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Do As I Say... - stealthcam

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Do as I say...

Dear, Celestia.

I know, it’s been a while, sorry about that. The blacksmith shop has been taking off. I hope you are doing well. I was wondering when you would have time to come visit me in Ponyville, I’m sure that Twi would also like to see you. It has been quite a while. Chrysalis has been asking after you as well, she has been looking to catch up. She has been kind of off and she won’t tell me why. I don’t know if changelings can get the flu but she has been pretty out of it lately.

I hope the nobles haven't been giving you too much grief lately. I know that tax bill you put together went over like a lead balloon. I was writing to Luna and she said you have been a little down. I hope this cheers you up a little.

Your local Human, Anon.

Dear, Celestia.

I’m going to get to the point, you need to just come down and tell him. You said you were going to do it three months ago and I haven’t heard anything from Anon about you even writing to him. You need to do SOMETHING it’s clearly affecting your work. I saw the sun hitch in the sky yesterday. Luna sent me a letter telling me when you are not doing your required duties you’re wasting away in your room. I know why you put that non-pony exemption in the tax bill you just passed. It had nothing to do with ‘encouraging immigration’ and you know it. You still send him a stipend of bits when he has a fully functioning business. He is making more money than Rarity with her dresses now!

Your concerned Student, Twilight.

Dear, Chief replacement.

I can taste your sorrow from here you imbecile, it’s ruining my lunches with Thorax. For being so old you sure are not the wisest creature I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. You need to pull your head out of your ass 'You're stubborn as one’. Eventually, you will have to come down here and face your feelings. I think I hold more contempt now than when I was trapped in my stone prison. You are hurting him by not telling the truth, for being the previous bearer of the element of kindness this sure is awful cruel. Not just to him. You are clearly not well yourself, I’m honestly surprised that Luna has not knocked some sense into you yet.

Queen Chrysalis, Third of Her Name Scourge of The Badlands.

Dear, Aunty.

It’s been 2 years since you told me you had feelings for Anon. I am writing you, to tell you you’re an idiot. You squeaked like a dog toy when he hugged you at Flurrys’ last birthday. If you don’t do something soon I’m flying him to you in my chariot with some toys and a shibari set and instructing him to ‘have fun’. CHRYSALIS of all creatures wrote to me last week because you are making her physically ill. Anon is concerned for his friend and she can’t tell him what’s wrong because YOU are incapable of having an adult conversation. The sun is dimmer and it is causing crop damage here now, if this continues you will have bigger problems than just an aching heart.

Princess Cadence, Holder Of The Crystal Heart.

“Raven Inkwell?”

“Yes princess?”

I sighed, “Is it really that bad?”

Raven tapped a hoof and pursed her lips, “Princess may I speak freely?”


“You’re an idiot.”

I laughed, “Well I know that already, How many more letters are there?”

Raven paced listing off the senders, “Fluttershy, Applejack, Spike, Blueblood, Rainbow Dash, do I need to continue?” She held up a hoof full of letters.

I swear everyone knows except him. “Raven, When is the next train to Ponyville?”

“The next train runs in two hours at seven PM.”

The door slammed open Luna barged in wielding a wedding dress with accompanying frilly nut cup and a letter. “So help me Faust, Celestia! This needs to stop!” She said throwing the open letter at me.

The flowing script read.

Dear Princess Celestia, Dawnbringer.

Here is your wedding dress ‘and nut cup’ for when you finally grow a pair. If you have not come to Ponyville and confessed within the next week WE are telling Anon. He deserves to know, this has gone on too long. Luna had to raise the sun this morning because you were too busy wallowing in your own misery.

Your concerned friends and family.

“I guess it’s time then, Let me get cleaned up and we can head to the train station,” I said, dragging myself off my bed toward the bathroom.

The shower is always the worst place to be when you don’t want to think. There is nothing to do but think in here just the deafening sound of water and your own thoughts. I have had few lovers and even fewer partners in my millennia of life. Luna was always the one with a stallion at her side galavanting around the countryside on fantastical dates. I have always been the untouchable flower, so to speak. I was always the one approached, never have I been the one infatuated. It has always been some noble thinking they could reach above their station. I humored some of them, there was only one I truly loved. My last lover, Nightshade. It’s Ironic he poisoned my want to love again, losing someone like that I never want to do it again.

I don’t know how Luna did it all those years ago. Every two hundred years or so, a new love and a new crushing loss.

I don’t know how but this alien, a creature from another world, has wormed his way past that wall.

Stepping out of the shower, the heated blowers drying my coat almost instantly, I could hear the muffled conversation in the other room. Leaving my room and walking through the castle felt like a funeral dirge. The slowly creeping dread building as we got closer to the exit.

As we passed through the final gate Luna startled me, “sister you are shaking like Pinkie after a cake binge, it will be fine.”

I winced, “it’s been so long, what do I say?”

Luna mumbled, “What you should have long ago.”

Turning my head, I snapped, “I don’t want to hear it from you! Let's go.”

Train rides are also terrible for avoiding bad thoughts. What if he refuses, What if he already has eyes for somepony else? There is so much that could go wrong. The rumbling of the train and murmuring passengers were not enough to drown out the doubts and fear. The hour passed in what seemed like an instant. The screaming brakes and bleating horn breaking me from my slowly building panic.

Stepping off the train has to be one of the hardest things I have ever done. I have faced hundreds of griffins armed to the teeth and slain changelings in the hundreds and not blinked an eye. This of all things has me dragging my hooves kicking up dust in the gravel. The entirety of town, between me and my fate. I know the billowing black smoke marks the place to meet my fate. The walk across town felt like an eternity every step feeling like gravity got stronger. There it is the door taller than all the others. The knocker felt like it weighed a thousand pounds. The door opened, time slowing down.

“Hi, Anon.”

“Hey celly, what brings you down to my neck of the woods?”

“I um have a tiny little confession to make….”

Author's Note:

This is the first story I have written and posted on the internet.
It probably sucks and the grammar is probably rough cause I suck. Constructive criticism is preferred but yell at me about what I did wrong. I also like an idiot went for the hardest possible formatting as the first thing I wrote. Hope you like it. This is finished as of now if you want more, a sequel and prequel are in the works. I did not think this would go anywhere so I did not have a plan for either.

Comments ( 12 )

Ahm, Hello, it seems to me that the story is left half done, will there be a sequel?

It's not bad for a start of a story but we need more as in what happens next.


Honestly, I was not expecting anyone to read this. It was a little fluff thing I threw together for fun. If there is more interest I might write a prequel and sequel but currently no plans to continue this story. I am however working on something longer form. I want to get a few chapters written before I start publishing anything though. I thought the idea of letting people decide how they wanted the story to go from here was fun.

Kind of annoyed. You got a decent build up, but you cut away before we can get a satisfying conclusion. You gave us narrative blue balls.

You will pleased to hear that a prequel and sequel are now in the works to make this an actual story. I just never thought it would get any traction. Thanks for reading it even if the lackluster ending bothered you.

That's good news. I'm looking forward to it.

Good story loved it

I appreciate the kind words.

That was tasty, now I want more...

Love your portrayal of Sunbutt and Chryssy, good sir.

There will be more, don't worry about that. I loved A Heart To Heart and What Doesn't Kill you. All the people that I love the stories of, commenting on my crap writing. Anyway, glad you like it. Have any pointers on things to improve? Edit: Just realized this is the first story, the sequel is out I assume you saw it.

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