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Just a dude who writes mainly clop with some action and some GrimDark on the side. Also, If you don’t like futa, you may have a bad time here :P ;)


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Glad you enjoyed. I figured, given Chryssie's attitude, to double-down on the humor.

like who made it? or what is it of?

derpibooru. Artist is skyleesfm

I'm happy for this. I was hoping for something to bridge the gap.

hope to see this finished soon

“Oh, you love me,” you tease, leaning in and giving her right shoulder a kiss. “And, you know it.”
“I most certainly do not,” the queen hissed.

You said you are a queen, Chyssie.
So start acting like a queen and stop lying to us.

"Well, actually, it also belongs to the princess'..." you start, before she interrupts you again.
"Shut up!" She hisses. "It's mine."

Other princesses: "Is that a challenge? We accept!"

"Fuck," she gasps, coughing once more. "I've never had that much inside my mouth at once..."
"Was that a compliment?" You ask her, reaching out to wipe some tears from her left eye.
She lets out a deep sigh of annoyance. "Do you have to ruin every moment?"

What do you maen with ruin?
I mean, he is asking a serious (and very important) question.

“What’s with this one of the sexiest bodies? I am the sexiest.”
“Celestia has bigger tits,” you point out.

Chrysalis: "Remember I'm a changeling? In other words, I can easily fix that."

But I keep wondering:
What are the other changelings back at the hive doing?
Are they still in their cave doing changeling things, or are they somewhere in Equestria doing changelings things?
(Whatever "changeling things" actually are.)

At this point they’re mingling with ponies in Canterlot. In an upcoming chapter I’m having one run in to tell Chrysalis that she found a special someone.

You also wish you had a side view of her so you could watch her tits bounce.

Maybe add a mirror.
Or even better: A one-way mirror.
After telling them of course.
They will probably love it to (possibly) be observed during love-making; either by horny princesses or other changelings learning the arts of seduction (and rutting).

Chrissy don't turn it into a checklist, that what bookhorse is for!

I'm excited for the next chapter! Cant wait to see how this story ends, hopefully with a LOT more cum ;)

actually working on the next chapter as I work on the other main two I'm working on.

Seems the programming is going well, she's practically malleable to his suggestions now!

“Are you going to put it in, or what?” She asks you, sounding like she’s getting impatient.
You give her a reassuring smile. “I’m just... admiring your body.

We can hardly blame him for that, can we?

"it's a... changeling pussy," Chrysalis explained between moans. "We're... biologically designed to... please our partners... the best way possible."

I've seen some fanon where changeling pussies have small, cute fangs to keep better control of their partners, making sure he doesn't leave before she is satisfied.

Laying down with her head between your legs, she grips your cock and starts licking the cum off it. The whole time, she keeps her eyes on yours. You reach to rub her cheek as she services your rod.


And now the big question: Will she ever long for Shining Armor again?

"Alright. Doors are locked. Do you have a collar and leash?"
Chrysalis scoffs and crosses her arms. "As if that's something I'd just carry around."

"I wouldn't be surprised if you do."

"That's it, Chryssie," you moan, feeling her lips and tongue all over your balls. "Good girl."

Chrysalis: "Do you want me to bite you?"

"Shit, your mouth is the best," you sigh, watching Chrysalis close her mouth and swallow.

:trollestia:: *envious alicorn noises*

You struggle to hold in the remainder of your load until she's in position. You then finish by shooting cum all over her belly, tits, and face. Chrysalis closes her eyes and opens her mouth as some lands on her tongue. In another world, or life, you could be a porn star. Perhaps, you could be in this world.

Little does he know

Besides the futa on male stuff, it's pretty good.

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