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Cackling Moron

"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


Celestia forces reluctant local human to get back into bed, damnit, so they can have the lazy day like they planned.

Local human retaliates by forcing her into bed.

Nothing of value is lost or gained.

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Absolutely and irrefutably wonderful. Clearly the work of a married man.

Another beauty. I definitely can understand the appeal of a chore you can lose yourself into for many a happy hour. Currently it's knitting hats.

Incidentally, do you know anyone who'd like a warm hat?

Cackling my friend, I didn't want to bring this up but... but I think you might have... A CELESTIA ADDITION!

^ this is what addiction looks like.

Apparently it just seeps through without me even noticing.

I tend to just stare into space for hours and occasionally spice it up by feeding my child or staring at an object instead of just space.

And I have a hat, sorry to say. Several, in fact.

Lies! Lies! Slander and lies!


SEE ADDITION! I just want what is best for you my friend. You've gone down a dark trail that I cannot follow.

I know whose dark trail I'd follow...


I'm just loving your, Celestia X human, pairing's.
Awesome work!:moustache:

Don't worry about it; I think we all have a Celestia addiction. I mean... who wouldn't want to snuggle in bed with a soft, floofy Alicorn Princess.

Adorable shenanigans

largely at the expensive of sticking at it



A wild Britishism appeared!


Hats are underrated.

Silly hats are better however. But not too silly. There's a fine line of silliness and just plain stoopid (just like the difference between stupid and stoopid).

My goodness, this one was superb! This line really got me:

Freud would be deep-throating cigars in his grave while he burrowed his way through the earth with ferocious spinning, Jim was sure of it.

And then my oh my, the directness of Jim! The kissing, smooching, and had the canoodling actually transpired I'd have to have left this comment from my alt! DASTARDLY.

I'm so glad that I'm such a horrible infulence.

Perfection! Just the right amount of Floof for my hot chocolate, that I am actually drinking right now.

You named this character "Jim" entirely to make the Jim Croce reference, didn't you?

Jim, you absolute mad lad! You had one chance to have Celestia put on clothes before she got into bed since she made you take yours off! Uno Reverse!

Skewiff is a great word.

And bah, typos...

And sometimes it's hard to see that line because your enormous hat has fallen over your eyes.

How DARE you make such unfounded allegations! Why, if I could put time in a bottle I'd-

The fool! The regret shall be the death of him.

I didn't say it was a bad thing


As royalty, any hat is perfect, and the nobles will mimic it like the hoofkissing toadies they are. It is also well documented that Celestia has never abused this power. Ever. :trollestia:

If I had spleen it would have exploded into delicous candy from all sweetness

Every time I see your avatar I think "that dog have a penis on it's head"...


Damn, I can see it now, too

10571246 I just didn't want to be the one to say it... :trollestia:

10570169 You can have one of my spleens if you want! I have plenty to spare!

Spleen transplant surgeries have increased tenfold in frequency since you published this short.

I'm really just a pawn of Big Spleen.

Another excellent little story with your unique charm, depicting such a simple yet perfect little expression of love.

> Freud would be deep-throating cigars in his grave

This is a truly masterful turn of phrase. 10/10, A+

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