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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


Human wants to get out of bed and do housework. Pony wants him to stay in bed with her and not do housework. They resolve this conflict


Hey! Audio!

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Sorry to hear the day was dreadful, but glad fluff sustained you. I think it often does the same for me. n_n

I love that whoever this pretty pony lady is was kept nondescript
so they could technically be anyone you wish
like Celestia
or Twilight
or Kerfuffle if really want it to

Sometimes we just need to think comfy, happy thoughts. Or I do, at least. And they often look like this.

With a double f for the fuff.

Applicability! Universality!

If I could get paid to lay in bed all day and read happy fluff like this I'd be set for life!

Yeah, there's times where you just need to stay in bed. Having somebody to stay in bed with you and snuggle is always a bonus.

Also, to get in the mood for this story, I played this song while I read:

For some reason, this has me wondering how ponies arrange their bed. Would pegasi tend to nest and make a ring of pillows/blankets? Would earth ponies burrow under a pile like a cat hiding in the laundry? (I tend to do both with multiple bodypilows and a light blanket)

I didn't even realize the pony wasn't described in the story until I saw this comment. It's so often Celestia for these that I just automatically assumed it was her.

Are you implying that I have a favourite or something?

Now if only I could get paid to stay in bed and write fluff like this.

...I don't think that'd work very well, honestly.


Also, Tracer Bullet, nice.

I swear I read one of these once where a pegasi made a little blanket nest...

It is a nice little thought experiment because it involves ponies and beds, and these are good things.

Some artfully done and wonderfully relaxing fluff. Lovely work. :)
Also love the narrative flexibility of keeping the pony's identity purposefully ambiguous. Universal appeal in one easy step!

I actually had someone made up in mind, then realised I didn't need to name names and that since I hate using names that worked out great, and it can be anyone!

I'm a FUCKING GENIUS! Literary masterpiece! Tenouttaten!

Not as much a favorite as a ball and chain. :trollestia:

We all have our vices...

You might even say the character is anonymous!

Ponyladyfriend knows what's up. Listen to the wise mare, if you want to be productive give her snuggles and ear scritches.


Unicorns are the difficult ones to puzzle out. Not sure how they tend to arrange the bed. As for alicorns, well, we know they sprawl all over the bed, wiggling and shifting till everyone else is left clinging to a sliver at the teetering edge of disaster-- owners with large dogs that hog "share" the bed know this scenario.

This is beautiful.

Thank you, for writing this.

This… this is art.

Pleasant. A fine track for self-soothing thoughts to run down.


The pony is allegedly colorful, implying it is specifically not Celestia. I trust you will find this as shocking as I do.

But she has a color too. Her mane is also quite colorful, even though it's usually described as chromatic or multi-hued.

Damn straight, she knows what's up. She's selling what I wish I could have been buying last week. Hell, today.

To be fair it's the dog's/alicorn's bed, they're just letting you in it with them.

It just leaks out, really.

And for a second I was like "That name really rings a bell" then I was like oh yeah, J'Adore.

The pony in the story is described as, well, pony sized.
So that would rule out for certain Celestia, Luna and maybe Twilight.
Also the movement and head placing suggest the absence of an horn, so again that would point to either a pegasus or an earth pony.
No wing movement is also indicated, and while absence of evidence is not evidence of absence it is again suggestive of not being a pegasus as pegasi tend to use wings a lot.
Yes... I tend to over-analyze things ^^;;;;


While this is true, it is specifically a colorful limb that is cited.


Well, that does toss a spanner in the works. That pony could be anyone! We must redouble our efforts!

This was cutely logical.


This was nice. Really nice. If I needed it, just to read, then I can only imagine what you needed it for to write it.

Also I'm sorry, Cackling, but you did your best to make the pony non-specific, but really, with you it could only be one: Raven Inkwell

Hope everything has been going well for ya man! Those dastardly crap days suck to encounter, but at least the coffee and fluffy thoughts helped you out well it seems! Here's to much better and brighter days for ya!
Also, I hope I haven't bothered ya or anything, but I just HAD to make a reading of this cute little fluffy fic of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/_okjTqG5gMg

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Aha! It's been a while!

Also! 'Mature-ish' content indeed! Pfah!

Sure. Yes. I know who that is. Yes. Definitely that one.

Comment posted by readsponies deleted Oct 12th, 2021

The Bertrand Russell quote is from Greek Exercises, which he wrote two days after his sixteenth birthday. When he grew up, he wrote In Praise of Idleness. Take from that what you will.

In Praise of Idleness is a favourite of mine.

That's not a joke, it really is one of my favourites of his. Got some great lines in it. Like that one about getting money being good but spending money being bad and this being absurd, like saying keys are good but keyholes are bad.



Sure sure, this is what Celestia always says when confronted in someone else's bed she annexes to the Royal Castle for the technicalities of Equestrian law. Sneaky ponies.


The unicorn that is Celesita's aid in several episodes.

I like that this was fluffy and adorable, but their easy familiarity and acceptance of each other made this especially enjoyable. I think I needed this, too.

... delightful escapism as always. Also, "word hole" lol:rainbowlaugh:

Sorry that this was brought about as a result of a bad day and even worse coffee. I hope that your day was improved at least somewhat by thoughts of snuggling with ponies :twilightsmile:.

Fluff is the meaning of life. Epic, heroic and transcendent stuff are just the fillers.

This was a cute fic.

Made me smile.

Pony speaks truth - weekends are for snuggling. Well, so are weekdays, but moreso weekends.

I am absolutely jealous of this anon, and I'm okay with that. Exactly the fluff I needed.

Now that's what i like to see randomly:twilightsmile: However i was reading this while being heavily sleep deprived, i stayed up to 3-4am the last 10 days and now the tribute is coming to get me because i've overslept everyday even tho i woke up early and then went back to sleep more:raritycry:HELPPPP:applecry:

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