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Originally "Dystopian Anon" from the AiE thread on 4Chan's /mlp/ board, Wuten presents "Brave New Equestria", revised into prose from its original version.

You are Anonymous, one of the ten World Controllers, leaders of the World State. Through you and your colleagues, you have created the perfect utopia.

However, the utopia is in dire need of materials to resupply their quantities of soma. Which is where you come in. After an experiment gone wrong, you are thrust through a wormhole into another dimension.

And when you are a leader of a utopian society, and are suddenly thrust into a world so unlike your own... Will you be able to adjust to the change?

=Author's Note=
This story is a crossover between the 1920s dystopian novel, "Brave New World", and the MLP universe. If there are questions you may have that relate to that novel, please post them in the comments section, and I will answer them as best as I can.

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Comments ( 25 )

This has sort of won me over already from the choice of title image... I'll read it soon...

Brave New World plus Ponies. :pinkiegasp:

*Few miniutes later*

Moar pls.

Can't go wrong with Aldous Huxley, the original author of "Brave New World", now can I? :ajsmug:

I take it you've read the original novel, then? :pinkiesmile: Stay tuned...

I got to admit, i love all your fanfics, Wuten, keep up the good work

Sincerly a Big Fan


Glad you guys are enjoying it so far. Stay tuned; it gets better... :pinkiecrazy:

This is an impressive idea, and it seems written pretty well.

I'm not sure what to say besides: *upvote*

I love how you make Fluttershy bad in every single story you write, it's like she's always seems so innocent but is the exact opposite! God i love that :pinkiehappy:
Like in Anon and the Happy Mask Salesman at the ending
"And everyone lived happily ever after.
Except for Fluttershy, who had to go through rigorous physical and mental therapy to recover after she woke up from the mask’s control.
All because she decided to steal a mask.
She shouldn’t have done that.
Fucking Fluttershy."

I hope that you'll keep it like that in your further Fanfics! You're pretty damn talented at writing, keep up the good work!

Regards DemiGod

I remember that book, I had to read it in high school (Senior Year?) It was one of the better books that we had to read. I didn't like the ending though.


It's a wonderful thing, really; being able to break off from the norm, especially in a community as mainstream to the fandom as FiMFiction. The whole "Flutterrapist" idea and mindset actually started on 4Chan as a joke, and eventually grew into the mindset of many human in Equestria stories posted there. It's also where other concepts like Rainbro and Applerape came from as well; they all branched off from the "Flutterrapist" threads' main idea.

And don't worry, you'll find plenty of it here. :trollestia:


I wrote the original story of this when I was reading it in high school, actually; this story is over 8 months old, in that regard. :pinkiehappy: And if you've already read and remember it, then you should already know what to expect from Anonymous when someone crosses him the wrong way... :pinkiecrazy:

Brave New World, I loved that book, even if it was a bit dry at times.
I wonder how well you've painted a World Controller in this.
And I wonder how Celestia will compare to Our Fordship Himself.


Oh. OH.

Stay tuned; this story is fairly short (there's only 4 chapters) but I feel that you'll thoroughly enjoy what I have in store... :pinkiehappy:

Had to read Brave New World for Biotech class and paper.

Saw this story.

Love it.


Excellent. Did you enjoy the book itself?

Because, well... heh... I think you'll find this one... quite entertaining, if you did. :rainbowkiss:

I loved this book. One of my favorite novels I read back in highschool. :pinkiehappy:

The story is very interesting. I liked how it was presented. This is a strange crossover, but it works because of it.

My favorite novel tor read in high school was Earth Abides.


I did too. I've always been a sucker for dystopian novels and the logic behind the societies of the stories, and I had a lot of fun writing this one.

Hope you'll stay tuned for more; I've got... well...

...I've got Chapter 2. I just have to write it up, that's all. :scootangel:

:pinkiegasp:HOLY CRAP!
Before I start reading this, will there be any spoilers on "Brave New World"? Cuz I'm still reading it. Also is the pony version of Ford and friends going to be in this? :rainbowkiss:

Um... kind of. There's a spoiler in the first chapter of what happens to John at the ending, but it doesn't go into too much detail.

And no, no other people from BNW will be appearing in this story. Just Anonymous as a World Controller. :pinkiecrazy: But I feel you will enjoy him enough to make up for it...

Ah, then I best put this on the read later list until I finish the book then. But don't worry, you'll see me again. In the meantime, you can have my like and favorite.:pinkiehappy:

You've got my interest with this, look forward to more

Aha, a Brave New World fic! This should be interesting!:pinkiehappy:

Alright, I'm willing to be honest here. I have no idea WHAT this story was you were using as a base, but damned if it didn't make me slightly curious on how... I? Anonymous? has lived his life before coming to Equestria.

The writing? - Mwah, meatball, Italian, bobbity-boopy. (That means it's good.) While other stories may have Applejack written down with the words, you instead write it down as how she would speak. I'm wondering how much effort it was taking an entire 4Chan thread and its posts and turning it into this. I'm curious if you'll add in any unusual comments or attempts at 'thread breaking' in future chapters and how they in turn are overcome.

Story? - It really is an interesting perspective, how it is a second-person fic but 'you' are named. Part of me always will HATE when second person stories will name yourself, but considering that the name is Anonymous, is it really naming yourself? In this case, I'm letting the personal irks that I have aside. This situation where a leader, made to create and maintain a pure order, is sent to a place which can be billions, trillions of miles away from his origin land to the land of cheeriness, family strains, and color is well worth the story in of itself. (I'm thinking of color as part of the new sense since I could only picture World State as black-white only.)

MLP Continuity? - You've got it. There's no other way to describe it. Also, I can really see that these characters would act this way around the oddity that just came from nowhere. If Rarity didn't find him...me...Anon... then I could see the alternative pony finding him would be Fluttershy.

Interest to continue? - Sure! I can stack this in my favs. Why? The interaction alone about how the different hierarchy of both dimensions makes me more than interested. Hell, philosophical discussion always gives me a bit of a smile before I settle into my thoughtful mode. The tag of 'Sex' and Discord being a part of the story also makes me wonder as to where this story is going to be driving towards.

Overall, you've garnered my interests, and I will recommend this story for anyone that's interested in looking at a different side of how Human in Equestria stories are done, and done well.

-Kindest Regards,
Quick Fix


Excellent! I'm glad you're enjoying this story.

The story is "Brave New World", a dystopian novel written by Aldous Huxley (ironically, the cover art is a photo of him! Fitting, don't you think?) in the American 1920s. The story was an ironic description of how commercialism and consumption in the U.S. was reaching a new height, taken to the ultimate exaggeration with the World State, a government run by 10 genius-level humans (comparatively). The only one in the story that was mentioned, however, was a man by the name of Mustapha Mond (you won't see him in the story, but it's kind of neat to know), while the other 9 members were un-named, which left me the perfect opportunity to go "Hey! Look at that, an un-named individual in one of my favorite novels? Send 'em to Equestria, see how he fares!" I would personally recommend it as reading to anyone who enjoys thinking while they read.

And yes, like I mentioned in the description, this was written for a writing community on 4Chan. "Anonymous in Equestria", where there are only two rules: 1. Anonymous, the human. And 2. The story must take place in Equestria, or in any other possible related areas of the cartoon (some in gryphon countries, zebra countries, etc.). I would estimate that it took me around two weeks to write the original story on 4Chan from beginning to end. The conversion, though, took much longer than I had anticipated; after getting the whole story out of greentext format, it took nearly a week of conversing with Poultron for assistance before I was able to pass it off as not-greentext. It was tedious work, yes, but I feel it was worth it after looking through the story and seeing how much better it looks compared to the original.

Again, “Anonymous” is merely to represent a place-holder for whatever the reader’s name might be. It’s rather awkward to write introductions and interactions between characters when you don’t have a name for each one. When reading a story by me, if the name “Anonymous” irks someone, I advise them to just replace it with a name better suited for their reading. It is a second-person fic, after all, but it is not a CYOA like most second-person fics I’ve read.

As for the “Sex” and the “Discord” tags… well, you’ll just have to wait and see. I really do appreciate this interview, and I hope I can further entertain you in the future with this story.

~Wuten, the King of Spaghetti

This story has been reviewed by: The Equestrian Critics Society

Story Title: Brave New Equestria

Author: Wuten

Reviewed by: Shahrazad

Brave New Equestria is certainly one of the most original pieces anyone can read. It’s a crossover between the novel “Brave New World” and MLP. The author briefly explains the canon material from “Brave New World,” but it will be easier to understand for someone who is familiar with Huxley’s work. This story promises to be fairly cerebral. Anyone at all interested in philosophy should enjoy this one.

Full Review

Score: 7.0/10

Thanks for the review! I greatly appreciate it; this story is actually something I'm excited to be writing. Once things get a bit more stable around my real life, I'll be writing more of this and I think you'll (hopefully!) enjoy what I have in store.

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