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Something-something horse narrations.


When a well-known writer in Equestria asks Twilight to read his latest work, what kind of reactions will she have to it?

Welcome. This, my friends, is what you get when I have about an hour of free time and it's the 600th Thread landmark for AiE over on /mlp/.


Very lightly edited for your viewing pleasure; I wanted to keep to the feeling of the original version as much as possible.

UPDATE: A live reading by Flutterpriest and Anonpencil with me in the call.

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I laugh soo hard.

Hm... now how would I go about writing a sequel to... THAT?

2107018i dunno... YOU are the amazing Wuten! figure it out:rainbowlaugh:


Hm... nah. Too lazy. :rainbowwild:

This was glorious.

We'll never know the smut inside...


Think of it this way: if it was good enough to get TWILIGHT, it's some damn good stuff. :twilightoops:

ah. this was hilarious!


huehuehue. Good read, Wuten.

I wasn't expecting that ending... :rainbowlaugh:


awesome ending! Didn't see it coming.
(thats what she said)

:) very very nice

Those first three sentences from the second paragraph, story of my life.

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti.

His palms are penne, knees meat, arms spaghetti, there's sauces on his shoulders already, mom's spaghetti.

Not enough leg pulling. 0/10 :^)

Author Interviewer

I was all set to be totally nonplussed by this story, but that ending. Ew. :|

As I said, trivial ass drippings.

Author Interviewer

I'm pretty sure that's not where it was dripping from. D:

But that would be amazing!

Kinda quick but I enjoyed it lol :twilightsmile:

Too bad we can't read what Twilight did. I would love to know what anonymous wrote to get her all hot and bothered.

Hahaha. Awesome

This needs a follow-up, somehow. I know it's a one-shot, but there's... shall we say more to be explored here. ;>

I mean, think about it. Twilight's essentially in love with books. Why wouldn't she be hot for someone who writes them? ;]

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