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Anonymous is a human who's been in Equestria for a few years, normally he'd have no job and no prospects but thanks to a unique piece of engineering, he's now a part of Equestria's finest sky racers. But new rules and new revelations about his teammates may cut his time short. If he doesn't end up splattered on a mountainside first.

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Anonymous is a human who's been in Equestria for a few years

Anonymous is a human


Name your damn character. It's not that difficult.



Perhaps you aren't aware of my history. See, this story was originally written for the Anonymous in Equestria threads over on /mlp/ where one of the only two requirements is that he be named Anonymous. I put the stuff on FiMfic because hopefully people can enjoy it and not let something as minor as a name weigh on them and because I'm not changing a story just to post it on a different site.

Ya don't go with your best hitter at the -beginning- of the match, wait until the last race.

3607914 who said it was the best?

3608207 the title usually goes in the beginning, sooooo......

That'll come into play later.

hmm i hope that "pack" is gonna be explained in greater detail later on:twilightsmile:

It's a jetpack, that's mostly about it. He built it before he came and it lets him fly.

Question,In a pinch can our protagonist use his gear as a thrust pack (Basically just do a forward,Rocket propeled dash by activating jets for a split second with your feet just barely off the ground)?

That's basically what he did in the first race.
The jetpack only operates under traditional laws of physics when it's not being cool.

3708390 And here i was just asking if he could pull off a armor ability from Halo

Probably not, it's way too short.
That ability is kinda crap anyway.

3709392 Pretty sure they nerfed it to be shit,Because i loved it in the single player,Hated it everywhere else

Oh good this story isn't dead...Keep it up :D

You'd always liked your ice cream in a cup.

Damn straight. Cones are for posers :rainbowdetermined2:

im guesing either :twilightblush: or :rainbowkiss:

It does. I needed a joke to go out on.

I never turn down free fan art.

Stop giving me ideas.

Injuries are touched on next chapter, and I fixed the typo, thanks.

4957200 You can't count on him for sharp turns though...

Love the bros in equestria reference, keep up the good work mandroid!

Spitfire bits her lip and looks up at the scoreboard.

Should be bites

riding through the air that she breaks a her powerful wings carry her forward.

Should be as

Other than that good chapter Mandroid :pinkiesmile:

Fucking autocorrect.

Yet another great chapter Mandroid. Im finally Favoriting this (dont know why I didn't do it before since I look forward to getting a new chapter now and again).
Have a mustache :moustache:

Rainbow Dash is going to be piiiiissed.

I wonder who Rainbow's going to be more jealous of: Anon... or Spitfire.

That was a good goddamn story. Wonderful job Mandroid, I enjoyed every moment of it.

Nice to finally see this concluded - I certainly didn't expect you'd ever come back to it when I started reading it way back when. I do kinda wish the climax hadn't been another race, though. I appreciate what you were going for, but I'm afraid that kind of thing just doesn't work as well in text as it does in motion. As such, it kind of falls a bit flat for me - I'd have preferred something more to the tune of a final emotional confrontation with Dash, or something like that. Still, great story anyway.

...it's over already?

NOOOOOOO! DON'T FINISH! :raritydespair:

But less melodramatically, good job. This has been a heck of a ride and I'm sad to see it end.

This was a pretty good story, and I know this is about three years to late, but I would like to thank you because it was your story Bros in Equestria that introduced me to Fimfiction.

Wait, really? That was the first story you read here?
I'm sorry.

6717790 Hey it was a pretty great story and sparked my loved for fanfictions

I think we have different definitions of great.
Most of BiE was written at 3am.

6719516 Even if it was I loved it, and so I thank you. So have a great day mate.

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