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You're busy preparing for a nice night, and a certain blue pegasus comes to see you.


Just like every day.

She can't take the hint that you aren't her 'bro'...


This is a light swing at 'Rainbro' stories. Enjoy.

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Do you even bro?

Ok... not really sure what to think of this...

BRO I feel like to dancing to skillet and bash my head against the keyboard at the same time but its probably impossible

I liked it. It was pretty good. :pinkiehappy:

The fic is well written, not to my taste in humour however. I mostly just felt sorry for Rainbow Dash, who came off as being obsessed and needy, especially at the end. Still, I have no doubt it comes more down to personally taste rather than quality, so by all means, enjoy your upvote.

Have a nice day

This reminds me of the infamous "Fluttershy" series where she wants Anon to ravish her, but is unable to and tries to discover the Anon's fetish.

oh god i remember those.
gosh, i haven't seen those in ages!

I don't know if I should laugh or feel sad. That's the mark of a good fic.

I very much enjoyed Anons refined way of speaking. That coupled with Rainbows "bro" stuff made this an enjoyeable read. I would like to see how Rainbow could ruin Anons day in other situations.

why would anyone punch a pony if so...... SUFFERRRRR!

ROFL, had to read that poem for school! It was boring, but when you put it like that, it's hilarious!:rainbowlaugh:

1730723 ... this isn't mature clop.....


naah but good story made me laugh :rainbowlaugh:

1756798 *Your


Do you even lift, bro?

Obviously never had your name replaced with "Bro".

I found the whole thing amusing, but the ending crushingly sad. This was better then I expected by a long shot.

My god.. I never read a fic like this one before

That ending..

I think half the humor was lost on me. I don't believe I have read the kind of story this is parodying.

Still fun I guess. But I felt sorry for Dash as much as for Anon, maybe more.

This probably just made my night....

A nice spin on an old idea, though that ending makes me want more, but there is no more is there? Ah well...

Definitely felt for Dash at the end. Poor persistent Dash...

4739507 crest of friendship...
it fits the comment and the site

Now i would like romance story for them, it seems like you could make a good one. i would prefer a romance/slice of life, not only sweet and caring things, but normal stuff like this here too. I started a bit further in the middle, but could not stop reading. I like it.

See the rainbro, taste the rainbro.

Rainbow Dash is way too stubborn. She can't take a hint, even when Anon is angry as all hell.


As much as I can sympathize with Anon, I felt really sorry for Dashie at the end. She's just trying to be close to him, only she's got that idea as a nail so deep in her brain she doesn't really act as herself, and keeps forcing it. He must mean quite a lot to her to justify the extreme behavior.

Yo Rainbro, I'll be your bro, bro. That Anon faggots no good for you, bro. I'm the bro you bro with, bro.

this Anon reminds me of a human version of Ulquiorra Cifer from Bleach.
That ending was kinda sad, but it also made me wonder WHY Dash was acting so obsessed, clingy, and needy, to the point of being OOC.

While I do understand Anon's point of view, that was still a bit harsh hitting her in the jaw.

...I'll say this
If someone I tolerated BROKE into my house to jumpscare me
a punch to the face seems tame

Woah, bro.

Every one is sympathetic because it's Dashie.
Not realizing that this is a crazy stalker who is obsessed with him. He struck her and she wants to go back thinking he just didn't want to hang out that day.
And yet I really think he should not have hit her. Unless in defense of self or others a man should never strike a woman. That's how I was raised.

Jeeze, pretty soon we're gonna see her standing over a dead body.

"Y.. You don't understand, I did this for US bro!"

Until she formally apologizes to both Trixie and Gilda for treating the two of them like trash during their first time in Ponyville, I will never be Rainbow Dash's bro, bro. She should have never interrupted Trixie's show, and she should have realized that something was wrong with Gilda.

Alternatively, the fine minds over here at Twisted Minds Emporium have come up with several solutions to this "problem":
First: You could ask her to kill herself, a lá Doctor Who.

Second: you could use her to get anything you wanted, all while giving her token gestures of appreciation. Such as, say Twilight Sparkle's birthday was coming up, and you had no idea what to get her for it. Sure, you could get her a book, but she lives in a library. You could ask her, but a rule of thumb when dating someone is never flat out ask the person what they want for their birthday, as you are expected to already know. So, the obvious solution here is to ask Rainbow Dash to ask Twilight Sparkle what she wants for her birthday, without mentioning that she's asking for you, and then tell you what Twilight says.
Third: Have her sign a blank piece of paper, and then go to a courthouse and get that blank piece of paper turned into a restraining order.

Damn, RD was annoying as hell in this : (

Anon, you have crush on Twi?
:moustache:me gusta

I would have pulled Rainbow dash to the side and explain to her the need for personal space.

Technically, though, it could be construed as self-defense. I mean, she did shock him, and humans CAN have heart attacks from shock. Ergo, what he did could have been construed as self-defense.

I know it's true. That's why I said it.

I was agreeing with you. No need to be a jerk.

You're the one who started this by implying that the main character of the story, Anon, was not as morally righteous as you are. Therefore, what goes around, comes around.

i don't like this , it is not bad, the contrary... i still do not like it

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