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It occurs to me that the mother in the original movie should have been panicking way more about the fact that her husband is in real danger of accidentally cheating on her with their daughter.

God damn I love this. Funny, sexy, cute in place. And god DAMN that mental image of Cadance. :D

Another damned fine fic, Lewd. :D

Great work, the emphasis on the clothing and the detail of it all was just right up my alley. I particularly enjoyed how you covered the different sensations that were unfamiliar to them, the heat aura around flurry was a really good concept and I think it really gave the reader and idea as to just how aroused flurry might be.
Awesome as usual, sort of hoping we see more of this Flurry!

My god I love this family... I need more.
Great fic btw, especially loved flurry and cadence’s because there, having Flurry realised how much her mother been left out was both hot but heartwarming at the same time

I recall another father-daughter swap story called Freaky Saturday. (definitely not starring either Shining Armor orFlurry Heart)

I can see where the ending of this chapter is going. So when can I expect the next sequel?

How fitting and wholesome that it was the daughter she felt she was falling behind in terms of her husband's love that ultimately assured her that her fears of being passed over as a loose old hag were entirely unfounded.

By the way, poor Cadence. That her own idea for helping her daughter would effectively snowball in a way that left her feeling unloved.

Speaking of snowballs, after that little bit of fun had by Chrysalis at Shining's expense, which she obviously did just so he'd still taste her cum after switching back, but anyway! Now in the sequel I want to have Shining blow in either Cadance's or Flurry's mouth, and have then snowball with Twilight who gets described as a hesitant, blushing mess at the idea. I can't find the words for it, there's just a certain face I'm imagining Twilight making while her cum-filled partner holds her cheeks in their hooves and makes as if to kiss her.

Then we find out that the taste of Shining's cum is like an aphrodisiac to Princess Twilight because of a foalhood crush turned fetish for her brother.

I've seen stranger things happen in fics like these, and the Sparkle family is full of this stuff.
With that said what I wanna see in the next one is there's actually a large time skip and Shining armour passed away not too long ago. Where Flurry and Cadence get through it together and actually fall for each other. I've yet to see a decent fic that does that well.


Y'all are getting into this lore more than is necessary. If you want to run with those ideas, I absolutely encourage you to do that. As for me, I wasn't even planning to do this sequel. I think I'm good here.

Meh, all good. I was just spit balling. I'm happy with how these stories worked out.

Not here for the story, not my cup of cum. I’m here for the inevitable comments from stupid angry people who are up in arms because of a fake horse incest story

The only stupid people here are the ones commenting on a story they don't like in search of drama that won't happen.

But hey, whatever floats the boat

Ey man, when the story is on the top ten, I tend to click on it and read the description. Thought I’d make a goofy comment since that definitely does happen, but aight

Those are always the best part of Headless Rainbow stories. Well, other than the part where she dunks them afterwards, but whatever.

Thank you for the story keep up the good works.

Bruh....after reading both of these back to back...I'm begging you, finish the cycle. I NEED TO SEE IT!

Seriously though, I'm begging you.

I'm not sure if I have any ideas for another sequel that are really worth doing. Just tossing Twilight in and making it a foursome is a bit boring, and I think this story deserves better than that.

If something comes to me, then sure. Otherwise, I'd rather quit while I'm ahead.

Scene begins in a non-descript cafè
TWILIGHT: Uh... look, as flattering as it is to be invited and even though I still have a huge crush on you I’m just not into my brother like that. Sorry?

CADENCE: Really? That’s perfectly fine! It was a bit of a throwaway idea anyways, don’t worry about it.

TWILIGHT: Thanks, Cady. I knew you would understand. I hate to disappoint him, though, you made it sound like he was really looking forward to... that. Me.

CADENCE: I’ll break the news to Shiney gently and make sure he knows there are no hard feelings. Trust me, I’m great at this sort of thing.

TWILIGHT: Hold on, I just had an idea. What if there were a way he could indulge in this big fantasy and I could stay very far away from even having to imagine my own brother naked.

CADENCE: Oh..? Is there a spell for that?

TWILIGHT: Mmmaybe? Probably, but I would have to cross-reference tha- no, science later. Anyways, there is a person for that. Do you still talk to Chrysalis?

A nearby foppish patron spits out a stream of coffee in shock, monocle spinning away from his face like a frisbee, before an expression of pure glee falls upon his now strangely predatory features. He grabs his phone and sprints away to the restroom leaving his top hat behind (coincidentally at the same time Cadence grabs her phone and begins dialing.)

Top notch stuff. To bad Shiny wasn't open to inviting Chrysi. Missing out on an opportunity to spit-roast Candy & Flurry. I'm sure they'd love it. Excellent porn and a nice poke in the feels to boot. I hope your Muse strikes again as I'd love to read more about these folks.

Fucking coomer, you're sick

Thanks for reading, pervert

Great story i'd love another sequel with this premise except it involves Chysalis and the the Crystal Empire Royal Family except everyone gets swapped by a bigger changling/Alicorn magic mix-up, ending with Flurry inside Cadance,Cadance inside Shining, Shining inside Chrysalis and Crysalis inside Flurry but this time because of the magical misfire all participating females also got pregnant and they can't change back til they have all given birth. It be a great way to make a few more chapters of character development and understanding especially for Shing as he learns what it's like to be a Changling Queen and a better understanding why she invaded Canterlot in the past and what it feels like to only feed on emotion.

If there's another story, it's more than likely going to focus on Flurry and Cadance trying to fuck Twilight without making it too obvious that they're trying to fuck Twilight.

I don't know if it's gonna happen, though

Well ok, but keep my idea in the back of your mind for a future story anyway plz

can we get more missadventures of flurry the cum princess?

Maybe someday, if I stumble across an idea actually worth doing

I think the missing ingredient there that would make the sequel interesting is: what’s Twilight up to in the meantime?

Does she have a relationship of her own that this might interfere with? Already settled for someone else after giving up on her brother. Now she’s interested, but also kind of mad that he waited this long. And now things are complicated. Would she really think of cheating on her boyfriend (or girlfriend) just because her foalhood crush is finally propositioning her? And maybe the compromise at the end is that they invite Twi’s lover as well … making it more of a ‘swinging’ thing than a cheating thing. Perhaps tell it all from the perspective of the hapless boyfriend who’s getting in way over his head with all these sex goddesses and casual incest … in great peril of his head exploding before his dick does. And then the poor guy has to try and sound convincing afterward when he lies and tells Twi that fucking Cadance and Flurry was good, but not as good as Twi herself.

I should stop writing fanfic of your fanfic now, lol.

Not at all the direction I was thinking of going, but that's a really interesting idea. Maybe Flash (or some other character people don't hate) is her "Shining", just a normal guy who got way more weird sex stuff than he initially signed up for. Some very interesting parallels.

I'll have to keep that in mind, should I get the gumption to write a third.

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