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Equestria is full of wonders, and one among them spent his life defending all others and now, at the end of his days, as his soul ascends the roots of Yggdrasil to the golden halls, he finds himself called upon again to see many more. Truth be told, a peaceful oblivion might have been preferable.

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A small one-shot to explore a character in a circumstance she rarely gets put in by me that I dreamt up during sleep deprivation and wrote the next day.

I put it here so that it doesn't exist next to all my FFFFFFILTHY smut.

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Princess Twilight has just ascended to her throne of friendship and is prepared to tackle her new duties, but Princess Celestia has something of grave importance for her to do first.

She wants her to meet her family.

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Living life is hard, especially when you're a recently reformed supervillain with no prospects, no money, and nothing but a lot of pent up energy and anger.
So what do you do?
Start a heavy metal band, of course.
The music may be said to split the earth and raise the dead, but it's better than the crap on the radio these days.

Oh, heads up, this is a humanized story.
Also I rule 63'd Discord and Luna in this story because it's more interesting.
If that makes you sperg out, oops.

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Anonymous is not from Equestria, he'd never even heard of it before he crashed. But looking around he sees things he shouldn't. Despair, resignation, sadness. No life form, however big or small should be forced to live that way, so Anonymous and his new friend set out to bring hope back to the kingdom no matter the odds, alone if they have to.

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Anonymous is a human who's been in Equestria for a few years, normally he'd have no job and no prospects but thanks to a unique piece of engineering, he's now a part of Equestria's finest sky racers. But new rules and new revelations about his teammates may cut his time short. If he doesn't end up splattered on a mountainside first.

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Anonymous the Human has been in Equestria for a few months and things were more or less normal, but all that changed when Social Services came to his house and dropped off a little boy to be his new Ward. Problem is that this little boy isn't like normal little boys, not in the slightest. Anonymous and his friends try to tackle the monumental task of taking care of this colt without being swept up in the insanity along the way.

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Anonymous the Human lead a simply and happy life once, all that changed after tragedy strikes and pushes him so far off the deep end that coming back seems impossible, especially when the voices in his head keep screwing him over.

My third completed Anon in Equestria story, otherwise known as "Mandroid dumps his iTunes library into a Fic."

Edit: After a several years of not being able to make this story work, Fracture has been retooled to hell and back and is now "complete". Please see the blog post here for details.

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Anonymous is Princess Celestia's royal bodyguard, serving to protect her at any and all instances. While always close to the Princess, events may conspire to test his convictions as threats both old and new rise to attempt to swallow Equestria.

-My second AiE fic, put in loving prose for all you FiMfictioners.

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A spin-off of Bros in Equestia. Flanking Maneuvers follows Celestia and Mous in their marital bliss as they do anything and everything to rile the other one up and get a laugh out of it. Will time tell if these two sociopaths actually love one other? Not without a lot of clean-up and a few musical numbers. Cover art by Jazzteeth.

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