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Something-something horse narrations.


You are Anonymous, a human from Earth. One day, you got lost in a forest, and came out on the other side in a strange, colorful world. And who else was waiting for you, but a strange, red-haired man with a large pack and a creepy grin. After being forced into being a salesman, you are thrust into a strange, new world to sell your masks and bring happiness to everyone around you.

However, will you really be able to do this, being the only human in a world filled with colorful cartoon horses? And what's with all of the ponies ignoring him in the first place, and focusing all of their shocked attention on you?

Rated for language and mild sexual themes.

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A Majora's Mask crossover? I tried to put my money in the CD drive. But it said no. :derpytongue2:

The Mask Salesman desperately needs a real name...


He was never given a real name, not in the games, nor in this story. He is simply known as "The Salesman" or "The Happy Mask Salesman".


Prepare yourself, then; I'm not done with this thing yet...

Also, I've increased the available viewing chapters from just chapter 1, to chapter 5. This should give my readers a better feel for the story, and provide a bit more development on Anon's part, as well as the other ponies.

The story is finished, I will say this. Now is the time for clever distribution of chapter releases... :trollestia:

Anonymous, You've met with a terrible fate haven't you?

horse meat is the best meat....:pinkiecrazy: why is that related to this..... jjajaja expect lot of creepy spaghetti, you got the happy Mask salesman in here!!!


Your wish has been granted. :ajsmug:

1199438 Due to having the exact same laugh track, he could be Vaati

Maaaaaaaaaan....I want the All-Night Mask!

my god... he's even followed me to here...

i shal now go into hiding. :moustache: perfect

And NOW things start getting... interesting... :pinkiecrazy:

Way to fricken go, you made me lmao my drink all over my screen.


Oh? Which part, if I may ask? :pinkiehappy:

1203634 Part where Twi goes human in the buff and he freaks out.


Haha, yeah. I remember posting that as the original >greentext, everyone loved it. :rainbowlaugh: Anyway, stay tuned, things are just starting to get interesting...

interesting read, not a big fan of humans in equestria but this i'm enjoying.

Keep it up


Glad to hear it, usually it's a pretty saturated field... filled with Flutterwaifus... :pinkiesick:

Nonetheless! I'm glad it's received as much positive feedback as it has; usually I don't expect that, especially in just one day of it being online...

Am I the only one that read that last line in HoneyDew's(Yogscast) Creeper Voice?


I imagined it something more like... this.

By the way, that's my real narrating voice. :rainbowwild: You will now read every line of this story in that voice. Or Gilbert Gottfried's voice. Either/or.

:pinkiegasp: Please tell me that wasn't Fluttershy.:fluttershyouch:

Damn it.:twilightangry2: I TOLD YOU NOT TO TELL ME!:fluttershbad:


Heehee... She's met with a terrible fate, hasn't she? :trollestia:

Holy Buck! You're updating so fast, that my email isn't able to register it in time!


Haha, well, don't worry; there's only a total of 15 chapters in this story. Just expect to check back here every hour or something. :rainbowlaugh:

No offense, but the battle music sucked. It didn't fit at all.

Dat ending. Loved it.


Hehe, it made up for earlier in the battle scenes, didn't it?

By the way, played those myself. Learned the pieces on piano and recorded just for this story. :ajsmug:


Fucking Fluttershy.


You'll find fairly similar trends in all of my stories. That, my friend, is one of them. :rainbowlaugh:

1209019 don't know why but... fucking fluttershy!

Dropping this here. If you enjoyed this story, you may want to read for more information:


Fluttershy. what the fuck:moustache::rainbowlaugh:

Didn't like the kinda rushed style in some parts, but in others it really fit... Otherwise, effing awesome. Good job. Also... Fucking Fluttershy. :moustache::moustache:


Yeah. A lot of that just has to do with the conversion from >greentext to prose; greentext, in and of itself, is meant to be fairly rushed to fit in a few posts. This was the first story I did where I paced myself to only do around 1,500 words per chapter, more or less (except for the battle scene, that was all meant to be in one chapter).

But nonetheless, I'm glad you've enjoyed reading. I love hearing readers' responses to my story; it's something I don't see a lot of nowadays.

And yes. Fucking Fluttershy. :fluttercry: :rainbowlaugh:

1200195 I see what you did there...

1208957 SHEET NYAGA! by yourself??! that's amazing! please make more stories with dat music.


If you're interested, Chapter 5 of my "Colors of a Rainbow" story has another "hidden" link to another piece I played... :pinkiehappy:


The BEN DROWNED creepypasta is what spawned this story in the first place. It was a discussion on Skype with other members of the AiE community, and their knowledge of its existence sparked my inspiration to write a story like this. :pinkiecrazy:

live dissection

you should of said its a vivisection you crasy bitch whilst running

Yeah!!! Fuck you fluttershy you thieving bitch!

a live dissection is called a vivisection:twilightsheepish:


Huh, interesting. I'll keep this in mind.

The more you know... :rainbowkiss:

Much Lolz were had with this story. Right-o.



Added to faves and liked

And then, of course, he'll hand you the next mask...and then the next...and then he'll turn into some kind of weird Changeling that feeds on happiness instead of love, and then he'll give you ANOTHER mask...:derpytongue2:

hmm...I suddenly want to play Majora's mask from the start again...wait, that was colossal pain in the flank, fun as it was.
well...maybe just once more...
NO! Must...RESIST!
Okay, I'm okay now *sighs in relief*
well, maybe just a few minutes...

Methinks they could make Granny wear it to keep her from falling asleep mid-whatever. I've noticed that some old-folk fall asleep rather easily.

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