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Well, I'm not much of a brony as I don't like the show, but I greatly respect the fans and their work. I often wish the fanbase of some other franchises were as talented and ambitious as the bronies.


For Celestia, life had rarely been better than it was now. Her sister had been returned to her, Discord was freed and subsequently defeated in record time, much to her private amusement, and her niece and her coltfriend had ideas of marriage in the not too distant future.

An event that would no doubt be yet another historical day in the rapid series as of late.

Yet, history is made even earlier than expected as Princess Celestia finds a strange letter in her room one night. Someone claiming to be the prince of an unheard of species is asking for Equestria's help. Making the dire situation described in the letter even more urgent is the warning it held.

Celestia and her fellow princesses are eager to meet the strange colt who has revealed his own mother's invasion plan of their kingdom to them in a bid to gain trust. Of all the ponies to meet this strange colt, however, it's one Raven Inkwell who will find her life turned the most upside down.

And by the end, she wouldn't have had it any other way as she comes to know Prince Anonymous of the Changelings.

This is an RGRE story starring (what should be) everyone's favorite mare, Raven Inkwell and a friendly changeling prince as they work to navigate politics and establish peace between two kingdoms.

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I loved this one, glad to see it over here.

Okay, this is REALLY good, and I hope there is more!

"Wow..." Cadence breathes from behind the queen, getting her to turn once more to see a grin start to spread across the pink mare's lips. "You look like Aunty Celestia if she were an emo and was addicted to celery sticks instead of cake."

I don't really have any adequate words for this statement from Cadence towards Chrysalis.

It's just too spectacular and actually made me laugh out loud.

Very much looking forward to watching this story develop.

If any pony deserves such a fine stallion, it would be her stalwart assistant, even if she feels a little envious herself.

She has an eternity to wait for such a once in a (mortal) lifetime stallion to come her way, though, so she focuses on the meeting at hoof, and making sure everything works out, not just for the changelings in need, or her subject, but for her dear friend, too.

With a mother-in-law like Chrysalis, Raven will certainly need all the help she can get.

I wonder how long it's going to take them to get to the 'the prince and queen are immortal' bit?

Suddenly Celestia is way more interested.

"Wow..." Cadence breathes from behind the queen, getting her to turn once more to see a grin start to spread across the pink mare's lips. "You look like Aunty Celestia if she were an emo and was addicted to celery sticks instead of cake."

Other than the fact that you can't be addicted to celery sticks sincemyounget less energy from them than you expend, I can say one thing: I friggin' lost it.

Glad to see this one is still being worked on. Can't wait to see more

Really good stuff.

Is this Anon a reborn human or just a normal changeling?

Covered in the story.

Read and find out, if you pay attention.

So is Anon half human?

The "celery is a negative calorie food" thing is a myth. negative calorie foods don't exist.

> Celestia feels her headache lesson slightly as she smiles.

Also, small crown humiliation is hilarious.

That "Bountiful Harvests and Thighs" line give me the kind of lols that make me think "human", though I suppose we haven't really seen how changelings regularly behave in this story.

This is gonna be glorious


I'm leaving it vague, but I'm leaning towards Changeling Anon's dad being either a human, or transformed human, and how he raised his son in those early years is what imparted the prince's less RGRE-stallion personality.

Is it just me, or was it getting hot in here?

That kind of "overt diplomacy" Cadence and Shiny executed is something I usually only ever see in crackfics and sh!posts.
Seeing it here taken more seriously but no less amusingly is a real treat.

The prince is really good at derailing his mother's drama ways that are both comedic and further the narrative by averting those story-slogging dramas entirely.
He's like an internet troll if they used their powers for good.

One- I'm curious about Anon's Father... and would love more backstory about him, and guessing he's not around anymore :pinkiesad2:

Two- If I was him, I'll let his mother cook about his people steal more love in order to bring more levels of love stored, the faster it's stored for bleak times, the less they starve. Being a realist and all. Bring it up a later date. Not that the tension between Chryssy and Lunny has been... saucy... :rainbowkiss:

Three- I'll be more than curious if there was some weird third phenomeon if there were some drop off of humans throughout the world. Like some very light tidbits here and there... make for a secret arc throughout the story :ajsmug:

Four- I'm faving, it's a cool concept I haven't ran across yet, and you got me hooked at the moment :twilightblush:

... What's RGRE?

Hmm, interesting start.

At this point, Raven has probably passed more legislation than Celestia herself via proxy, but Celestia has the upmost trust in her stalwart assistant. If Raven were a handsome stallion, Celestia would have snatched him up long ago and made him her prince, but alas, that's just wishful thinking as she knows she'll never find such a level-headed, intelligent stallion to marry.


Raven retrieves a scroll that had been set on Celestia's desk and levitates it over to the disguised queen, who takes it in her own green glow. Unraveling the paper and going over it, Chrysalis doesn't see the look exchanged between her son and the sole true unicorn in the room as he mouths a silent thank you and returns to his seat. Raven looks around a moment, a blush forming on her cheeks, before she suddenly stands and shuffles over to the now vacant seat of Chrysalis closer to Anon and sits down, earning a approving nod from Cadence and a subtly surprised look from the other two princesses.

Sole true unicorn in the room? Did you forget that Shining Armor was still in the room, or that he wasn't an alicorn?

Interesting start but Anonymous just doesn't work as a changeling name.

I would say it’s actually fitting for a species that normally keeps their identities hidden!

Reverse gender roles equestria, a matriarchy where mares are casually sexist and stallions act like himbos

Most likely this is a mistake by the author, but it would be funny if it later turns out that Shining Armor is actually also a changeling, but he just doesn’t know about it yet.

Quite interesting. I think my favorite part so far is the family dynamic between Anon and Chrysalis. In this situation she's misunderstood or just evil. Here she is paranoid and distrustful, but still a mother. I can appreciate this. I wonder how far this will go?

I'm intensely intetested! I will certainly be following this with a close eye. Job well done! Your skill (and love of Raven) is apparent!

Perhaps my only major complaint is the rating. The characters in this story--as is common in the RGRE setting--readily discuss sexual topics with little subtlety to speak of. I feel this warrants at least a T rating and perhaps a corresponding tag just to be safe. Just a simple recommendation--you can follow it or not. I would point out that I've seen various authors get in trouble with the mods for misrating their work.

Jolly good show! I'm excited for the next update :twilightsmile:

author, do a search for >

You've got greentext bleeding through

It's literally the most appropriate name

They think he has the hots for Raven? We thought it was a veiled matchmaking for Celestia! 😂

Interesting, this implies anon is not the human, his father was, but still got much of the human mannerisms from his sire.

OMG they have tiny crown envy!!! 😂
What a show the meeting has been so far, way more interesting than the typical diplomatic travesties. The Princess of Food giving a pre-load of the upcoming care packages without condition will go a long way.
They're on to something about the whole "maintaining pride" thing. Having the lings implicitly ingratiate themselves through service will start as a demeaning activity but soon enough they'll branch out and level off into normalcy.

You notice that plant by your bed? Was it always there? Were the colors like that last time you looked? Is it too green or not green enough?
Could it be... me?

Still, manners are important, and to make up for my transgressions, I've left a small jar of changeling honey in your nightstand's drawer for Raven. Not a lot, for obvious reasons, but I hope she accepts the gift. Inform her to only eat a spoonful a day, though, unless you want her putting the moves on every male she comes across.
It's potent stuff.
Or don't tell her and let her eat the whole jar. I'll admit to being a little curious of what Miss Inkwell might be like if she let her mane down and put a little swagger into those hips.

Okay, I the story just started, and I'm already intrigued.

Besides I propose that a marriage to unite our two peoples would be better. Now normally, It'd either be Celestia or Luna, but I think Raven is the only choice for obvious reasons.

Obvious reasons? Like what?

Interesting premise.
I look forwards to see where it goes.

Small note:
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Otherwise the author of the original comment won't receive a notification, never knowing about your reply unless he stumbles upon it by chance.

What stood before them now was a tall, dark, and noticeably normal looking earth pony stallion. Handsome to be sure, but nothing the mares present hadn't seen before, what with being surrounded by the royal eye-candy, er, royal guard all day long.

So that's why they only allow the most well-build steeds into the royal guard's ranks...

Mom is always furious about it, but it's not like I can't not share my rations, especially with the hatchlings. Those lil' buggers are just so cute that I can't help myself whenever I'm down in the nursery.

He has a good point.

"I really appreciate this Miss Inkwell, you're as kind and considerate as I thought you were."
She's blushing at the compliment and proximity, then even more so when he suddenly leans in and locks lips with her.

That sounds like the scene from the cover art (moments before the kiss I mean).

And as far as I can tell, the process didn't hurt and hasn't left any permanent damage, so I'm giving a tentative go-ahead." She gives a sly sideways glance towards Raven as she adds, "As a matter of fact, it looked almost... enjoyable. That might be a good selling point that I'm sure quite a few mares will appreciate."

Maybe even some stallions? Or are they afraid of them being rivals for the mare's love?

Luna sighs, covering her face with a hoof as she mumbles, "We're agreeing to help literal sex demons. How did we end up here?"

"And the most important question: how can we accelerate this?"

You know, in our hive, we have a library, full of silk scrolls created by our ancestors. Stories, sciences, philosophies, spells. I've read most of them, I felt it was my duty as Prince to know my people's history, but recently, I've realized something. Those scrolls? Written by changelings scholars and authors? They're all old. For well over a hundred years now, a changeling hasn't created something new.

:twilightoops:: "No new books written for over a hundred years? We must act immediately!"

In a way, tasting love of this quality is almost cruel for how rare an experience it is. Even Chrysalis herself only experienced it years ago from a wounded and very strange traveler she had rescued from certain death in the wastes. Anon's own father and namesake.
A tear rolls down her cheek as the stream of energy tapers off, leaving only memories of her lost love.

Very interesting. You managed to answer that obvious question everyone had without answering the question.
I like it.

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it.

All there eyes focused intently on the pair now stepping in, one, a familiar dark stallion, and the other a unicorn mare with a light green coat, orange mane, and ladybug cutie mark.


"Truly, my sister is quite perceptive to identify you correctly," Luna cuts in, eyes narrowed. "After all, you certainly don't conduct yourself as a queen should."
Chrysalis turn's her gaze to the dark alicorn, a hint of something almost akin to approval in her expression before the bored mask is back in place. "Ah, Princess Luna, I almost didn't see you there from within your sister's shadow. How kind of her to allow you to think you'll be participating in this meeting."

:trollestia:: "And the meeting just started..."

Chrysalis stares, as wide-eyed as the others in the room. She can hardly believe that her son, the once cute, silly, near-perpetually cheerful grub, would not only show such hostility towards her, but do so in defense of a pony. It both infuriates her, yet makes her strangely proud.

I'd probably react the same.

"Come on, Chryssy, take a seat and let us love you."
"C-chryssy?!" the previously composed queen sputters. "You can't be serious right now!"

...Why not?

In the time of ancients, when her people first settled the Badlands, long before her birth, or her mother's, or even grandmother's, the first settler queen of their current home stumbled there.
No hive and body scarred.
Something had wiped out her subjects, and with no hope to stop this purge, the queen had been forced to do what all queens must be prepared to do. She took into herself all of her hive's love, and fled.

I know this is probably just mentioned one and never again, but I'm still curious what happened back then.

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