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Just a dude who writes mainly clop with some action and some GrimDark on the side. Also, If you don’t like futa, you may have a bad time here :P ;)


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I though cover art had to be sfw?

No visible nipples or genitalia, just like a Barbie doll. I think it qualifies.

That's exactly it. I'm glad at least one other person gets it (^_^/)

The armor-wearing white mare looks away with a blush as Celestia places her hand on the guard's shoulder. "This is Flurry Frost. Once we announced everything, she's asked to help out with your lessons."
Cadance lets out a loud chuckle at the turn of events. "What better way to test your stamina than by having as much mares as possible?"

Good point. Time to get started!

Suddenly, out of nowhere, she reaches behind her back and un-clips her bra. Letting it fall to the floor, she slides her panties down and kicks them off. "I need something hard in me," she coos with a blush.

Extra points for enthusiasm!

"Well, wait until you meet the night guards..." she says, crossing her arms. "Bat ponies are horny by default. Now, imagine a pent-up bat pony."

If you can handle them you can handle everything!

Good chapter!
I look forwards to read the next lesson.

Cadance suddenly steps up to you and whispers in your ear. "Time to get you accustomed to using your mouth on one. Remember, you may have to suck of Chrysalis and take a load to the face."
You blush and eye her. "You... want me to suck off all of you?"
"Of course," Cadance chuckles. "What better way to learn. The sex and stamina stuff comes later.

Cadance has an good point.
Let's go to work! Remeber, clock is ticking!

You give another small lick and hear Glacier let out a soft, brief moan. It was a pretty cute moan and you wanted to hear her moan out more.

That's all the motivation we need!

"After you make us all cum, you can fuck us," the pink alicorn says as she shakes her hips slowly, making her rod shake like a dog's tail.

Like I said, very motivating!

Good chapter!
I look forwards to catch up with the story.
(This kind of comments aren't too annoying, are they?)

Glacier seems to be enjoying your cock rather than just cleaning it, but that's okay.

Yup, totally okay.

"You awake yet?" You ask.
The mare says nothing. Still asleep.

Just how did Flurry (the guard, not the alicorn) manage to stay asleep the whole time?
She must have been really tired...

"How's it smell?" You ask teasingly. "I had it buried in another mare."
"Smells great," Twilight replies, giving your shaft a kiss. "And, it tastes good, too..."


The alicorn gives you a smile and then nods. "Alright..." She then gives you a hug and you feel her sticky, cum-covered tits press to your chest.
"Oh, okay..." you sigh, hugging back. "Now, I'm covered in jizz again..."

Better get used to it; once you face Chrysalis you might expereince that a lot. Especially it already had been hinted she might call backup in form of her drones.

Found an small error:

The unicorn gets to her knees with a smile. "Does that mean I'm next?"

I think you meant to write "alicorn".

You get your response in the form of a squeal and a load to the face. Closing your eyes, you feel the thick cum splatter all over your face. You weren't sure what you hated more; getting an unexpected load to the face, or an unexpected load down your throat. Pulling your hand off her dick, you wipe the jizz from your eyes and spit out whatever landed in your mouth. Twilight then drops to her knees, panting heavily.

I would have the former then being forced on the letter.

When's the next update?

Damn, that is a long time without an update to this... Please, can we have some chapters?

Good news. I’m writing more of the next chapter. Should be done before Thanksgiving.

We're finally approaching the end of this dbz saga of a clop fic. I just hope it delivers on the hype.

“What’s to risk?” :pinkiegasp:

Our protagonist’s name of pony record wouldn’t happen to be something along the lines of “Tempts Fate”, would it? :facehoof:

Once you and Luna are dressed, she leads you down the halls of the castle to where the Night Guard chambers were. Bringing you to the females' chamber door, she stops and eyes you.
"Ready?" She asks you. "Once we go in, they won't let you leave until they're satisfied. And, that could take a while."
You give her a nod. “For the fate of Equestria, I will have sex with each and every one of them until they’re unable to move...”

The chapter just started and it already looks good.
He will need all the training he can get if he wants a chance to stand against Chrysalis later.

“Are you really here to have sex with us?” She asks, her eyes staring into hers. As soon as you start to nod, the bat pony pulls off her shirt, revealing a flat chest. “Good. Because we need cock.”

I could imagine there is some ritual in the day guard where male rookies are tricked to enter that room during heat season...

"You know, I... I've never met a mare quite so... wild as you..."
"I'm not wild," Noctra moaned, before quickly sitting up and wrapping her arms around you. "I'm horny and pent up," she coos, her cum-covered face dangerously close to yours.

Luna, you really should take more care about your subjects. At least allow the futas to help their comrades out. (Why had she forbade that in the first place?)

As you listen, the bat mare crawls up into your lap and leans in, kissing you on the lips. "Fuck me?" She asks, before kissing your lips again and grinding against your dick.

Don't forget to give him puppy eyes to increase your chances!

Good chapter!
Took a few days, but finally got around to read it.
I look forwards for the finale!

But I noticed one thing: If he wants to face Chrysalis tomorrow, he may should have taken an day off instead of exhausting himself.
Hopefully he is able to recover in time.

Found two typos:

you start to go shower

Should be slower, I think.

still have more ti give?

Should be to.

As you near the hive, you see a small group of naked changelings at the entrance. They look over at you and the princesses before they start making their way towards you. They are all female with D-cup breasts, a flaccid cock, black skin, and a short horn.

It seems they knew we were coming... Damn changeling spies!
Or maybe that is just the usual way to catch intruders. Because no one will be willing able to simply sneak past them.

And, from the look of her cleavage, she is a whopping L-cup. Still not as big as Celestia's N-cups but they added to her already impressive figure.

Let me guess: Chrysalis hates Celestia for that.

A changeling pussy is different than a mare's pussy. The muscles inside seem to be designed to expertly massage your shaft and raise your levels of pleasure. You almost wish you can keep it inside forever.

Should he be able to dominate Chryalis he might be able to convince a few of them to become his hive instead.

Good chapter!
I look forwards to see what Chrysalis plans to claim her prize.

Found an small error:

squeeze the cum out of their victims in seconds. Minutes, when they're hungry.

I believe seconds and minutes should be switched. If they are hungry they are more eager and work faster.

When they’re hungry, they make the pleasure last so they can feed longer.

Also, glad you’re enjoying it ^_^

...I'm still waiting for him to take her cock up his ass.

Perhaps I’ll have a bonus chapter full of that ;)

Chrysalis pulls her hand away, sighing. "I may want you alive... to feed off you... but, stop trying to seduce me. I seduce you..."

That's what you keep telling yourself.

You hear her growl softly as her grip on your cock tightens. “All I have to do... is keep pleasuring your dick... until you can’t cum anymore...”

Maybe, but you will pass out long before that.

“I don’t mind sex,” the queen coos. “I just find you irritating. Plus, you brought those princesses with you...”

That reminds me of another question I had:
The princesses knows the location of the hive. Why didn't they simply steal Shining back?
Who knows, maybe Chrysalis will steal him back in return, and before you know it they have an (friendly?) tradition...

FINALLY!!! More chapters!

Yeah it’s been a while. I’m actually working on the next two chapters at the same time and they should be done soon.

how does this pic manage to stay up, but much more tame ones that contain a ball gag or something get taken down?


I’m not sure about this arrangement, does this work both ways? Is he gonna walk in celestia and Luna getting fuck by royal guards and he wouldn’t be able to do anything?

Or he could end up simply turning chrysalis into his slave and the entire hive ends up being his

That was a bit of a romantic ending. A good heart boner to go with the lewd. I wouldn't mind an epilogue if not out right sequel to see how things are going for everyone. I love reformed Chrysi stories and I've always thought the changelings could live in a symbiotic relationship with Equestria & the Crystal Empire. Good stuff. Thanks for creating and sharing.

Nice work on both chapters:twilightsmile:

“We’re having sex, Chryssie,” you say. “This is what happens during sex.”
“We’re not having sex,” Chrysalis snaps. “I’m trying to wear you down to prove a point.”

Yeah, whatever you are telling yourself.
But we all now the truth...

The queen lets out another low growl. “Just shut up and cum already!”


You can’t believe it. The aggressive bug queen is actually sucking her own penis while letting you be the one on top. With every thrust, you make her dick thrust into her mouth, making her moan in pleasure.

Looks like he almost won.

"So, you accept the trade?" You ask, rubbing her back.
The changeling hesitates, before lifting up her head to look you in the eyes. Sighing, she nods. "Yes..."

Ha! Take that, Shining!
Look who is the most desirable stallion now!

You smile and reach out, placing your hand on her arm. "You can stay with me at the castle. You deserve something nice rather than a dark, cold cave."
"Maybe, I like my dark, cold cave," Chryssie coos mockingly.

There still are the chrystal caverns.
As long as you don't overdo it (and bring them back later) you might even be allowed to 'capture' willing ponies from time to time.

You return her smile as you watch the drone hug her queen. "What a happy ending."
"Ending?" Celestia asks with a chuckle, turning and heading to the carriage. "This is just the beginning."

The best kind of ending!

Yeah, I still believe you managed it.

Good story!

Line em up, knock em down!

Chrysalis be like "you think you can out-lust a changeling Queen?"

"stick with me, and you'll never to hungry again! Be prepared!!!!"

Why is this series called "The Big One"?

You find out that the princesses were training you throughout the series to make sure you were ready for the big one, who ends up being Chrysalis. So, Chrysalis is the big one and the "final boss" of this series.

The description of chrysalis’s ll boobs really did it for me

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