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This story is a sequel to Andy and Pinkie Pie: Daydream

At Sweet Apple Acres, Andy, after telling Pinkie Pie about his family, finds himself sat against a tree as he watches the sunset, trying to collect his thoughts on his position in Equestria. Applejack soon finds him, and offers an open ear. Being a family orientated mare herself, she has some words to exchange with him.

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Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Jun 23rd, 2018

The hell are you talking about? Drama is a part of what this series is, so what do you expect? I mean, really?

I enjoyed it, I particularly liked the fact that you showed that people can not only kindle a working friendship around the good in life, but also similar over similar past tragedy's.

Very good friendship start here

Nice one! Very calm and... pacifying? Leaves a good aftertaste!..

But has Applejack really never seen a hand in her life :applejackconfused:?

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