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I quite like TittySparkles. Consistent quality, and more self-aware and character-focused than a lot of the typical clop. - /mlp/


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hehe, I loves da Shimmy

"How do you want your eggs?"

Fertilized preferably.

ALRIGHT!!! YOU GOT FEATURED!!! Props to you, my man!

Preread by Holy

Why am I not surprised? :rainbowlaugh:

You wake up and Sunset Shimmer is sleeping in your bed. What do you do? Who are you kidding? You know exactly what you're going to do.

Indeed. I gently wake her up, ask if she's all right, and if so if she would be so kind as to leave my home as any good and proper man would.

Waking up in the bed with your girlfriend...

I fuckin' wish. Downvoted for unrealistic dreams.

jk, upvoted lmao

This was adorable and awesome,I hope she get pregnant.

This was a cute end I hope there's a sequel.

The REAL hero of this story.

Sleep Molestation = rape

Not only was that hot as heck, but this has to be the first story I've read that was written in second person *well*. Normally I'd avoid them all like the plague, but it's truly an achievement to prove me wrong and that second person can actually work for once.

Yes, we all know that a contract must be signed before sex and context of the situation is irrelevant...

And don't forget the requirement of:
- Two independent witnesses
- A toxicology report from both parties from the day of signing.

For some reason, I find the cover art way sexier than I probably should... help... :twilightsheepish:

I'm fairly certain the story strongly implies they have a prior agreement to sexually wake one another up. That was the implication here.

You wake up and Sunset Shimmer is sleeping in your bed. What do you do? Who are you kidding? You know exactly what you're going to do.

Or rather, who you're going to do. (That's exactly where this was going, so you can't get mad)


Spoken like someone who's never been in a committed relationship before.



After all, it’s Sunday, and Sunday mornings are filled with a special morning ritual you’ve both long agreed on.

~Skeeter The Lurker

TinMan #22 · May 8th · · 4 · Aftermath ·

Oh I'm sure you could be in a "committed" relationship with that kind of mindset but it wouldn't be a healthy one, and your partner would probably have blue hair and horn-rimmed glasses if you know what I mean.

okay didn't read story yet and refence to tags in story

aur : very rude.

Have you learned that making a comment on a story you haven't read yet can make you look awfully silly.

true i do that ony when i see dresription of story.


Not healthy? People around here sure are judgemental about what consenting adults enjoy and agree to in the privacy of their own relationship and homes. Thus my initial thought of inexperience. Seems it's just the thought process that's odd to me, then.



Should probably rethink how you do things, cause you look like a massive dumbass for those three comments on here.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Take your shit take to the trash bin pls.

The promise of a sequel with a very curious visitor

Yes, please

It was very clearly consensual.

You are a goddamn lewd genius

Damn is this story hot. Just as I've come to expect, very well done!

Also, is there a derpi number for the cover image?

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