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Ponies have particularly floofy chests (or 'barrels')...have you ever noticed that?

A worthless one-shot based entirely on a dank meme ShobieShy posted on Twitter the other day.

EDIT: No way. Featured at #1 almost immediately on 10/7/19. They like the Floof!
EDIT: Audio Reading Link from StraightToThePointStudio same day!

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*sees Categorical Grant upload a story called Floofy*


Now to actually read it...

Starlight Glimmer AND a cuddlefic?

Must you make me add another one of your stories to my library?

All in all, great work!

Absolutely brilliant. I'm uncomfortable with how much I enjoy this scenario.

The cuddling in all your stories never fails to make me smile. Please never stop. :twilightsmile:

I don't plan to anytime soon!

Donnnnn #6 · 1 week ago · · ·

*Sees the title and picture
Me: Yes please
*Reads the story

You, uh, might have misplaced barrel.


The barrel of a horse extends from behind its forelegs to the front of its back legs.

The front end of the barrel seems just about correct, then

9870111 Normally just called the breast. The chest and belly make up the two parts of the barrel (underside) of the horse.

I guess we're kinda soft.


CG, you need to tone it down with the cuddlefics. It's not realistic.

I mean, we're only talking about a fictional cartoon world of pastel ponies with wings and magic where clouds and rainbows are solid things and mythological creatures are real.

You can't just have characters *gasp* LIKE each other. That's not grounded in real life at all.

Cute little story. I can't resist the pony floof it draws me in like a moth to the proverbial soft cuddly flame.

TinMan #13 · 1 week ago · · ·

What is this filth I'm reading... cuddles? What new degeneracy will I see next...hoof holding?

Some have called me the most depraved writer on the site for my embrace of soft cuddles and sweet nothings

Great floof, I like very much.

There is evil that walks among us, and evil thy name is... CategoricalGrant

This is too cute. is this part of your plan for world domination?

It's working.

Great! Now I want to hug a pony, and I don't have one! Thanks!:ajbemused:

This is where the SFW dakis and big plushies come in :3

“You can just tell me if you want to cuddle, you know.”
You pull away and look into her eyes. “Really? You’d cuddle with me sometime?”
“I’d cuddle with you now!” she declares boldly. “I have nothing going on the rest of the day.”

Good, because otherwise you would miss whatever you had planned for the rest of the day.

Featured at #1 almost immediately on 10/7/19. They like the Floof!

Just wait until he gets to nuzzling...

Don’t need ‘em. My area has lots of dogs. Puppy cuddles are the best.

What's the full image source?

“How much floof are we talking about here?”

“ALL the floof.”

People vastly underestimate the joy of shoving one’s face into a big ole pile of floof. Just ask my mildly disturbed cats.

This was heart warming and reminds me of some of the old dogs we had here. I miss them so much after reading this

I wonder if there is a wholesome group, because this just sated my emotional hunger.
splendid work.:yay:

Downright adorable. LOVED the exchange, characterizations and cuteness.


Me: Huh?

Starlight: Sorry. It's just a line from a video game Trixie and Sunburst have been getting a bit too much into. One of the characters is a REALLY vain reindeer who is particularly protective of her "floof".

Me: That's all right. I understand. When two of your best friends get a little too much into a game, it is hard to escape it.

This is too floofing adorable. xD

Adorable. The world needs more cute fluffy second person Starlight fics :twilightsmile:

Love this story. So cute and fluffy! :pinkiehappy:

I was going to point out that this is totally breasts, and only okay because it's not tits (those are on the other end of the mare, and entirely absent from the stallion).

9872282 Pretty much. This is why, when writing a fic where ponies are getting touchy, I keep equine diagrams open on a second screen.

If ever faced with a choice between floof and actual breasts, I'd pick floof every time!


is this a reference to airship mauled

Hey hey hey, where’s the art from?

"Them's Fightin' Herds" actually.

Fantastic slice of life :)

I cropped it from ShobieShy’s twitter meme (no idea who the OG artist is)- if someone can find it, I’ll credit them right away!

Someone should inform darkonshadows that he's now well known enough that people are mistaking references to his crossover characters for references to him specifically.

That was the sweetest, softest floof I felt in a while...

Send moar, please! :fluttershysad:

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