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You are Anonymous, and Twilight has gone through an accident that rendered her blind.
Could you help your friend cope?
Can you see the world as she does?
Actually, that was uncalled for.

(Note: Yes, it is an Anon in Equestria fic. Also yes, you've seen that pic a million times now. Just an idea I got while looking through.)

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These feels, man. Seriously. I don't know if I should feel happy or sad right now.
Very fucking nice.

Woah woah woah! You have walls of text! That needs some fixing.

Tried to fix it, how's it now?

1720520 I guess that's better. But you really should space out the sentences too and most people usually use *** or --- to symbolize a change in time or setting instead of just a space.

that was great.

”Yeah! I’ve been practicing with Anon for a while on navigating-“ Twilight crashes face first on the wall next to the doorway. “- I’m still learning.” She says, rubbing her nose.


Love it man, Imma fav just to keep it in my own records ^^

Thanks for the reads and favorites, guys!
If you want, you can browse through my AiE Pastebin (In the profile) and tell me which story I should convert next.
Or you can throw in requests!

(This is all an elaborate plan to get you people reading my other shite.)

That ending sentence, I just had to laugh... After such a sad story too... Just who would do that...

Pretty nice story, the only thing that really bugs me was that RD's coat was described as cobalt, a fairly dark blue, as opposed to something lighter like cyan.

I was hooked onto this until I read that the other mane five stopped visiting for long enough for their friendship to erode. That killed my suspension of disbelief.

I'll stay neutral about this one.

EDIT: I'm dumb. Wrong fic.

5424524 Have you ever had a friend in the hospital for a long time. Visiting regularly while trying to maintain life can be a pain to near impossible and anyway Anon was there for her and the story is mostly about Twilight and Anon. So you could try reading it to the end and get over the fact the rest of the mane 6 are slightly ooc.

5468707 Twilight an Anon me arse, this is all about Anon and Rainbow. Twilight's just a supporting character and plot exposition a few times.

And don't come to me saying that these girls couldn't go visit at least once a week. Considering canon pony schedules, this is downright absurd.

EDIT: I'm dumb. Wrong fic.

5468776 What? Did you even read it its not about Rainbow in any way shape or form. TRY FUCKING READING IT. Oh cannon cannon cannon get over your self its not about the mane 6 its about Anon and Twilight. As far as I can tell you haven't actually read this story at all .

5470900 Oh damn it. Nevermind, me being dim. I mistook this for Downed.

That's all I'm gonna say on the matter.

Liked and favourited.

Huh. Seems I forgot to comment before. No matter -- I'm doing it now.

This is a wonderful little story and one that holds up in every way on a second reading. Definitely earned its position on my special shelf.

another good story. the feels were perceived as genuine. the characters were not too ooc. you write good stories about the characters when theyre in a crisis.

This gave me a lot of warm and fuzzies!:twilightsmile:
Aside from you getting Dash's coat color wrong (as in cobalt is a dark blue), you did a great job with descriptions.:twilightsmile:
Great story!:twilightsmile:

That was beautiful! Keep up the good work!

very very amazing man i love this story :pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2:
the feel...

this needs a sequel!:twilightsmile:

Not everything needs a sequel.

yeah it does~!:flutterrage:

7906042 It really does. Blind Twilight x anon has so much cute romance potential, Its a shame the author hasn't logged in in nearly 2 years :fluttercry:

I was going to ignore you, but I can't rule out that you're the single person to dislike my comment.
When I said it doesn't need a sequel, I'm not necessarily saying it is bad. It's merely that you shouldn't take everything for granted. Look at video games. People rave over classic games because of how they felt playing them for the first time. Now look at Call of Duty, Battlefield, Star Wars, Halo, etc etc. Then look to the movie industry: Transformers, Saw, Fast and the Furious, Shrek, Lethal Weapon, Land Before Time, and Star Wars again. Airbuddies and Godzilla, too. We can get an infinite number of sequels for any form of media and literature, but absolutely none of them will capture the feel of the original piece. Besides, as the number of sequels grow the likelihood of someone new trying the original for themselves drops off.

8145538 Wow you put far too much effort into typing that up. I just want to see more Anon x blind twilight because its cute. There really is nothing more to it than that.

While I haven't found many stories involving blind people, has anyone ever found a story where a blind HUMAN shows up in Equestria? Be it romance or anything really

Lovely story! :twilightsmile:

There was one where a human was blinded during his trip from Earth to Equestria and Pinkie had to look after him. It was a romance I think.

Can you see the world as she does?

Is that a Lily reference? :D


Is that an upvote from someone who got the Lily reference? :D

I fucking love this!😭😭😭

Love the story but can u but like time skips or notifications of time skips like.... I confused the hell out of me a few times. Like the jump from anons POV to Twi's

Its really not confusing at all. Also the person that wrote this hasn't logged in since 2015 so that's not happening.

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