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Something-something horse narrations.


Tennae is a young changeling who, after the fall of Queen Chrysalis at the hands of Princess Cadence, has been sent out to Ponyville to prepare it for the grand return of her Queen.

But young changeling minds are so impressionable nowadays... and this changeling will experience first-hand some of the questions she's wanted answered. Among them, possibly the most important:

What truly is love?

This is an Anon in Equestria story. Written for Valentine's Day. Sorry if it's a dealbreaker, but TOO BAD HERE WE GO

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 72 )

What truly is love?

Now that I got the obligatory joke out of the way, I'll start reading!

Wuten is back!

I've got that warm tingly feeling inside.

Oh how I have missed you and your stories!

aww come on! don't leave me like this! I'm at half mast, I need another chapter!

don't be a cock tease.

5562457 really? helsing abridged reference? you cheeky dick waffle

5563008 hey dandy dick!....you missed! woooopwopwopwopwop!

Well, this is a pleasant surprise! Just when I thought I'd run out of interesting stuff to read, a cute bughorse story pops up from Wuten, no less!

I love it so far! Cute characters and interesting premise. Keep those chapters coming!

“Please, sir, may I have some more?”

What she said

this seems like it could be good

Hark, unknown human, for I dub thee Steve! Embrace thy new name for thou hath been known to perform Steve-like things!

"Steve is a shit name and you should feel bad."
-Anon, 2015

5567735 There are many Steves out there who might disagree with you. What say you about Frank instead? I'm sure that most ponies would appreciate a Frank human about.

"Absolutely disgusting. My name is Anon, and don't you forget it."
-also Anon, 2015

5567764 But I have already forgotten it among all the other Anons out there! How about Michael? What about it, Mikey?

"ur names are shit, kill yourself"
-Shitposting Anon

I'm intrigued. I wonder how our human would respond to a changeling. Hell, I wouldn't have much a problem with 'em as long as they didn't harm anyone. Could make for good friends :)

Hm... Interesting first-take. I shall read this!

Sssssecret's ouuuut...
*insert dramatic orchestral buildup*

This story is bad and you should feel bad.

kill urself lol

Adorable, need more.

College work bogging down right now, but yes. Spring break is coming up in a few weeks, will try to get more done then.

I love this story so much, I can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

Not even Changelings can stomach the idea of the red & black alicorn.

Yay! update! And progress of a soon to be relationship!

fuck man im sick of your shit!
like and fav how bout dat?!
come at me bruh

1v1 me scrub

This is so promising, good chapter and story <3

Why do i feel that she is gonna fall for him first rather than the other way around.

The weekly (at least as of now) updates is not enough! I need my fix!

Man, I do MONTHLY updates, I ain't no casual weekly updater.

but yes I know your pain I only write when inspiration hits me sorry

I really like this story. It's nice, short, and interesting. I hope to see more!

I'll rek u 2 s0 hrd u won't evn kno BICH

edit: M8

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5966292 lol goddamn why'd we even start this? i cant remember that or what this story's about gotta reread this story. its been fun but im out of ideas

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