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You know, I usually don't really read many sex fics, but holy cow, this was amazing. Nice job!

When she ruled over the student body with an iron fish, Sunset thought it was natural for that level of power to attract a lingering gaze here and there.

Someone draw an Amazonian Shimmer ruling over the cafeteria with a metal fish in one hand.

ridiculous disregard for human biology.

You say?

Whoops. Dunno how that slipped through, thanks for the catch


thanks for the catch


When she ruled over the student body with an iron fish

that would I've interesting to see

Sunny read the Art of Harmony,
So ya better ya guns out.
These gym members getting burned. Cause guess what?
Now the sun's out!
Ponies spitting sick, but no, this isn’t SARS
AJ, kick the beat :ajsmug:, now Pinkie, drop some bars :pinkiehappy:

Welp, I'm both turn on & terrified of this Futa Sunset. Normally, its still her normal self or slightly horny, here she's a freaking Amazon! Lewd, my friend, you've created a monster!

This has the potential for some sequels. I hope it happens.

A bit thicker, but yes

Your writing is really good, but the whole thing is a little too exaggerated for my taste. Oh well.

Also, you might want to consider adding dubcon (at least) to the warnings -- Trixie was pretty clearly saying no when Sunset started fucking her. (I mean, technically that should be noncon, but since Trixie seems okay with it afterward, maybe it averages out to dubcon?)

Hits me in those guud spots.

Let me be fresh with you sunset, French dip with the bacon hair

Nuuuuu! He broke the chain!

Continuation? In which Sunny gets herself a harem? Please?

Sequel please

Please tag non-con/dub-con. Neither of those mares seemed particularly willing.

This right here, yes.
Just a small correction, all of them are human not mares.

I love this. I hope to see more of this huge sun set and her blue sex toy

Especially if it's a vibrating iron fish...

I'm never gonna live "iron fish" down, am I?

Living it down is easy. It's GOING down on it that might be difficult... :D

Now I have to figure out how to write a story where Sunset fucks someone with a metal trout...

Cover art source?

Why not make her be the one getting fucked with said trout? Bonus points if the one wielding it is Fluttershy :trollestia:

Did she train with 'New Zealand'?



[Adult story embed hidden]

[Adult story embed hidden]

Enjoy, bucko

Thanks bro!

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