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confound these ponies, they make me learn that books are fun - they also told me how to animate

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Thanks for favoriting my story. Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for having added Welcome Home Soldier to your favorites. I'm really grateful for that, hope you continue to enjoy it sugarcube. :ajsmug: :eeyup:

It is not. To send a Private Message, hold your mouse over the name of the person you wish to send the message to. When their panel pops up, click on the little envelope on the colored bar next to their avatar. You can also go to their page and click the "Mail" tab on the top-right. I hope this helps!:twilightsmile:

i think i have sent you a message, but its not showing here, did you receive it?

Hello there! Welcome to FIMFiction.:pinkiesmile:

Age, if you need any help figuring out how the site works, don't be afraid to ask. I'm always happy to help, and we're all glad that you are here!:twilightsmile:

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