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"Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice." ~ Dr. Sidney Freedman, M*A*S*H S3 Ep5

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Majin Syeekoh

Good show. I really enjoyed it.

And here come the first Season 5 finale stories. :twilightsheepish:

Anyway, this is a well-written story in my opinion. It's quite the tragic, dark take on that timeline and something I could see as being the explanation to why there was nothing but a wasteland. I liked reading it and found it quite poetic as well. Excellent work, Rob. :twilightsmile:

Well done. I liked how this was written. *Thumbs up*

A very captivating interpretation. Her dominance basically begging her to look inside herself, think about how far she's come. How far she's come, in the wrong direction.

Good read, Rob.

Really amazing!

The first of many stories to spawn from the finale. I swear that was a fanfiction goldmine, and I'm happy someone went out of the way to add Amulet wielding Trixie to the mix. I wondered who that barren landscape represented, but I guess this fits rather well. Good job.

Woah. Spent almost an hour reading this. It was so deep and vivid in imagery. Made me think too.

Take a like. I don't give too many.

...now i must contemplate...EVERYTHING!

I don't throw this kind of praise around lightly, but this fic is brilliant in its simplicity. From the premise to the title itself even, everything just works. You don't need much, the 2,000 words is all you need to sum up why this would make perfect sense for that alternate timeline. Well done, sir, have a well-deserved like and favorite. :scootangel:

Despite all the other villains getting their little moments in the spotlight, I never even considered that the barren wasteland was Trixie's doing. Maybe I just had Fallout on the brain and automatically drew parallels to that. Either way, wonderfully written, and subtly thought-provoking!
Thanks for sharing!

"My voice has been silent for years. Does it even hold any of it’s feminism? Or is it crackly and horse?"

Oh you.

Femininity, not feminism. Feminism refers to a specific movement. Femininity refers to how feminine a person is.

Talent at the beginning should be just one L, Rob. Otherwise, this was simply amazing. I know it's cliche to say, but I really have no words. :heart:

They went through all the other villains/antagonists, why not Trixie? Brilliant set up and idea. It's my headcanon for that future.


Nice story, glad to see someone come up with a story for how Trixie could have destroyed Equestria. With the Alicorn Amulet, I could see how she might have been unstoppable. Was kind of disappointed the finale didn't actually show her. While it was understandable most of the other bad futures were due major villains (NIghtmare Moon, Discord, etc.), but when they showed the Flim-Flam brothers that seemed like a waste of story potential.

huh, the my little dashie guy, A? Well alright then, let's see what he's got.

6679246 No Gilda either. D: I could see her trying to revive the Griffin Kingdoms and going on a rampage.

Because without Twilight in Ponyville Trixie has no reason to go for the Alicorn Amulet, so they didn't show her.
But she does make an appearance in the Chrysalis future, she's one of the ponies in the Everfree village.

6679112 You know, I was trying to figure that out before I posted this, but no one I knew could give me a straight answer on which wording was correct. Thanks, got it fixed.
6679115 Huh, I wonder why the incorrect squiggles didn't catch that. Oh well, got it, and thanks.

Well, okay that is terrifying. I was wondering why the last timeline was a barren desert but uh... yeah I guess this explains it. Funny how the lesser villains like Flim and Flam were considered worse than the big ones like Tirek and Discord. And Trixie... wow, this puts the Alicorn Amulet incident into a whole new light. Well done, a haunting and chilling story.


My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

We were joking on one of the forums about possibilities for the wastelands... Trixie, Sunset Shimmer, parasprites, too many Pinkie Pies, or perhaps even Starlight Glimmer's equality... when everything is equal, night and day no longer exist. Ponies can't grow crops better than anypony else, so everyone starts to equally starve...

6679734 Oh look! A friendly flower...
This story give me a big feels... Everywhere...
I mean, every timeline from villains, it give me a chill somehow.
But this? what a tragedy ending... :raritydespair:

Well, I know what one of my audio stories this week is gonna be..

6679788 I also saw another idea where it's Ahuizotl doing the thing with the sun.

Huh. I was wondering what caused that wasteland future. Who was behind it, seeing as how every other one had someone behind it.

Trixie with the amulet makes sooooo much sense.

I shall now proceed to think about the meaning of life.

Great story.

Who even drew this?
(also who the hell are you calling friendly this thing here is designed to be unfriendly as fuck)

Wonderful. This is just wonderful.

A nice idea of that last timeline. Personally, I was thinking it was Nightmare Moon and Celestia fighting and killing each other and causing a magical holocaust, but this'll do.

The one thing I'm a little iffy on is that in this timeline Twilight was still Celestia's student, even though the first interruption of the Sonic Rainboom showed she didn't get her Cutie Mark, so it's a little bit of a leap of faith to assume she still somehow got in.

6680284 Nice try, but I'm not falling for that again friendly flower! , Because you're yellow!
Take that!

Small typos

Does it even hold any of it’s femininity?

Tried to divert it’s wrath onto less harmful things.


Heh the devastation part of the episode reminded me of this:

Honestly, the wasteland portion reminded me way more of Fallout Equestria.

But this works too. :twilightsmile:

Who ya callin' friendly, punk?
(really should design this thing to be creepier than it is now)

HAHAHA I literally turned to my wife after seeing the finale and said that the barren wasteland was all Trixie's fault! :rainbowlaugh:

**actually reads fic**

Eugh... however it happened I sure as balls hope it didn't actually go down like that, :raritydespair:

Jesus this is sad and bleak far too much.

Now the real question, was the purple unicorn actually Twilight? Because without the rainboom she wouldn't have been Celestia's student...

Is Starlight the lesser of two evils in that timeline? :pinkiegasp:

Very nice story. The pathos comes through quite clear and it's certainly something that fits what we saw. The characterization of Trixie as we knew her feels a bit weak, though. Having a little third-pony speech, especially when her thoughts turn to when she was still a show mare, could show how she clung to that part of her life.

Also would have been neat that instead of Twilight we had Sunset as Celestia's student in that timeline. As the show demonstrated, Twilight's final test fizzled. Now it's possible that she still would have got the position, but I always saw it Twilight supplanting her as Celestia's student and that being part of her resentment towards Celestia. You remove Twilight and you could do a lot more with Sunset, and I hope to see other authors doing so. Still, what you have with Twilight vs Trixie is good, if rather gory.

Again, good piece; glad I read.

6680596 Whats wrong Friendly-flowey darling? dont you like this HUMAN-BRAND-FRIENDLY-FLOWER-SUBSTITUTE-POPSICLE?
i know. isn't it wonderful? Right? Mister Friendly-Punk-Flower?

Or is it crackly and horse?

Did you mean hoarse?

Great fic, by the way.

Yeaaaaaaaah I prefer evil.

6680782 Woa, Friendly flower's mabaya?
P.S no kiddng i think the flower is cute. Not scare.

...I've always been evil.
The flower part is new.

Equestria is a land of magic, maintained by ponies.
Friendship is magic, and without cutie marks, friendship suffers.
When Starlight Glimmer erased all cutie marks, friendship died.
Without friendship, magic died, without magic, ponies couldn’t steward Equestria.
Without stewards, everything died.

This is Equestria after Starlight Glimmer.

Dear Lord.
I am pretty sure this stuff should be way stronger than T-tag, with sticking needles in pony eyes and everything.
But dear lord is that stuff scary.
From the depth of the nighmares I will be seeing tonight I hate you ))

6680827 Remind me why we're arguing about my avatar, of all things, in the comments of a story that has pretty much nothing to do with it?

This was good, Rob. Hell, I was wondering the same damn thing about Trixie during the finale.

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