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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.



A human, having suffered due to the mysterious means of his transmission from one world to another, is stuck in bed recovering from his injures. While a little alarmed to find that the one looking after him is not human herself, he can't do much about it.

It helps that - as he finds - she's also rather good company.

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He's both amnesic and xenophobic? Now that's a trip.

I got less "xenophobia" and more "very direct contradiction of known reality". Combined with the amnesia, I'd probably have a negative reaction as well. Give him a couple chapters to acclimate.

I thought as much also, but it's too constant. Something in his mind is screaming, and he has no idea why. Xenophobia must be differentiated from racism, (or speciesism) in that "isms" are learned and taught behavior, Whereas actual xenophobia is simply irrational terror of the alien.

'twould be an interesting problem, what could the ponies do to help someone who can hardly bear to remain in a room with them? Certainly makes the usual friendship overtures awkward...

I was attempting to convey someone who is faced with something that talks and thinks like a human, but clearly isn't, and how his brain has no real precedent on how it's supposed to handle that.

Apparently I didn't do that good of a job.

Note to self: less screaming next time.

Ah well, hindsight and all that. It is very well written, I'm quite looking forward to whatever happens next.

Very interesting start, I look forward to more.

Not xenophobic or he would have panicked when he realized she was not human. Cautious yes. Best portrayal of injured human arriving in Equestria I have seen lately. Up vote and track.

I vant moar!

Outstanding stuff :twilightsmile: please, continue.

[Edit] in fact I'm just going to go ahead and favourite this (tracking just won't do) as I know dis gonna b gud

I love these nursing your human back to health kinda stories.

Cackling Moon, why are you so awesome? How do you keep telling old cliches in interesting ways? Did you sell your soul?

I traded my ability to write original fiction that's any good for the ability to write MLP fan fiction that people apparently enjoy.

Makes her seem somewhat sinister. My bet is she's somehow responsible for his condition, physically and mentally.

Eh, I'm going to come down on the side of "If he wasn't screaming internally, something would be wrong". Waking up too injured to move in a place you don't recognize being cared for by something that cannot possibly exist? Honestly his reaction is pretty tame, something that I'm putting down to him simply being too injured to panic more. Any one of those three things on their own would be enough to trigger fight or flight in pretty much anyone but a trained soldier, I felt like your take on his reaction was very solid.

Beyond that? I'm thoroughly intrigued and looking forward to reading more.

hmm i'm sure that guy will need to use the bathroom soon that will be a experience for the pony princess

hmm no its really dirty and needs to be cleaned I mean theirs porn everywhere

I can't think of any at the top of my head but if I do come across some while checking my library I'll give you a call or pm in this case.


You did fine. I mean, it's like waking up on a grey's operating table waiting for the Probulator. Anyone'd lose their shit. We are a lonely species, we attribute intelligence, culture, speech, civilization, judgement, only to ourselves. Those aren't traits we've seen in anything else in a way we can recognize as more than a passing curiosity and more due to bestial instinct than higher brain function.

Seeing it in something else would, rightly, spook us to fuck and back.

That said, the Dawnmother's bedside manner is just lovely. Points.

>tfw Momlestia will never tuck you in when you are sick or injured

I have an urge to be helpful/evil. I don't like putting other authors' links on another's story, but this time I'll give in to the dark side. So with apologies to

Cackling Moron

Hopefully you don't mind.

An alien crash lands in Equestria. It calls itself human.
Muppetz · 229k words  ·  5,156  177 · 76k views

You can curse and/or thank me later... that goes to anyone who hasn't read it and decides because I posted this.

I like how this is starting out. I will be following.

maybe he should of waitied to move his arms just in case his plan fail the way it did so at east he could get up

Woulda, shoulda, coulda.

He's not that bright.

and now he needs a bath with assistence because he can't wash himself

its been what a week since his last shower? he's gotta be smellin

Say, Mr... uh Moron, are you part of the Adeptus Mechanicus?

This is really well written and I look forward to what is on the horizon!

I'm not *saying* the flesh is weak, but...

It's a fantastic excuse, isn't It?


I hope for more soon, this is great.

Sun goes around the Earth and all that.”

Other way around.

This is a wonderfully adorable story. And hey, there's no romance tag too!

Bah, that can wait until the sequel.

Well, I'm mainly bad at tags. Bad at romance, too, so we're all safe.

Been a while since I've enjoyed a story like that. It's also kinda refreshing to see there is no romance tag, not everyone need to bang the magic horses.

Not on the first date at least, heh.

And he's hardly in a fit state anyway, even were he of a mind to.


Reactions to something this extreme are going to be about as extreme in the spectrum of possible outcomes. Some people will crack, badly, like an egg. Other people will just shug and accept the new reality for what it is and continue. I strongly suspect I would fall into the latter category.

Well, maybe not shrug too much, from the descriptions it sounds like more than a few internal things got broken and squished. (His everything hurts)

(I'd geek the F out later though. Having grown up on D&D, Sci-fi and other nerdish things of course)


Sun goes around the Earth and all that.”

Other way around.

I'm certain Celestia was relieved to know this was true on other worlds, too. :trollestia:


Not one of my finer moments. Should be fixed now.

Oh, it was.
Highlight my last message :trollestia:
It's just that sometimes, our goofs can be entertaining in their own right :pinkiecrazy:

Indeed. I'd be thinking this is one bitching good CGI movie I'm in--but I'd be wondering who the fuck signed me up to be in it. :rainbowderp:

Will this be a romantic slice of life? Just curious.

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