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"Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice." ~ Dr. Sidney Freedman, M*A*S*H S3 Ep5


After a rowdy party in celebration of Princess Celestia and the human Mark’s engagement, all things should be back to normal… should, being the keyword there. No running water in the castle is only the start of the downward spiral. Much love, many laughs, and too much of a good thing are about to put everypony over the edge.

Lots of talk about sex, but nothing explicit.


Cover art is by the wonderfully talented artist Silfoe without permission, so if there are any issues feel free to yell at me to remove it!

This is a gift for none other than the wonderful Little Big Pony! I hope you enjoy it, you’ve written some amazing stories, and I hope you keep up the trend. Pre-read and edited by the amazing Pascoite and wonderfully astute Fregz.

Box of Shame, M on, top position 3/5/2020. RIP.

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It took forever for me⁽*⁾ to find a good process for footnotes. I've kept the superscripted footnote characters in my main profile, so I can just copy/paste them where they're needed, and the rest is [ size=.8em ] tags.
(*) Technically, I believe I stole it from somebody.

A new story! Marvelous. I do love Kibitz as a character, we don't see him nearly often enough.

What are you on? And where can I get some?


Halo 1 is finally back on PC, and whiners about audio differences from the original or barely noticeable graphical quirks are running rampant.

Kids these days...

Yeah not sure if I'll do this very often. I just thought it would be fun to try.
Yeah, he's one of the comic characters that was a lot of fun to read.
Possible? I don't have anything in mind, but I'll keep the thought open.
Well I just got done chewing on the rubber seal for a good and licking engine coolant while trying to test an alternator on a 2014 Chevy Spark. Might have something to do with it.
Huh, didn't know that. I loved the remake for the Xbox 360.

Mark 4 Maximus battleplate is the best version of Astartes power armor, followed by mark 3 Iron. Mark 7 needs to begone, mark 10 isn't real.

This is absolutely hysterical but it definitely doesn't feel like it's finished, despite being marked as "complete"

“Oh hello~” Luna purred, eyelids going low as her tail began wagging(10).

“Oh Hell naw ,” Alicorn Mark shouted. “Change me back! Change me back!”

PFFT :rainbowlaugh:

Mudbriar: "Technically, it's fiancé."

Fiancé is a man engaged to be married, while a Fiancée is a woman engaged to be married. So, unless Mark's a female... :twilightsmile:

Well ok, that was good. I like your style, imma take notes as I can see this influencing my own writing. I loved how zany and upbeat this was
Thumbs up and favorite!

Huh! The more you know. Thanks, I'll go about fixing things.

No sweat, man. Didn't know that for the longest time, myself. :trollestia:

I am the real RobertCakeman. I see I have written a story. I will enjoy it very much. Confabulations, my friend, me.

Ah in this Equestria, are herds allow? Also, is Luna interest in joining Celestia, and make them an open relationship with others? Or subtlety tell Mark that he could have a concubine now?

Well I suppose we will only know when and IF the author decided to give a third chapter

This was awesome, great job!

What if, and I'm just spit-ballin' here...
Sequel, chapter per month after the event which he is trying to remeber/supreess/both?

Right from kickoff everything about this is speaking my language. I'll be back with more praise later.

I'm electric with delight.

And for whatever reason the slice of dramatic irony where they're failing to pick up the threads puts me in mind of this.

Rightly or wrongly.

Pascoite and I had better get some workers' compensation out of helping you with this.

How very raunchy. I like Hank! Especially in the tub. What a guy.

the human Mark

Is this a coincidence or have you been reading goldfur's 'off the mark' per chance....

It's always nice to see me enjoy my own work from time to time. Glad I enjoyed it!
I suppose herds are possible! Not sure about Luna joining Celestia and Mark however, but who knows!
>chapter per month
I'm lucky if I can update twice a year!
You know, I was waiting for you to stop in at some point. I had a sneaking suspicion you'd enjoy it, too!
After all the hard hours, manual labor, late nights and Motrin I had to swallow helping with Lapse, you'd think I can get one or two out of you :derpytongue2:
I have not! I've had this name in place for a few months now. I tend to just draw them out of a hat.

Hey also, why would Luna break Mark horn when he transform? Doesn't that hurt, it will be like making him an athlete but breaking his leg in the process. I honestly cringe when you wrote 'a broken horn'

P.S: If Luna can turn him human, can she and Celestia turn themselves Antropormorfic? Hope not, they do that and Mark could really get wild with those two

Ensemble grinned madly. “Alright, threesome!”

At least she got her threesome

Luna didn't break his horn. It was a jab at the "red and black alicorn OC with a broken horn/troubled past" skit. Apparently, if he were a pony, that's what he'd look like.

Oh! hey interesting...and a bit sad

Shot in the rump got me giggling senseless for a whole minute.
Absolute masterpiece.

No no no, you misundeestand...
Chapter per month from his perspective. Doesnt matter how long it actually takes to write.

Thkngs happened and now its T-11 Months to... y'know... next chapter would be T-10 months, etc.

Hey, look everyone! It's a new story from the guy who wrote Divergent Days!


Rob, so far, this story is absolutely phenomenal. Unfortunately, I can't not see Hank as actually being Idol Hooves. It just makes too much sense to me.

Wait, that would mean Ensemble... :rainbowderp:

So when she approached, he got on the squirming mare’s back, shot a load into her rump, and left her on the medical bed, tongue hanging out, eyes rolled back, and a pleasant smile on her face.

Dude, I was not prepared for how casually he sated her just like that. :rainbowderp:

“Agreed. I think I just saw my parents up there, and I’m in no mood to see the conception of my future sibling.”

Not prepared at all. :rainbowlaugh:

DE-lightful shenanigans, this.

That was hilarious. Well done RobCakeran, well done.

Yeah ok. Really hope we get a follow-up series with many chapters. Love what was done with this verse.

I'd love to see more of this! Very enjoyable and cute and I got a few chuckles reading this :rainbowkiss:

when you say his mom was a horse girl are we talking like that horse racer girls game where they were horse women, or did she breed, raise, train and ride horses?

The later, only implied she just sat around and watched horse related TV.

yes mark, fill her with your horse cum... cumflate her...

Shenanigans. Sweet, glorious shenanigans.

Sooo Celestia cant get pregnant by anything but a pony and turning Mark into a pony turns him into a alicorn-stereotype-edgelord black and red oc of long dead past fics??
While confuaing why u went this route this story has soo much potential to be more. Maybe even keep the whole alicorn thing but forcibly change his collors and remove the horn.

This was an amazingly fun romp!

This may sound dumb but...while I see people clamoring for a sequel (adds vote) this feels like there is another story before it. Is this in fact a sequel to something my silly bear brain is missing?

If not change my sequel vote to...prequel!

I think Hank is my spirit animal. And what a gentlecolt.

“Princess, please, you mustn’t…”

It's rare for someone to remember Kibitz

Mark sat on the edge of the bed, putting on his socks. “You really should get her hooked up with a guard before we wake up to a threesome.”


I might be missing the reference. Idol Hooves from...?


He's the titular character of Changeling of the Guard. Secretly a changeling, Idol is a member of the castle guard. Stoic, reserved, socially oblivious - though much of that is really the difference between changeling personality/outlook versus pony ones - and apparently has quite a following among the ladies. Wacky shenanigans abound.

Hank and Idol are superficially sooooo much alike.

Hm. A fic that has been on my RIL shelf for some time. You may have bumped it up in the queue, though... :derpytongue2:

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