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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


Without a lot to do, Alan has let the over-large box from an online order sit around his place for weeks now. Predictably, when he finally gets the energy to do something about it he finds that a pony has moved into it.

Things happen from there. Nothing exciting but, you know, they still happen.

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This....I can imagine this being a Celestia story so easily. With her being larger you get the same ending anyway.
They lay in the ruins of the box in a mess of bubble wrap. The white pony princess looked sadly at the remains of her bo- bunker. Alan searched for the appropriate thing to say in such a situation. When someone suffers a loss what do you say?

"I'm sorry for the loss of your bunker, it went too soon." That was alright, surely?

The white pony princess looked up and her face brightened with a smile.

"It's fine. The idea of the cuddle bunker is eternal and can never be destroyed. All we have to do is imagine we're still in the cuddle bunker and we will be."

She lifted her wing and motioned for him to reassume the Cuddling Position. Well, it had been nice and he was still sleepy so he crawled over and nestled himself against her. She really was warm and soft.

She wrapped her wing around him and nuzzled the top of his head with a coo. He would eventually have to deal with the remains of the box but, again, that was future-Alan's problem.

"Coy Innuendo and the Enthusiastic Enabler" is a pretty fair starting point for these two's characters, I'd say.

I have enough random unbroken boxes that this should have happened at some point.

It would have been easy - all too easy - to have this be another Celestia story, but I resisted the urge and instead attempted to branch out.

For now, filling Celestia's box shall happen only in my imagination.


Well, better those two than a coy enabler, and better still than a koi enabler, one who allows decorate fish to get away with it.

Does sound like a great superhero duo, though, Coy Innuendo and Enthusiastic Enabler.

I know, right? It's just not fair.

oh hey you're still around. Was wondering what happened to the fluff factory.

Thanks for the giggle, good way to make my workday better

Digging holes in the garden, putting milk in my child and forgetting what day of the week it is.

I love Candy and Shiny as innuendo lovers, and this was perfect.

That's hecking lood.

As long as you use the mouth to put milk in the child. Dont get confused and try to pour it in the ear or something!

Im getting some hitchhiker's vibes here. I like them. :twilightsmile:

I see the potato peeler seller follows the "HP" school of excessive product packaging. Good thing too, as snuggle bunkers, hug forts, and cuddle redoubts are sadly in short supply in these times...

"Hello, Amazon shipping department? Yes, I would like to order one of your largest shipping boxes. No, there will be nothing in it, just the box itself. Prime delivery please. What? Yes, I know about dimensional weight, and no I do not care. I need this box post-haste; we have a dire cuddle bunker emergency on hand!"

Progress is progress! The mess can wait, there's cuddles to be had!

To say nothing of the dearth of canoodling, uh, motte and baileys. Or something.

Cuddling CASTLES (I almost said "Containers" but realized that didn't fit the format.).

What about Affection Cabanas?


Pretty sure those ponies exist already... Could be wrong tho, pony names are tricksie things.

It's so hard to keep track...

But wait, if Alan lives in the future, then it IS future Alan's problem and so he must have taken care of the box soon after receiving it!

Story unfurled!

Wait no I like cuddling royal pony couples. Unfurl her wings and snuggle, one under each! TO SNUGGLES I SAY!

Let's all drown in snugs

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