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This story is a sequel to The Cheesecake Debacle

Love is hard to come by, it cannot be forced or coerced, it must happen naturally between two people.
Love can come in many forms, and some not too good.
Love is about trial and error, and the dedication needed to continue your relationships, even through their ups and downs.
Love wont always be visible, or hidden. Nor will it come at first light.
Love requires patience... And that's exactly what you have.

Read about the one you hold dear, keep them in your hearts and never let go. It'll get rough, but its something you understand.

Warning: This fic is about humanized ponies (Because i don't think i can do normal ponies well... :twilightblush:) This fic may contain strong language, adult themes and obscure references. Please note that i'm am still new to writing and that constructive criticism is welcome.

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