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Just a dude who writes mainly clop with some action and some GrimDark on the side. Also, If you don’t like futa, you may have a bad time here :P ;)


Stranded on an alien planet, Fluttershy must overcome her fears and brave the dark depths of the ocean if she is to find a way home...

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An interesting start, needs an explanation for Fluttershy's presence, but it is only the first chapter. let's see where this takes us, yes?

I cannot express my joy that someone is writing this.

I dont read too many new pony stories these days, but this one seems to have promise!

Yeah, all that text at the start were fragments of her memory as she was knocked unconscious. As the story progresses the pieces will be filled in :)

Glad you’re enjoying it ^_^

I wasn’t expecting this, but I’m curious

Me too, but lets wait for the next chap!

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Ok an intresting start and pony to use for this story.
It could do whit more discriptions of plants and animals, most who will read this propably play the game but for those that dont more distinguishing fitures could healp them visulise the flora and funa.
The other problem I see; is Fluttershys abilety to talk to animals. this isn't a big problem as you can just say the languish is diferant but it should be pointed out and mybe remarkt apon trughout the adveture.
will keep an eye on this. I have read a few Subnoutica fics before and have only found two that was any good.
heers hopeing for a third.

btw if your not into fluttershy eatting fish there are other plants that can do just fine.

btw would be funny fluttershy going a bit nuts being alone for the next few weeks, like say finding a stuff rabbit and ccalling it angel

Stuff like that will happen :)

btw big base with computers lab and bed and indoor farm?

Pegasus... with a bra...


Ooooo i like

As a major fan of the game I gotta say your spot on. As a fan on mlp I see some flaws, however I’m sure you’ll figure something out :). If you need help with describing fauna and flora, I’d be more than happy to help you out ;)

Oh, and do you plan for other survivors in this fic?

As a fan of Subnautica I an incredibly excited right now.

btw if you want to know more how they would build a base look up how an underwater toilet would work.

fun fact in one sub with the naxi made a complex system to flush it but one guy fucked up and fuild trhe sub with the sea water sinking froucing them to come back up.... only to be blown up by the uk army

oh god i remeber something from the game where this suit aollow you to make water without trying.

and theres a joke about it that your drinking your own (insiert bear grills joke here) and how fluttershy act all grossout but knowing how rear clean drinking water is she may ended up doing it

I'm really a fan of Subnautica and I've seen Markiplier played this game. I agree with 9443702 for the flaws part of this 1st chapter to this story.

I love the concept im a big fan of subnautica and mlp i cant wait to see more:pinkiehappy:

It sure looked peaceful, if it weren't for the crashed ship that served as a sad reminder of her situation.

I didn't play the game (yet), but why doesn't she just salvage everything from the crashed main ship?
And aren't there any other live pods she could look for?

"Does it work?" She asked herself, pulling the trigger. A message on the device's screen appeared, reading: Nothing to scan. "Seems to be doing something..."

If not doing anything counts as doing something... :rainbowlaugh:

This seems like an promising concept.
Good work! I'm curious to see more!

The main ship is full of radiation and you need a radiation suit. Early in the game it explodes so it’s best to wait to explore until after it goes boom because only then do you acquire the plans to make the radiation suit.

Also, glad you enjoy it ^_^

A Subnautica crossover eh? Proceed

Love Subnautica, Love your GTA series, can’t wait to see how Shy survives in this underwater hell.

All I have to say is Hell Yeah. I’ve been looking for something like this for months

There are other life pods to find but the radio needs to be repaired before you can start picking up the automated distress signals they put out.

Morbidly curious how many of her friends (if any) are now fish food.

My only question is what form of Fluttershy this is. Pony? Human? Equestria Girl with wings? I’m curious

I cant wait for the next chapter.

Wow that’s... vaguely demented...

I did choose the name for a reason.

Massive fan of Subnautica and this is awesome. I've had a similar idea mulling around in my head for some time now, though mine isn't Subnautica, it does follow the same isolation feeling of it.

Getting up, she stumbled over to it and opened it up. Inside was a PDA, two nutrient bars, two flares, and a diving suit and mask with a small air tank and boots. Picking up the PDA, she turned it on. Flipping through the menus, she found a list of objects she could create with materials. One of which was a repair tool.

some advice; neebs gaming made a series where appsro played the game in a story mode/rolplay kind of fashon, with his outbursting 'my survival and comfort over nothing' kind of attitude clashing with fluttershy's submissive attitude, would make a great story

Interesting concept. A bit unpolished, but well-written and rather good. I'd be quite interested in seeing another chapter.

hay continue it I want too see more

This story actually got me started playing Subnautica. Please do continue, I am quite curious as to where you will take the story.

I am actually working on the next chapter right now

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