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Julian San Miguel

Currently writing Hereafter Ponies, a ponyfication story set in an AU where the Elements don't exist.

Work In Progress

Hereafter Ponies & the Magic of Friendship

  • Chapters: 3/?
  • Next: The Lost Shepherd
  • Synopsis: Ponyville is overrun by a herd of colorful sheep as they look for a friend of theirs.
  • Status: On hold, massive outlining underway (Oct. 29)

Latest Stories

Blog Posts

  • 22 weeks
    Hereafter Ponies Delayed, Changed Workflow due to RSI, Will Practice with New G1 Story

    Due to RSI, I took two weeks off at the beginning of October. When I tried to go back to work, my hands still bothered me. It was only on the 16th that I came up with a solution.

    Using an Android app called Orgzly, I've begun to outline Hereafter Ponies in its entirety, something I'd been doing sparingly in recent months. This'll let me rest my hands while also staying productive.

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  • 26 weeks
    Chapter in Progress: The Lost Shepherd

    Ponyville is overrun by a herd of colorful sheep as they look for a friend of theirs.

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  • 29 weeks
    Health Update: The Greatest Showmare, RSI, Dvorak

    Last week, I had just finished the second-to-last scene of the next chapter when my hands started bothering me. I tried a whole bunch of things like wrist braces, setting the ceiling fan to the lowest setting so that it wouldn’t blow cold air on my hands as I type, gloves, rearranging the pillows since I type in bed, an elaborate series of stretches, and, most importantly, learning the Dvorak keyboard layout, which why this chapter is delayed.

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Thanks for the fave on Aces High!

Sup dude!

Make sure to check in on Hiver group

It’s getting to be about that time and we would love to have you for some chit chat before the sequel drops.

Thank you so much for favoriting my story "Full Circle"! I really appreciate it!

No, I’m a writer, sorry. Right now, I’m waiting for my first submission to be approved.

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