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This story is a sequel to Care to Buy a Lady a Drink?

You are Anonymous, aka Anon, the only human in Equestria. Last night, you happened to meet your good friend Rarity in a bar and after revealing to you her recent feelings of self-doubt, you decided to hang out with her and buy her a few drinks. After escorting her back to your place, you proceeded to engage in hot drunk sex with the fashionista and you fell to sleep in each other's embrace.

The next morning, you awake in Rarity's bed with a pounding headache and a foggy recollection of last night's steamy encounter. You then meet up with Rarity in the kitchen and decide to have a nice discussion about your drunken tryst and your current relationship, agreeing that you'd like to be an official couple. How will Rarity's friends react to the news? Will this devastate Spike?

Contains: Serious conversations, a romantic relationship between a human and a pony, scenes of inter-species love-making, the name Anon and the Feels

Cover art by Karzahnii


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How sweet.

A very enjoyable read so far.

Nice. A sweet after story that warms you up a little inside.

Nice way to end this small story, you really manage to seal everything up with a nice bow. Sure their friends might be surprise but hey, let the chaos flow.

At least, Rarity will not have to worry of other mares oogle her man

Can’t wait to see more :pinkiehappy:

So…this will the the 'march of pride' then?

Also geez, gossip DO travel fast in that town, who knows what would happen when Cookie Crumbles heard the news

I guess we'll see, won't we...?

yep but things are getting interesting. I'm sure Opal will be trill to have Anon around the house more often and Sweetie Bell my start viewing him like a big brother when she heard the news.

Also it keep surprising me how Rarity is slightly intense, she really is love with him, it adorable. The only thing missing now is the hearts on her eyes

in his defense, saddles are not considers underwear anywhere else but equestria.

True but he's been there for two years. You'd think by now he'd figure that out, especially since most of his friends are mares.

dammit, why couldn't this be around the time Spike x gabby was working on becoming a thing.
on another note, Spike is being a good friend about it.

doesn't seem like it'd come up in polite conversation, so far his only guy friend seem to be spike and don't think even he knows the saddles are lingerie.

I tried to write it based on how I think he'd handle it. Judging from Spike's character, that's more or less how he'd react. At least, how I think he would.

Two talks in the same chapter, guess I can see where this is going. Inb4 spikebelle :applejackunsure: Just remember sweetie belle is something more besides Rarity but younger and Spike’s not just settling for her because he couldn’t have her sister. I’ve seen a lot of spikebelle writers fall into that trap.

Holy crap, are you psychic? I'm was totally thinking SpikexSweetie Belle but exploring it a little further.

Twilight's Castle of Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy-Feel-Good-Emotions.

I got this reference....if you meant to put it there

You mean the Ren & Stimpy reference? Yep!

Awww, that's precious

oohh that was a nice ending line from Spike

going to assume the bartender already knew he knew that saddles were lingerie like Rainbow dash made the assumption that he knew that were lingerie and didn't bring it up. The word saddle, saddles, or even lingerie wasn't even mentioned in the last story.

Greetings and Salutations,

I can say that Fluttercord is fantastic, especially from DisneyFanatic2364's work.
Too bad she is not willing to work on the 3rd Son-in-Law of Discord.
The story is already written, but not made into an audiobook format with VAs.
Yo should look-up her site and check-out her works.

It's wasn't really needed for the the first story, but I'm glad it was done in the sequel. With the feels, talk and want for a serious relationship, I'm glad this wasn't another one of those stories that had someone (mostly, Anon's) be with Rarity, and completely remove Spike, from the story all together, even if he could be there as a Bro! All these mares are great, cute and/or hot! But you got to have a bro, yo!:eeyup:

Great job with this chapter, the story and the talks! And, Sweetlight is just too adorable! Even with a serious moment, mare wants a cookie!:moustache::twilightsheepish:

Yay there is a sequel i love it.:twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Thanks! Glad to hear it!

Yea but considering saddles are made for riding and there is nothing in Equestria to do the riding other than other ponies Anon should have figured out that they are at least a fetish thing.


No romance story would be complete without at least a little hint of drama.

with that come
with that comedy tag, not going to rule out he was dense enough to assume parent ponies brought saddles so when entertaining their foals with piggy back rides they wouldn't easily fall off. This idea was spawned from an episode where Spike rode on twilight's back. I think it was the molt episode towards the end.

You're doing great, so far.

Man there were so many jokes I wanted to say but now I fell that would be disrespectful and cold for what just happen.

I mean I just…wow. The emotions here are just…wow. Both parties need to think really hard what happen, But Rarities parents…I just wow, they have a lot to think about, even more if it turns out that Anon can actually impregnate her

Well Anon, now is time for some serious soul searching. Your new marefriend just chose you above her mother and father, which means she is serious about the relationship with you. The question is are you?

Well if he can't get her pregnant, I'm sure there is somepony that can help out. After all, a child can be a result from love and that child can be a true source of chaos.

"I know you will," Spike mumbled into Anon's T-shirt. "I'd really hate to explain to Rarity how her boyfriend wound up as a pile of ashes."

"We told him to only put the oven on six, the old girl can't take much more. Did he listen? Noooo." Spike - Anon's funeral.

pretty sure magic can solve the not a pony thing among other problems related to reproduction.
its not like she's friends with a princess of magic, a unicorn that learned to bend time and space to her whims, or knows a chaotic being who can do whatever for the lols.

of course it wouldn't be drama if they thought of this so gotta get plot amnesia so they can't solve this problem instantly.

or could double down, alcohol got him a marefriend, maybe alcohol can chill her parents out.

If you are thinking what I'm thinking…we will need lots of frosting, a hornet nest, some strings, a rope and a squirrel

And I hope those two come to their senses, I would hate to see them leave the story in that note

Also is a establish fact that there is a spell that transforms ponies into other species. So it wouldn't be far fetch, the idea of Twilight casting a spell that can turn Anon into a pony for a day if she so wish too. Or heck only transform the part they need, so he can truly breed Rarity. It can be as easy as that too.

MMmm, too out of charecter, Rarity wouldn't be so hasty too soon, perhaps if her parents did something bad to get her separated from anon, anyway; something nobody actually mentions is the changing species spell, the one twilight used to transform her freinds into brezzes, that could be an option, at least for having foals, in case the spell is not permanent, said spell should be common for interspecies couples.

True but what about the unforeseen side-effect of magic on a subject from a world that lacks magic?

Welp, that will depend on how magic works, does you need a special anatomy or organ for it to do something to you, remember that there are normal animals in equestria, and also that in the mirror world, magic works fine on people, if anything that is another posibility to having offspring, rarity could go the the human world, and become human, thus having human children, or better yet, just transform rarity into a human, Anon is the template, they won't be ponies, but they would be their blood.

All fair points, which will be addressed in the future.

I agree with what you say, just wanted to add a small thing. In the Equestria Girl universe, magic works but doesn't work the same way than in Equestria, it mutated and changes. Sometimes in an unpredictable manner.

Remember what Sunset say "Do you know what happen with magic in this world?"
And heck the same applied later on with her friends developing magic by sheer contact like residue, something that doesn't happen in Equestria.
And again with Twilight when she absorb pure magic and lost control.

Overall, Equestria girl, is a factor but it could potentially be also a gamble.

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