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Just a dude who writes mainly clop with some action and some GrimDark on the side. Also, If you don’t like futa, you may have a bad time here :P ;)


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Kind of sad she had small tits but a good story nontheless.

There will be time for tig ol' bitties later~

I wonder if sexual stimulation can make a mare breast to increase in size. I once heard that massage some key exercise can do that, but I think those are myths

I was thinking more along the lines of magic

That could work. And hey Cadence sure will be more than happy. Her aunties finally founding love.

…And she finally had an uncle to boot.

It will be adorable and funny if the first thing she does when she sees him is tackle hug him screaming 'Uncle'

I'm disappointed Luna's breast are small, but I guess I have to give you that because that we don't see much of that before. And I see that The Big One could become a series.

If there's a threesome between them, I hope the sisters show him the kinds of fun they've had during their long life. Because I really want to see a fisting scene now.

I have a feeling many will appreciate the opening bit of the sequel... especially if they want Lulu bigger ^_^

Yeah! I'm also looking forward for the threesome! And I hope that Luna will get her breast bigger! :D

Aaahhh so there will be a sequel? This should be interesting.

Seriously?? Luna is beautiful! And small and perky simply make her even more desirable.

Glad you appreciate tiny Luna like I do ^_^

Yeah, Couldn't agree more even though i'm a closet Clopp- wait nevermind i wrote clop, But still!

Lulu may have small breasts, but she surpasses Tia in the booty department.

"Okay..." she says, pressing her chest to your shaft and placing her hands on her breasts, trying to give you a boob job.

No offense, but is this EQG Luna, is it a typo, or are alicorns part human? (The latter would explain why they have such humanoid appearances...)

You realize this is tagged as "Anthro", yes?

So it wasn't a typo after all, then...

How common is it for authors to do this in your opinion (outside of the EQG fics)?

I like how you portrayed Luna here. She was cute. I'd love to see more of this group. Thanks for creating and sharing.

Thanks. Luna was real fun to write. I’m enjoying writing her in the third installment.

I'm thrilled to hear that. I look forward to reading it.

Luna is best Pony Princess + Lover :rainbowwild:

“She was... jealous,” Celestia answered, before taking another bite of pancakes. After swallowing, she looks at you. “If you see her today, try not to mention it... unless she brings it up first. She also may act a little... hostile...”

That would end either in banishment to an celestial body or in angry sex, right?

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