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"Monstrous Size Has No Intrinsic Merit. Unless Inordinate Exsanguination Be Considered A Virtue" - Darkest Dungeon



Celestia has been putting off a very important conversation for far too long. Her friends and family send her some letters telling her the truth.

Celestia is not good at the whole being in love thing.

Thanks to a good friend for helping edit my garbage writing.

Now with sequel: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/557076/now-youve-been-told

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Ahm, Hello, it seems to me that the story is left half done, will there be a sequel?

It's not bad for a start of a story but we need more as in what happens next.


Honestly, I was not expecting anyone to read this. It was a little fluff thing I threw together for fun. If there is more interest I might write a prequel and sequel but currently no plans to continue this story. I am however working on something longer form. I want to get a few chapters written before I start publishing anything though. I thought the idea of letting people decide how they wanted the story to go from here was fun.

Kind of annoyed. You got a decent build up, but you cut away before we can get a satisfying conclusion. You gave us narrative blue balls.

You will pleased to hear that a prequel and sequel are now in the works to make this an actual story. I just never thought it would get any traction. Thanks for reading it even if the lackluster ending bothered you.

That's good news. I'm looking forward to it.

Good story loved it

I appreciate the kind words.

That was tasty, now I want more...

Love your portrayal of Sunbutt and Chryssy, good sir.

There will be more, don't worry about that. I loved A Heart To Heart and What Doesn't Kill you. All the people that I love the stories of, commenting on my crap writing. Anyway, glad you like it. Have any pointers on things to improve? Edit: Just realized this is the first story, the sequel is out I assume you saw it.

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