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Cackling Moron

"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.



This story is a sequel to Bun thing leads to another

Continued horse-based intrusion makes a man's evenings slightly more interesting and his kitchen messy.

Mostly it seems to be the fault of that one horse, but the others are still going along with it, so they're all to blame really. Not that it's easy to hold anything against them.

He is a softy, after all, and they are all rather pleasant company.

Straight To The Point Studios did this one, too. I like this one in particular.

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incredibly blessed content right here

That feeling when you cut yourself a piece a cake (or anything really) and decide you don't want it.

I do love these short fluff stories

Information is Beautiful, that’s the one. The numbers are marginally more cheerful in that one,” I said.

If Twiggles likes numbers, "you" should show her Neil Sloan and the OEIS...

Utter perfection.

Blessed be the story too fluffy to cry

I’m kinda surprised Pinkie hasn’t just randomly been in his icebox or something.

want to see them introduced to tv or blow twilight mind with the internet


By Pinkie Law, your innocent statement guaranteed it's already happened.

Wholesome, I declare.

Pinkie presently prepares to produce cakes, in expectation of Celestia getting them to pass off as her own.

Well Celestia did watch the Crystal Maze last time...

The horses are growing in number.

That's the trouble with magical horses. You feed one, and more turn up expecting food. Typical. :heart:

This fic , I like it.



If I had feelings they’d have been hurt.


Also-also , they are probably going to finish with a bloody party at his house by the end of those visits.


I proceed directly to the kitchen in which I find two horses this time. That’s a one-hundred percent increase in horses

This line made me laugh.

You have that special level of fluff and casual writing that always leaves me with a smile. I fear what would happen if Cadence was there when the "laying on the horse" happens. She'd probably get a rise out of it too.

This kind of pointlessly meandering woolly bollocks is just so innately charming that it is fundamentally impossible to dislike on any level.

Overwhelmingly fluffy :yay:

I have a niche.

And I've really underused Cadence, for whatever reason, as I do think she's adorable. They're all adorable!

Still more princesses, though. There's a baby, I think? And Skystar. She's also adorable.

Pointless-Meandering-Wooly-Bollocks is my middle name.

The funny thing s that actually fits really well as a full pony name. Cackling Pointless Meandering Wooly Bollocks Moron

My business card is a foot long.


There is a little babbu. Flurry Heart.

we need a fic where she trying to match make and fails spectacularly

Adorable, but they are rather terrible houseguests inviting themselves into a stranger's house and making use of their belongings without permission.

It's very shabby behaviour, though Celestia (for this while thing is almost entirely her doing) has made the canny choice to pick on someone with enough patience to put up with it all.

And I'm not just giving her leeway because I'm massively biased and have a huge soft spot. Honest.

dear god , the horses are taking over , what's next?

I absolutely adored Skystar and there really needs to be more stories with her, she is just too adorable and definitely one of my favorite movie characters, also i love these fluff fics, just a nice feelgood thing to pass the time

This story and its predecessor are some of the most British things I have ever read. Guy hasn't even asked their NAMES and he's serving them cake. If it were any other nation I'd call him a wuss, but that's the sort of legendary hospitality you'd expect from a proper British person. Or something. I haven't been to Britain but that's sort of the cultural osmosis working.

Anyway, such an adorable scene. This gives me the warm and fuzzies.


Could be worse... Royalty always has guards and maids and all sorts of little helpers that follow them around like chicks behind a mother duck. Having your home invaded, albeit a very polite invasion, as even smaller magic horses- ponies? I believe that's the proper nomenclature. Ponies start cleaning up the house more than you do normally, making you feel rather put out because you're supposed to do that, not the guests- er, invaders. Can't even wash the dishes after dinner without some colorful little pony expertly guiding you right back out of your own kitchen. Hold up a second, you live here! How did you end up on the sofa again?

Still, one could get quite used to having the flat overrun with helpful ponies. Why yes, I could use an extra pillow. Oh, thank you for the tea. Two lumps, just how I like it. Mind you, getting cuddled to sleep waylaid and knocked out by the big white one every time is troubling. Obviously her sister is no help and the little one is far too busy reading everything she can get her hooves on. How anyone can enjoy going over the collection of instruction manuals in the closet like it's an extra birthday present is beyond me but to each their own I suppose.

so, i gotta ask, will there be a story where he does just that and manages to raid the royal kitchens and makes a bunch of cakes in an adorably threatening manner? cause i see it as a chance to use Cadance to try and "setup" our boyo and Celly. just throwing out some ideas.

“I’m going to...you...a lot of cakes...going to come to your house…see how...you like it...”

Damn right, bro. You tell that big, white, horse lady. You tell them all. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Awesome! I love it!

Unfortunately for him he doesn't know the secret doors.


I remember reading an impressively stereotypically British fluff story once upon a time, and so I went looking. I thought it had something to do with butlers. Alas not. Though Pen Mightier's butler "series" is a truly amazing bit of fluff.

The Definitive Guide to Pony Anatomy.

One can only hope Cackling Moron continues to bear that torch aloft. For the good of the Princess, I swear!

I'm sure that her being delightfully huggable, soft and completely deserving of the soft spot you definitely don't have for her has nothing to do with it either. That's just utter nonsense of the most nonsensical sort.

I never said HE had to figure out the magic doors, That's where our adorable Pink Princess of Love falls into place. She finds out about their visits through Twilight's letters talking about one of the aliens books and decides to investigate, then boom. Everything starts coming together.

Ooh, sticking a pin in that one.

And I doubt my interest in delightful magical horses is in any danger of waning just yet.

Then again, knowing me, that could last all of three seconds. I'm very flighty.

That's a crazy, wild-eyed kind of thing to sling around, even in jest!

Now there's an idea...

...doesn't fit with the idea I already had cooking, but what's to say I can't have two ideas?


You ever have one of those moments when you're writing stuff or thinking about writing stuff when you remember no-one can stop you?

Very much so, It's great isn't it. Knowing that you can do whatever and The worthless little Peon-*AHEM* i mean our lovely Readers can't stop us. Simply marvelous.



Of course you can. You're a big boyauthor. pat pat



"This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays."

Did... did she drug him?

Magic. Magic him. Did she, that is? Or is the first question the correct phrasing? Piffle, I’m not sure what I mean anymore.

She did it, his day just caught up with him.

Doesn't that happen to anyone else?

I want to see the human visit, too much abuse of a door?

Well, certainly not during a burglary!

Burgled indeed! He was just having a cake made for him by some home-invading horses. Who failed to make a cake. Then ate his cate and occupied his living room. What could be more natural?

Being snuggled to sleep by the big white horse, apparently. I suspect that's how she pays rent; she certainly sticks around enough and eats enough of his food to be a tenant in all but name. Our hero seems to find it to be a fair exchange, and I must agree with him. Not that I'm biased towards Celestia and the prospect of snuggling with her, mind!

They should just bring him some bits. That'll pay for lots of cake.

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