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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


A lazy day for Celestia and the human she is for some inexplicable reason shacking up with.

What does that mean?

Means staying in bed! Means cuddling! Snuggling! And -

Oh dear.

Somehow, this also got a reading from Straight To The Point Studios. Not sure how that happened.

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My immediate thought when I read that title was "or break some wind".
I don't really know what to think now, knowing just how on the money I was.

Ah, the sheer artistry, the elegance the ... (Snerk) ah heck, that was funny.

Although they probably know it's their fault. If there is someone whose fault it is. Which there might be. Just saying.

Oh god... You did it. You maniac, you actually did it.

*That uncomfortable feeling when you realise exactly where the premise of this story comes from*

I did not expect that. I should have, but i did not. Excellent work.

That was a fun read :pinkiehappy:


You write the intimate silly moments between couples so well and real, it being an immortal giant magic pony and a human not withstanding.

Anyways; much enjoy, good work.

Author's Note:

I'm not, uh...

I'm not entirely sure whose fault this is. I'm pretty sure, but not entirely sure...

Although they probably know it's their fault. If there is someone whose fault it is. Which there might be. Just saying.


While I might not have inspired the idea, I'm so glad I could instigate and push you along.

Even god-empresses fart.

Ah, the one downside to sleeping with equines...

He thinks Tia is bad; Luna farts in ROYAL CANTERLOT.

Kind of obligatory... :rainbowlaugh:

If Tia can pass gas with that much force are the craters on the moon the result of Nightmare Moon letting them rip?

In space, no one can hear you pass gas, but you can feel it in your soul.

Oh.... Oh no.

I had exactly one shot at getting to use this Spinal Tap reference. Do I regret using it here?

...no, not really.

I'm a soulless husk just mechanically aping the actions of the real people I see around me, going through the motions without truly understanding.

Or maybe I'm not.


These things take a village...

The craters are from her attempting to escape.


Meanwhile, the guards outside the door are struggling to keep straight faces, Biggus Dickus-style.

And here I am , laughing my ass off by reading a fic about a pony princess farting. What has my life come to ?
Still great tho.

On an unrelated note , may be wrong but I am pretty sure that sentence is not meant to be at present stance (or however it is said in English) :

And they lay like that for a bit.

Farts are a comedy scalpel, and have to be wielded with delicacy.

And man, my tenses are always all over the place. I'm unstuck in time.

That indeed is right, few can master the art of fart comedy, you are one of them.

His wife's name is appwopriate, given the context.

...on an unrelated note. You may, ( highly unlikely) run out of Anglo names to call your protagonist. I suggest Mustafa, Jamal or maybe Sven!

I'm just going to start using the naming chart from my Dark Heresy book if it comes to that.

First there is Daybreaker, now there's Windbreaker. :trollestia:

Now that's quality content right there.


Playing a lot of RPGs, I frequently end up on baby name sites when naming characters. Or when naming animals in Minecraft. I usually default to Celtic, Scandinavian and Old English names. And Japanese, obviously.

Current party is made up of Søvrina, Keeva, Kotone and Daniella. (Senran Kagura/Charlie's Angels-esque setting)

... Did you write 'Join the Resistance: Escape from Vodran'? Because it seems to have a very similar scene to this.

Only less horse and more farts.

Yes. Yes that was me. Totally me. One hundo percent me. I loved writing that thing you just said. Every word. Loved it.

...remind me what it was and who was in it and what happened again? Just so, uh, so I can be sure you read it.

Upon thinking about everything that could happen, this had to be the most unexpected surprise of amazingness I've ever read! Of course, your style of writing is gonna be awesome as hell in whatever ya write and in this story, it truly shows the best of the best in content form! Awesome work man! Ya caught me to read one of these again! SOMEHOW!

Audio Lookey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffyTkfoYakg

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

There better be a rip-snortin' fart noise in this or I'll be real disappointed, son.


Have you gotten into the Quill and Blade cycle?

Poe Dameron, the Resistance pilot from the Star Wars sequels, farts at a wedding.

It goes into excruciating detail, unfortunately.

I'd act snooty about that but I did just write a story about a horse farting so I haven't really got a leg to stand on.

Although I'm also now getting flashbacks to a story from years ago about Obi Wan and Anakin stuck in traffic somehow and Obi Wan had to take a leak...

I was far too unprepared for that at the time. I was only a boy!

One day I'm going to write a tiny story and call it a cycle just for a jape.

Also no, no I haven't.

Pfff, that was adorable.:heart:

That was actually pretty cute to read x3

Gosh, darn it CM, ya can't do this to us. Fart jokes aren't supposed to be funny, how dare you somehow make them funny.

I have a gift, apparently.

...and this is how I choose to use it.


Oh man, this was a great cut slice the of cheese life. Reminded me of the old epic fic "Do Princesses Potty?"

I can't tell if you're joking or not...

That’s why she really got banished to the moon.


Whoops, I had the title wrong, it's "Princesses Don't Potty"


That, and https://www.fimfiction.net/story/9135/a-slice-of-life being abandoned are the greatest fimfiction tragedies. Aside from MithrylMoth's passing and his unfinished works, of course.

He would have made some sort of joke about ‘danger close’ but he felt that that might be pushing his luck.

Dude... “danger zone.” PERFECT OPPORTUNITY, wasted! :facehoof:

Another princess benefit being that food could be made to come to you if you didn’t want to go to food. Worth raising the sun for this perk alone, really.

Oh you have no idea...

“I think I heard the windows rattle,” he said.

I would've gone for my eyes, going "Oh god! It burns, it burnsss!" :D

Her soft spot for him was only so big, after all.

... um, considering the subject matter, I'd say she has a soft spot the size of a sun spot for him. I wouldn't worry.

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