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Not Enough Coffee

"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts." ~ Marcus Aurelius


This story is a sequel to Good Morning, Anon

Anon fears he'll disappear once more. Luna, however, remedies that situation. The night never seemed so beautiful.

Cover art by Goat Train. I don't think I can link them, due to some of their art, but you can search them on derpibooru. Just type Artist:Goat Train.

Audio Reading by StraightToThePointStudio.

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Instant thumps up.

Releasing a sequel only two days after posting the original?


Anon, I sweat by mine and my sister’s name

This was the only one I saw bad enough that needed fixing. Great read! :twilightsmile:

I had sudden inspiration last night after work, plus all the positive feedback of the first and requests for a sequel... I felt obligated to oblige.

1 view, 5 comments, 13 likes. My favorite.

I believe it's just the statistics needing to catch up. It'll look more normal soon enough. Lol.

Simply amazing. Though now begs the question. Do you plan on make a much longer anon and Luna fic based off of these ones :unsuresweetie:

I have no idea. Maybe, maybe not. I am still brainstorming the whole thang in my head. We'll see.

Fine, be all mysterious like then. I'll be keeping a close eye on you sir

Wow a sequel, already? Mind blown!
Have another thumbs up! And a favourite!
Seriously I can never get enough heartwarming princess stories.

ty, ty. I had a rough time at work last night and busted this out. It was quite cathartic. Here's to another day, cheers!

you know what fixes a bad day at work. Irish coffee :pinkiehappy:

Aye. Coffee does help me on this seventy hour work week.

On break right now, and boy am I beat.

So sweet. I might just get diabetes from reading this!

Thanks for the compliments, bud. Means a lot to me, truly.

You're welcome! Will there be a part 3?

I dont know yet. If I were to make a closing act, I would make it longer to wrap up loose ends. So, we will see.

Edit: but I think I am leaning on the side of, "Yeah, eventually when I plan it out."

Another enjoyable short story. You get a like and Fav.

Using her one of her wings, she raised your head slowly to meet hers.

The first her should be removed for clarity.

Mucho apprecio again, friend-o.

A sad story for certain, but left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Yeah. Bittersweet is something I enjoy doing. Ty.

I didn't have much to comment on for the 'first half' of this Anon's story, but now I have to say that I really did enjoy this quite a bit. This was, overall, a great way to wrap their little story up. Nice work!

Thanks. I tried to double down on the themes of the first short fic and do some more exploration. I was satisfied with the result. And to that is all I ask.

When you made the first one, I was hella happy to make an audio reading for that one! Making an audio adaptation for the sequel is just natural for me! xD My God you certainly do not dissappoint when it comes to making such enthralling stories! This was purely awesome! Hope ya didn't mind, but I made an audio thingy for this one as well! :D

Audio LooiNiNknK: https://youtu.be/yqpgVxwU32w

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

I... I am at a loss of words. You're simply the best, bud. This means so much to me right now.

Very good story. Really liked the first and this is a great sequel to it. As someone who focuses a lot more on existential dread than anyone should it does hit those vibes quite well. Perhaps not in the mortality side of things but more in the sense of loss. Good show.

The ending was totally worth it.

Thanks, mate. I'm pretty existential myself, mortality included, but this was a fun exercise in using my brain juices for something worth while.

And yeah, I had to make the ending worth something.

Feelsy, sweet, and featuring best horse. Thanks for sharing.

Good taste, though my love for the diarchs is given out equally. It's too hard of a choice to make.

Hug them boooooth.

A hit to the feels but leaves some warm fuzziness at the end. Thanks for creating and sharing.

I will continue to read as much of this as you continue to write.

This was so heartwarming.


I wouldn't mind reading a long romance story about their relationship, but these two stories are fine as they are. Wonderfully written.

Double thank you! I wrote these, and a few others, in the span of a week. I worked a 70 hour shift while doing so, so it was a personal accomplishment of going the distance for me.

As such, they are short stories, written on a whim, without much thought outside the premise and idea behind it all. I want to break that trend, as I am working hard on my latest story to be a bit longer, but not too long. I also aim to have higher quality in writing by thoroughly plotting it out and re-drafting.

Even if it was, you didn’t care, you needed the embrace. You wrapped your arms around her, feeling her fur and warmth beneath the palms of your hands. “I don’t want to go…”

David Tennant, is that you?


I swear, did you purposefully put that reference in here?

I just finished watching that episode...

"I don't want to go!."

*Plays ood orchestral song*

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More syrupy sweetness. Absolutely wonderful.

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