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Life living inside the Changeling hive is honestly pretty baller. Everyone keeps to themselves. You get to 'hang out' with the Changeling Queen. But when you get scolded for cleaning your belly-button lint in public, you learn something quite special.

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... okay then


Really, Preist?!

Was funny, though!

Have a like and a fav, because of funny!

Well, this is certainly a bizarre take on the nickname "Queen Cheese-legs".

Why do I do this to myself? :facehoof:

This, this was better than it had any right to be, for something border lining smut, but turning into some kind of cheese addiction.

I can't help but suspect that this entire story's existence is for no greater purpose than to deliver that final line.

I'm so happy to see the title picture.

(Doesn't contain actual quote but it's the setup for the song number that results from the quote)

That's how that how they pull you in...a long, complicated story filled with intrigue and suspense. Then, suddenly...a silly pun that makes you groan!

Priest is famous for them, almost legendary in fact.

Oh, my! I used to love this show!

That last line was a muenster to deal with.

Typical Flutterpreist "trash"

I love it

Before I read this I am going to assume this is a reference to that ren and stimpy episode

Just for the record, I despise you after that last sentence. Even though I really should've expected it.

11/10 Get this man the EQD feature box already.

Bleh. Needs Gore and Fetish tag. :pinkiesick:

And they both completely forgot about the canonically-a-secret-agent pony in the throne room. I get the feeling that's going to bite them in the ass later.

Pretty sure that eating belly button lint doesn't qualify as "gore" by any sane standard. Then again, sanity is overrated. :pinkiecrazy:

This. This needed to happen. I like it!

Sorry, it's just that I was eating cottage cheese when I read this. I had to throw out the rest of it :/

Once again, Priest has ruined my day

10043922 Nope!

...it's a cheesy pun.

This...... was traumatizing but hilarious at the same time

“And you creatures still don’t have Q-tips.” Then you pause. “Oh, sorry. You HAVE Q-tips, you just don’t let us USE them.”



I didn't know what to expect from this fic , and it's good because if I knew I'd have serious mental issues . That statement resumes perfectly this whole story , which is exactly why I like it.

Say it with me: "I want to eat Queen Chrysalis's cheese!"

I love puns but now i feel hollow...
Maybe they can make it a spice or something that can be traded? :pinkiesmile:

Silly story but it filled my boredome with... Entertainment :eeyup:

But what if I like my cheese grated?

“They aren’t safe for your ears and you know it.”

She has a point

“But, like, in a non-sexual way.”

Good diferation.

“Well,” you say confidently. “Looks like I’m gonna have a gouda time with the Queen later!”


the chapter title instantly made me question my decision to read this shit.
EDIT: I then proceeded to read said shit. I am NEVER eating anymore fucking string cheese.

Jesus this story is really cheesy.

I don't think "impunity" is quite the word you were looking for - it just means "safe from retaliation". "Imperiousness", maybe?

Oh, and I just realized that the hypothetical sequel could reasonably be titled "Co-hole Lint" and then it would probably all turn out to be a dream. (Kudos if you understood that reference)

You'll notice that I didn't contest the "Fetish" part. This is why.


We gonna get an honest sequel padre?


Where is the fairy stuff? I expected a Hole in Things Fairy complete with overrated cheerfulness. This sucks. (I am being serious with this.)

Ahhh I wish I read this earlier! This was such a comedic and well made short story! The humor was to die for and "HOLE-Y" crap that was superb work through and through! Couldn't help but make a little reading on this! Sorry about it being late and also I hope ya didn't mind that I did this!

Linky Lonk!: https://youtu.be/MoZ-vPO2rFc

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

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