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This story is a sequel to A Love So Much Closer

Anon and Chrysalis have been pushed to their limits on the run from the law. They now find themselves in a cave on the outskirts of The Badlands, knowing full well their time may be coming to a close.

Though, with Chrysalis finally understanding the true meaning to giving love to another, perhaps there is hope for them yet?

The truth shall set you free.

Cover art is by an unknown Japanese artist. Full credits to them for the cover art used for this story.

Now edited by my good friend Soaring.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 33 )

There wasn’t enough punching in this one.


Maybe they will end up in the pony version of Wrestlemania?

Maybe this needs another installment with more consumption of teeth.

Eat teeth or gtfo.

Hhhow did i miss that sequel indication on the first page!
Its like i spoiled myself of something

How do I like a story twice?

nbq #9 · June 3rd · · ·

Happy ending? I hope... :heart:

Skittle chrysalis? Gross.

Given what we've seen these past few stories, i honestly feel there should be an epilogue where they decide to just give up on running and go talk to Celestia.

Essentially what I left for this ending. With a new-found redemption in the form of truly giving love to another, Chrysalis as made a brighter future for the both of them.

We know the ponies, seeing chrysalis in this state will make them think twice on their past grudges.

kinda figured, reason why i mentioned it was to me personally it just feels weird when its only insinuated and not having something like that written for it. Guess i'm just weird like that. :pinkiecrazy:

A very nice addition to the series. Love Chrysalis's transformation and how you write her as a character. Keep up the writing bud!

It's part of my writing habit to be subtle rather than write everything out. For better, and for worse.

Thanks, man. Chrysalis is one of my favorite characters to write!

IT WAS SO GOOD AND NOW SHE'S A RAINBOW BUG- BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Bugbutt best butt-thorax is a pitiful usurper

Haha. At least I gave her a color palette that works well with each other. It was a symbolic choice of change, despite me liking the older changelings more than the nu-lings.

Ty for reading.

Aw so sweet


How do you make a fancy linebreak in the middle with the asterisks like that?

I simply use the line break tool the site has. It does it automatically for me.


Yeah, that kinda works. Sticks with the horse puns.

[/hr] without the /

Honestly this could do with a sequel from a different perspective, something first-person. Maybe a comedy or drama based a round the return of the new Chrysalis.

Wow good story.

It would be nice to have a continuation or epilogue of them settling down to raise a family or something. To have the ponies find out that they found their own happiness away from them

“Thorax… you were right all along.” Suddenly, a purple beam shot out of Chrysalis’s chest, and you found yourself blinded by an incredibly bright light.

For a moment I feared an certain precious purple pony princess had found and subsequentially attacked them.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Simply type [hr] or use the "Add Horizontal Rule" button (left to the button for creating links).

Perfect timing for that picture to go up, eh?

I saw this on the Features List and I was like "OOOOOO He did it again!" The writing back then was amazing, and it still is to this day man! Freakin' awesome work! Hope ya didn't mind, but I did a lil audio thingy for this lovely lil' story!

Audio Linkerloo!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te1cNkjsxps

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

Thanks again for reading another one of my stories. Each time you do, it warms my heart. :heart:




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