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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


This story is a sequel to Bedbound (And Beyond)

More settled now, and with all of that obliviousness cleared out of the way, John and Celestia attempt to work out a comfortable rhythm in life and generally just try to enjoy themselves in their own singular way.

Possibly there may be obstacles in this. Probably not though.

Probability of cake, tea and cuddling. Among other things.

Chapters (25)
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Comments ( 517 )

Nice to see more in this storyline.

One hopes I've kept the tone consistent.

Huh, I just heard the Hallelujah Chorus out of nowhere. I wonder whatever for...

I often had the sense that she might be physically incapable of not putting hundreds and thousands on anything baked that just happened to sit near her for too long.

Translator's note: "hundreds and thousands" are sprinkles.

I think you'll find sprinkles are hundreds and thousands

‘Look Phillip, I’m a stamp’

Me too! Me Too!

You know, given Celestia's reaction to Phillip's antics, I cannot help but wonder if she and Discord ever had a thing all those years centuries millennia ago?

I think you've started out as Bedbound left off, in it's own unique blend of mushy, fluffy, scatterbrained (in a good way) and adorable.

You, Bedbound sequel! First story of yours I ever read was Bedbound. Love to see this story continuing.

Now this is right marvelous it is, glad to see this story's return.

Hmmm... 'Johns', eh?

Does this have anything to do with prostitution?


That'd be an unexpected direction...

I'm waiting for someone to preemptively accuse of me arranging events to have John die in despair, alone.

Which is fair...

I so love these two, they are so good for eachother, oh god my heart.

Aw yis, I'm super excited for this story's continuation. Also, holy shit you came up with like, the best thing describing Pinkie Pie I've seen to date.

I preferred a certain level of restraint and subtlety, while she could produce a cannon out of thin air and was sort of the living embodiment of the death of subtlety.

It's my ridiculously huge magnum opus. And given that it's sprawling mess written without clear direction I think it sums me up pretty well.

Let's hold our horses, I've got plenty of time to make a hash of this.

And I do so like Pinkie. She's just so nice! And she plays by her own rules.

9632232 I couldn't resist. I've watched so much crime drama, the term is pretty much locked into that definition.

Celestia can lawyer with the best of them. Not surprising, given she's had over a thousand years to practice. What IS surprising is that Luna would forget something like that. Ah well, on her own fuzzy head be it.

Ah yes, the ever-dependable ear scritch. Those and snuggles are my favorite things to do with furry animals.

He should see about getting a properly large bed made, or a couch, couches are nice too.

He's not really a forethought kind of guy. He's more of a take what comes his way chap.

strand of mine

strand of mane

smooshed by face

smooshed my face

Also, :rainbowkiss:

Urgh, typos.

They plague me!

They're reliable stalwarts in many situations.

Why can't you use the romance tag?

I know you have a... somewhat violent past with it, but you have to let it go!

Ooooh a sequel!! Gotta reread the first again! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

As opposed to doing what I had kind of maybe sort of wanted to in the first place, which was, you know, staying in Celestia’s room. With Celestia. As much as possible.

I have to say, this does feel like its point at me. Granted that's likely for good reason, given in the previous story I never stopped noting how his and Celestia's relationship was very unhealthy. She never seemed at all concerned with him actually recovering, or him doing anything other than thinking about or cuddling her. And it really doesn't look like Celestia has changed.

Still, that he isn't spending every day in the castle interacting with Celestia or waiting to do so is enheartening. When he left Canterlot it seemed like he was much happier and better off. The previous story ending with him going right back to Celestia felt like he had just regressed back twhere he was before, with his life consisting only of her.

I don't get why she's upset. She really didn't much care about helping him before, what prompted the change? It seems weird.

I really hope this one doesn't turn from light hearted fluff into soul crushing existential horror again :pinkiesad2:
10/10 BTW, tho

I feel you and I may never fully see eye-to-eye on this, which is probably a good thing as you bring a viewpoint I'm apparently entirely blind to, which is immensely useful.

She always cared? Perhaps I wasn't especially clear on conveying that. She was primarily worried about him dying, originally.

I was waiting for someone to bring that up...

You MUST! It's the only way to move on in life!

I thought it was brave to write a story with such a deeply mentally-challenged MC.

No, honestly, I think that's an interesting change of pace, in that "Cynical and smart human shows up in a world of kind but dim ponies" is more the standard, whereas this is the reverse. Instead of the MC being the smart one, he's more like a really dumb but good-hearted talking hound dog that Celestia can hug--and he'll lick her face without actually understanding any of her problems--and feel better.

It's an inspirational story, that no matter how brain-damaged and dense someone is, they still have the chance of finding love with a magical talking horse, assuming that's your thing.

(Although, am I the only one waiting for the other shoe to drop? Human gets whisked to Equestria by magic, that coincidentally also magically lets him speak the language and does magical brain surgery that stops him from remembering his old life, all seems too planned to be the result of an accident. Feels like this is the sort of thing you'd get from a "Someone did a magical ritual to find something that would make Celestia happy" kind of premise, and then cue the angst.)


I remain fascinated by how everyone here interprets these two and their relationship. Honestly though, what with me biased since I'm the one quote-unquote "writing" it.

In my view John was never anything other than a happy-go-lucky scamp with narratively-convenient memory loss who's making the best of things, while Celestia was initially concerned for his welfare and then delighted to have found someone with no preconceptions or hangups about her and who is quite fun to hang with and so she then perhaps let's her excitement get the better of her.

That's where I've always been coming from. Whether that's right or not or whether anyone agrees is their business.

Mentally challenged seems a touch harsh, maybe, given that John basically thinks in a truncated, more comprehensible variant of how I think. But maybe that says more about me.

Spoon in hand I pointed to my bowel.

I really like the way how the story is narrated and how it shows the way this human thinks.
Short sentences. A lot of thoughts. Fast pace.

Cared for him physically yes, but otherwise no. That's my personal reason for how I view their relationship. Before with her he never really went anywhere or did anything, other then spending time with or thinking about Celestia. Maybe it wasn't intentional and instead fueled by a desire to a friend/relationship with someone that is about her specifically due to being put on a pedestal but she never appeared to consider only interacting with her might not be the best thing. That's also why him leaving for Ponyville was my favorite part, because him going out and interacting with the world felt like it prompted a positive change in his attitude.

Tl;dr Celestia's desire to have a peer/friend is making her clingy, and oblivious it being to John's detriment.
That's probably true.

Argh, I always get that one wrong! And its the worst!

That's pretty fair actually.

I'm cavalier about John's wellbeing, perhaps.

Ah, it is what it is, and it goes on.

Man, I really do love this story. The characters are so damn believable. Also, as an aside, it isn't often I see "The Centipedes Dilemma" brought up. Though I've never heard of it being referred to as "The Millipede Problem". My job is pretty monotonous, sewing and manufacturing so the centipede effect is pretty rampant. You'll see an employee that's been working there for years that can finish a product in 15 min suddenly mess up everything when they have to explain it to a new hire. It really is fascinating.

John's not the brightest bulb, so he hasn't realized this, but Celestia's clinginess is actually something he needs, too. While it's true he needs a life outside of her, it's been hammered home repeatedly that John feels completely unwanted and unneeded - which is bad under normal circumstances, but catastrophic when you're perpetually trapped in an alien world with nothing to do.

Celestia's relationship with him is what keeps him moving in the first place. Her constant desire to be around him, her genuine desire for his company, makes it worth doing everything else. Don't lose sight of that.

Blame John's wacky memory and how people often mess up things like that IRL.

Can't say anything what the other comments haven't- TOTALLY tickled that there's a sequel!

.....I am holding out hope that some sort of device resolves itself to fix the whole 'immortal vs mortal' conundrum.
I look forward to seeing how this develops!

Gawd, so much cute! I can only hope you never run out of fluff, cuz I'm addicted!

“You’re not? Gasp,” I said, immediately clapping a hand to my eyes.

Cheeky bastard :rainbowlaugh:

Oh yay, one of my favorite silly Celestia shipping stories updated! Lets go re-

Squeeze some honey on my biscuit


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