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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty. (Patreon!)

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Came for the magnaluna cover art, realised it was a story by 'An Intricate Disguise', staying for inevitable mountains of clop.

And, I may have to write a story like this now, but with my own twist, and as a long story.

To be fair, I am really interested in a Cat Equestria. This is something I am kicking myself over after I realize how much cats have had an impact on me growing up. This really should have occurred to me. I will read this later! But you already win because of the cats!

Where my good sir, did you come across this image? And may hap's you know where it is from?

And I am definitely putting this story in my read later library. Neko's for the win!!!!!

See, CIA? I was looking for KITTY porn all along!
It's a doujin based off Tsukihime. That's all I remember.

Bastet is best et.

But yeah, thanks for the save.

Comment posted by Opponent deleted Feb 8th, 2018

... I count four puns, two of which are in a single word, in the description and title alone. This impresses me.

And yet I left out the two that could have easily gone into the chapter title. I'm so inconsistent.

So... I take it there will be lots of puns in this story, at least as far as chapter titles go?

There aren't any puns in the chapter title, just the story title. I might stick one in a future chapter, I'll see how I feel at the time.

I hate cats, and dogs > cats any day...
But I guess I'll have to read that if it comes from you...
Can't wait for the barbed penises jokes

Well done on the world building and characterization! The world felt real and Troy felt relatable.

During his chat with Mr. Yarn, though, I felt there was something off. they seemed to be friendly with one another, but still spoke in overly formal tones. I thought the part sounded a bit strange, but other than that, great story!

And to think I started and scrapped a cat story just a few months ago. Hm...

Watch starting at 0:48 it's important.

Notice how Troy mentioned Queen Victoria, it suggests this takes place during that era, so the formal nature of their conversation can be found with that bit of knowledge.

Honestly, It makes the human character so much more enjoyable than one from the modern era, since we see so much of them on the site.


I do not know the name but it is from a parody(?) Doujinshi about a school teacher trying to force himself on a student only for her to turn into a cat. Then that panel happens. Just google "a cat is fine too" and you'll find that image, but don't go too far down the rabbit hole.

Comment posted by Dextrous-destro deleted Feb 8th, 2018

You have my interest.

Lactose intolerance is the mammalian norm, not really an affliction that needs remedy. We lactose tolerants are the freaky mutants. They figure that the mutation occurred once in Central Asia and twice in Subsaharan Africa. It's just that in societies that are primarily supported by cattle herding lactose tolerance is extremely strongly selected for. Just think what happens when you have two tribes, one tolerant and one intolerant. The intolerant tribe can support one member for every ten head of cattle. The tolerant tribe can support ten members for every ten head of cattle. In a few generations the intolerant tribe has zero head of cattle and the descendants of the tolerant tribe has fifty thousand horse archers pillaging their way across Europe.

This is fantastic! These pone-cats are sexy, and the writing flows perfectly. Well done!

This is good.

I approve of this. XD

Thanks for telling me what you could remember. And don't worry about me going to deep down the rabbit hole, I've already gone down enough of them.....

Commenting before reading: Why the flying hell didn't you name the chapter "The Purrfect Diplomat"? I mean, with the amount of cat puns there are in the tittle alone one would believe that would be a given!

Oh my god yes!!!!!!!!! we need that!

Please credit http://magnaluna.deviantart.com for the artwork, thank you

Don't worry, dude. It's already sourced.

Hmm...Intricate details, Good plotline so far, Lovely banter. Alucard, how would you rate this.

Ten out of ten, Steel!

Favoriting and following it is then.

10/10 Purrrfect chapter.

are we running on furry logic for this fic?
because attempting sexy times with a cat would result in a split pelvis, torn vaginal muscles and a very terminal case of death.
(I like this fic and love the idea of the universe this is just idle curiosity not a complaint)

Seriously?? Can you give me tips as to where i could find it?

just type in google (with safe search off) "a cat is fine too" doujin, I would give a link but I have n idea how to

k. Looked at it. It's from a doujin called That's why i Assault Rin.

I read it forever ago when I got snt a link in college and now the chain of shitposting continues


Just. Wow.

I got nothing on this. I love this universe.

The only problem i have at ALL is that there are multiple humans instead of just one in this world. That's all.

In a world of cats, humans are pets.

Wait, it's already like that. FFFFF-

Bruh this dude just fucked a cat wtf there are more pressing issues than ur headcannon

No, he fucked a sapient, consenting adult. Her being similar to a cat hardly matters.

yes. i agree with that statement.

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