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:derpyderp2: woa, that was a joyride. I like the idea of it, and I am guessing that is was easy to write luna's part and be stupid since she is drunk. :trollestia:

Just because shes drunk, i'll like this. Not even gonna read it, all I need to know, is drunken Luna.

So, who's next then? Celestia cracking under pressure? Cadence?

More like

Luna stay here you're drunk

Drunk Luna is the best Luna. :pinkiehappy:

More chapters with the rest of the princesses!

Good read now only if it was longer..... no not that:twilightblush: but the story.

Celestia chapter at least please !!! :scootangel:

Awww Complete. Dat ending though. SOMEBODY MAKE A SEQUEL!

something tells me Celestia already knew what would transpire that night.:raritywink:

I wonder what Celestia would do for such attention?

3497330 I could give it a try when I finish up a collab project that I am working on called The Fall Of Equestria, it is already visible so go ahead and read what we've got if you want. The reason I said we is cause me n' Ascending Anthem are working together on it.

3497460 Do this and I will give you a lifetime of mustaches.

3495959 Go home drunk your Luna (drunken gibberish)

This was good... I will say that...

This was better than I had been expecting... xD

fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::heart::heart::heart::heart::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile::yay:

“This… this chair! I-It tripped me, and it refuses to apologize! So, now I m-must deliver punishment. Observe, humans!”

Is that the reference to what i think it is?

I can just imagine if it was me instead at the ending. Instead of looking nervous at her wink, i'd of just been like :ajsmug:

But enough with my stupid perversions. This story was muy excellencio and I enjoyed it very well. I will thus give this a thumbs up and favorite.

Something tells me there be a sequel with Celestia getting the mushroom.

3497803Drunk home go, you're Luna.

I'll write a fic.
About lesbian sex.
Where a dude named Jake can only watch and masturbate sadly.
Will that please you?

I cannot say I expected this sort of desire for a sequel. Many thanks for enjoying the story enough to desire more! Alas, because it was a commissioned piece, I would not hold my breath for any additional chapters or stories. I shall, however, keep your thoughts in consideration.

Apologies! Truly I have failed to capture your essence. :twilightblush:

“Here, our hands are just about everything. You know how many times Applejack drops something that I need to go and pick up? Between picking it up with her mouth or having me get it with my hands, it’s always gonna be the hands.”

Maybe, but you have to admit that when AJ picks something up with her mouth it's WAY cuter. :ajsmug:


Luna, human, Mature and Sex tags. Dis wuz a gud day.

Dammit, Bob, :rainbowlaugh: I knew there was a reason I followed you. img.pandawhale.com/55302-Thor-another-gif-LNWz.gif

3500686 my thoughts exactly

its Jake.... from statefarm. sorry had to. this was.... very interesting. hilarious at some points, she kinda had a :pinkiecrazy: momment now didnt she! other then that i dont know what to say about this, other then im going to tartarus for enjoying this. :fluttershbad: when did i get into this stuff!?!?!?!?!?!?

I see a lot of potential for a Sarah/Jake story. And also this story is simply brilliant :pinkiehappy:

Its American dragon Jake Long!!

Gotta congratulate you! This is the second best clopfic I have ever had the pleasure to read!


Humans vs. Ponies in cuteness is no contest, period.


Before they had gotten too far, Celestia turned her head stared at Jake, then smiled slyly and gave a knowing wink. Jake felt his heart sink in his chest. Did something give him away? Did she know what happened? As quickly as the motion happened, she was already walking forward again, giving him no time to react.

I should think the smell alone would be a pretty obvious giveaway.

Ha nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just drank a 5th of vodka, dare me to drive?

Aah! You beat me to it :fluttershyouch: I was going to write something similar but I was busy with school, but this is better then what I was going to write.

Not the best clop I've ever read but it was still good.

3500533 The first picture looks like she's deep throating. Just saying. And with that, hundreds of children were scarred for life after they searched up deepthroat. Oops. :ajsmug:

3504871 you should see what ELSE she does with apples. XD

3505089 Sticks 'em in her vag? I know. :ajsmug:

interesting dreams indeed

3505211 Wha...what? No...I was gonna say that she makes pies out of them :applejackunsure: I mean...why would someone do THAT with an apple? Oh lord, the google searches...all those poor children! :applecry:

3505321 Screw the children. Wanna do something with my apples?

If you're a guy then that offer is off the table, I bat for holes, not cherries.

Get it? Because cherries... I'm sorry, that cherry pun was horrible. I'll just go now.

3505465 You're a bad man! You're a very bad man! XD


Then why did Lyra not smell it?
It was probably the reason why Luna couldn't fly straight. Perhaps Celestia saw it because of that.

Maybe she did smell it and just didn't say anything. It might not be the smartest thing to yell "you two just bucked!" in front of both your sovereign rulers.

Or maybe Celestia just knows her sister well enough to see. People who've just had sex tend to have this look about them, and Luna's not exactly subtle even when sober.

She couldn't fly straight because she was still three sheets to the wind. Sex doesn't magically expel alcohol from the body. She's lucky she even made it to Ponyville, her flight was described as "sure to make any passenger nauseous".

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