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[One-shot] [Humanized/not anthropormophic]
You have become the husband of a powerful ruler -Princess Luna- against her wishes, you love and would do anything for her and your only wish is for her to love you back.
It's been over a month and a half and she's still doing the same thing; ignoring and shutting you out. Hopefully some tea and cheesecake turn the tide.
Warning: contains usage of alcohol and the word hell is used like once in the whole story.

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Good story. I just feel if you had extended it, give some more character development and some passage of time, it would be an amazing story. All said, a great one-shot, and a great 1st story.

You had me at Cheesecake l, I don't care if she's an alien pony princess from another world without internet, she can make Cheesecake!!! Sorry boys but I call dibs on Princess Luna.

Also awesome story! I look forward to a sequel that may never come.

Can I get a full fledged multi chapter story of this. I really want to see this concept go somewhere.

Crap. I was hoping there would be more sadness so luna would wallow in it for at least a month or so till she realized how she fucked up which would lead to a more realistic happy end instead of that we got a shorter kinda c-movie version.

I REALLY want to find another story almost exactly like this or pretty similar. Even if it's with other characters.

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Lovely oneshot, my only problem with it is that is too short

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