• Published 1st Sep 2012
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My Little Pony: Masks are Magic - Wuten

After being forced into being a mask salesman, how will Anonymous cope with the new world he's in?

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

You’re a bit shaky due to the adrenaline of running.

Y’know, because you’d be dead if you didn’t.

The yellow pegasus with the mask laughs. “Oh, I see. You’re shaking in your boots at the sight of me, aren’t you?” she snickers, slowly walking forward.

Those eyes… those creepy, orange eyes…

“What did you do to Spike?!” You grit your teeth in anger, moving between her and the reptilian creature.

“You’d be surprised. Despite being able to breathe fire and other elements, dragons are actually cold-blooded. Did you know that?”

Your eyes widen a bit.

“That still doesn’t answer my question, though.”

She sighs, obviously annoyed. “Really, Anonymous? You haven’t figured it out? And to think I took you for smarter than the average monkey…” she giggles, floating up in the air with her wings. “Very well, I’ll tell you what I did. Dragons, as you know, have large, armored scales that protect them from any sort of attack. But did you know that they also protect them from large changes in the weather?”

She continues floating toward you, and you stand up, holding your ground.

“Unfortunately for little Spike, he’s just a baby dragon, so his scales aren’t fully grown yet,” she says, lifting her mask up to show you her true face as she gives you a devious grin. “Does it make sense yet, or do I have to continue?”

You notice that her irises are the same as Twilight’s were before…

Speaking of which.

You hear hooves rushing up the stairs. She’ll be at the top soon.

“Listen, I’d love to stay and chat, but I have a second crazy psycho-lunatic after me, and frankly? I don’t like the prospect of being cut up. So if you’ll excuse me…” You begin to walk forward, but she holds up a hoof.

“Sorry, Anonymous, but I can’t let you leave so soon. Not when the fun is just starting,” she says, grinning at you before lowering the mask down onto her face once again. “Besides, you’re the main attraction! And it’s all thanks to the Happy Mask Salesman, isn’t that great?”

You raise an eyebrow. “What’re you talking about?”

“Oh, come now, Anonymous, I know he gave you something with a great amount of power. I can feel it,” she says.

Aaaand, here comes Twilight. Great…

She leaps up through what remains of the door you smashed down, and looks at you with a maniacal grin. “Now, Anonymous, don’t run… we’ve just gotten started on our studying…” she says, levitating three large, sharp knives in the air around her.

“Oh, Twilight, it’s you,” the masked pony turns to look at her. “Anonymous and I were just having a few words, that’s all.”

Twilight turns and looks at the pony with wide eyes. “…Fluttershy? Is that you? What happened?”

“Yes, it is; and this mask here is wonderful, it gives me so much power to use! Look, I can do magic too!” she exclaims, and her head begins to shake in a circular motion as she levitates, and you can see small pink and red movements through the air as she does so.

It’s at this moment that Twilight lets out a shrill cry of pain. It fills you with a sense of dread as your eyes slowly trail back to her, and she’s…

…she’s encased in stone.

No… it can’t be…

“That should keep her from interrupting our discussion. Now then…” she says, turning to look at you. “What’s that you’ve got, Anonymous? Take it out so I can see it for myself.”


She eyes you for a moment, before landing. “Alright, I see you’re going to be stubborn about it. Very well, I suppose I’ll take it by force.”

“You won’t, because you can’t directly harm me without damaging what you’re looking for. So what’ll it be?”

You thought you saw her head twitch for a second there. “I have powers beyond your very comprehension, Anonymous. Do you honestly think I cannot do mental harm? It’s quite simple, really; Twilight knows all about it, after all.”

“You… you’re the one who did it to her?!”

“I thought you would have figured it out before all this happened, Anonymous. The salesman… he DID tell you what kind of things I’m capable of, did he not?”

You hesitate for a moment. “…No, he didn’t.”

“Well, that’s a shame. Because it would have come in very handy for you. Too bad,” she says, and she floats up into the air again, this time the air growing even colder.

You hear the shivering grow louder.

…Oh no.

“You… why are you bringing him into this? He’s just a baby dragon!”

“Until you hand it over, it’s just going to make him worse off. So, what’ll it be?” she asks, snickering at you. “Hand over the mask, or continue to let the temperature drop and let the poor, defenseless baby dragon freeze to death?”

You’ve heard enough.

“How about neither?!”

You quickly sprint forward at the pony, rearing your fist back for a punch.

You bring it forward with all of your might.

…And you hit air.

“Oh, Anonymous! Over here,” she says, and now she’s to your left, standing next to the statue of Twilight. “She is quite beautiful, isn’t she? Remarkable craftsmanship, if I do say so myself,” she says, brushing the bottom of her hoof against Twilight’s chin.

“Step AWAY from her!”

You growl out angrily, clenching both fists and your teeth in rage as you charge once again.

“Ah ah ah, Anonymous,” she taunts, before the mask’s eyes glow and you’re sent hurdling back into a nearby bookcase. “One more step, and you can forget about the two of them returning to normal.”

Your eyes widen.

“What do I have to do to make you stop this?”

She thinks for a moment. “I’ll make things interesting for you. Meet me at the edge of the Everfree Forest, near my cottage. For every minute I spend waiting, the temperature in here will drop two degrees. Bring the power I sense with you, or the temperature drops as close to absolute zero as I can make it.”

You consider your options.

“…Alright. I’ll do it.”

“Very good, Anonymous; now then, I really should be going. There’s so much mayhem to cause, I don’t know where to start! Just follow the trail of destruction and you’ll find your way to my cottage. Have fun!” she says, before vanishing with a flash of light and a cackling laugh.

You pick up your bearings, and walk over to Spike. “Don’t worry, Spike; I’m going to fix everything. Just hang in there.” You kneel and place your hand to his head.

He looks up at you, nodding with a smile despite the uncontrollable shaking caused by the cold.

You smile down at him, before standing once again and walking over to the statue that was once Twilight.

You stare into the blank eyes of the one you were with the night before. “Twilight… I’m going to get you back to normal. You’ll be your old self again, I promise.”

You lean down, giving the statue a hug, and despite the coarse feeling of stone against your skin, you feel… as if her spirit were there with you, cheering you on.

You smile, standing up and turning to the exit. “I’ll come back as soon as I take care of everything. I swear.”

You take one last look at the two of them, nod, and sprint out in the direction of the large forest.

The forest you came here from.

The forest that holds all of that evil within its borders.

Two degrees for every minute that passes. You’ll have to work fast.