6820982 Thanks, I'll make my decision at 11pm (GMT). It's the deadline I've set myself. I'm very pleased you liked the chapter.

one word, Skylanders. Think about it

6823093 Hmm interesting, I'll think about but thanks for another awesome suggestion. I hope you liked chapter 16

My reaction when I first heard the name Stitch *sees Stitch talk for the first time in this fanfic* *jumps up in my seat* *gets super freaking excited over my favourite Disney character of all time because even though Disney owns Star Wars Stitch is still best Disney character*

6824489 I'm glad you liked Stitch's inclusion writing his dialogue was the second best dialogue of the whole story (First place goes to Basil Stag Hare's dialogue) and I hope future chapters are up to your hopes.

Pit and dark Pit. Dark Pit could help the bad guys then realized that he is on the wrong side.

My favoirit lendary/mythtical pokemon can help, Darkrai.. please for the love of Luna make him a good guy. If need be you can use Lee a hafe Darkria and hafe Cresselia, the diffrents between him and the other Darkrai is his color of that thing on his neak is blue.

And mabe Keyblad master Xehanort and the Heatless

Or anyone from the song The Ultima Showdown and its winner..Mister Roger's

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