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Just a writer that happens to write cute stories, and fetish, at least I think I am.

Cause DMC is one of my fav series


Shameless Promotion · 5:20pm Feb 10th, 2018

Hey guys. I'm sure as most of you have noticed. I haven't written anything in a very long time. I've actually fallen out of the fandom quite a bit. I only read stories and looks at pictures on derpibooru nowadays. But other than that I haven't seen much of season 6 and beyond. I've mostly given up on writing as well. I do have 1 story I want to finish for personal reasons. But not sure when that will ever come out.

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Have you come to a decision yet?

Write moar stories.

Three parter ain't that great I think. Anyways, I've had college, work, and games cut into my time. But I will message you when I start on the request.

738569 I feel like an idot for spelling your user name wrong. :twilightblush: Sorry about that. Schools been cutting into my writing time as well. I feel your pain. As for my request, that's going to be really cool to see, but I can't wait to see this three prater as well.

Really Rubberhurt? :ajbemused:
Anyways, I have been lazy with my writing, I am almost done with the first chapter of a 3 chapter request. Once I finish that chapter, I can work of you're request.

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