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I write second-person sensual fiction featuring you and your favourite ponies. If there's anything you'd like to know, just ask, I'm always happy to answer questions!

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Veeeery interesting...

Carry on, good sir!

Not fully - there's still a few chapters to go. This is just a quick upload of what's been done so far, to appease any Valentine's Day viewers. More chapters coming soon though!

This is just so damn adorable!

I started reading this without realizing it was second person. I'll be completely clear—I hate second person narrative.

But I don't hate this.

In point of fact, I quite enjoyed this. As someone who's written quite a bit about hypnosis, mind-control, and both in kinky ways with strictly consensual situations, I very much enjoyed this. As one writer to another: Please, more? :twilightblush:

Oh, there's more already in the works!
My original plan was to release the whole fic at once, but since it was Valentine's Day (and still is somewhere in the world, possibly) I thought I'd release the completed chapters ahead of time. The rest of the fic will be following suit in the coming days (weeks at most)!

Always nice to see you still writing after all this time. Really interesting one you’ve got here! Can’t wait for more

You enjoyed this? So you dont hate second person fics then.

YES. Ive waited so long for this. Its a shame Ive only just noticed it at 2am. Oh well I look forward to reading it tomorrow.

9460396 Well, I tend to enjoy first person the most (I write a lot in it), and third person is obviously the next on the list, but I find most second person stories tend to spend too much time focusing on specific points that run counter to the purpose of good storytelling.

So yes, I am not at all a fan of the style, but maybe I am Crowley-curious?

As for my previous comment, I am rather surprised at getting downvotes on it given the level of high-praise I am heaping upon the writer's talent. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Cure my Charm-itis.

That would mean inflammation of the charm.

Honestly, I started writing second-person fics because that was how the narrative went on shorter fics. Soon, I was doing entire fics like this. Kind of in too deep for me to stop at this point! Not that it's a bad thing.

As for the downvotes, I think it's because a lot of followers specifically find these fics through searching or following "Crowley" or "Second Person" groups, so they're much more keen on them. Shouldn't resort to downvoting comments though, unless they're particularly malevolent! Let peeps have opinion, yo!

But yeah, thanks for the kind words, as I said, I'll be updating the fic soon!

And that's why the main character sits behind a bar and mixes drinks for a living! :P

9460899 Heh, yeah. It was rather surprising when I realized how smoothly the narrative flowed around the PoV. Most 2nd person stuff tends to be overly focused on telling you how you think about a situation, or telling you how you what you want to do. Great work on this, I might have to poke at other stuff from you. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I see quite a bit of that happening on other 2nd person fics. But I suppose I've had quite a bit of practise regarding that writing style!
Feel free to have a look! Some of the fics are years old now, but they're more or less similar to this one!

I'd wait for the rest of the chapters to release before posting that...

I didn't down vote it I was just confused by your comment. I actually forgot that you can even vote comments on this site. It seems like a really pointless feature on here. Why mine has downvotes despite the fact its a very simple question not intended to offend anyone is beyond me.

9461987 I use upvotes to mark what comments I've read. :pinkiesmile:

Fair enough. That is actually a good reason for them.

I very much like where this is going.

So far this is every bit as brilliant as I hoped it would be. It has become an unwritten rule that a Crowley story never disappoints. The best bit is unlike many other stories Ive been reading this wont take years to update and then be randomly abandoned with no explanation.

Eyup, new chapters being created as we speak! :)

Hottest siren plus hottest fetish? :rainbowdetermined2: I'm pretty sure there's some law against anything being this hot. :rainbowderp:

I don't think Sonata missed that at all, she just is intelligent enough to know that to use that method, it has to be actual danger, not safe "Don't worry, I'll save you" danger. She doesn't want to risk missing and loosing someone she now starting to care about.

Edit: and then I remembered the title, and the warnings, and can now guess where it is going ... and I love it :D


I don't think Sonata missed that at all, she just is intelligent enough to know that to use that method, it has to be actual danger, not safe "Don't worry, I'll save you" danger. She doesn't want to risk missing and loosing someone she now starting to care about.

You know, you aren't that far off! Future chapters will reveal all, but that guess was about 70% right.

Yeah, after my edit, got a pretty good idea which general area it is going, unless I am totally wrong, but that's not a bad thing, I love this story, and will continue to love it! :D After all half the fun is seeing how you get to the destination storywise

Also can I say how much I love it that it took them to 1987 to find out that 'thralls' wont follow orders against survival instinct, shows how little often they directly order into that kind of situation.

They'll follow orders to a degree... one could theoretically order a thrall to march on hot coals since it won't strictly kill them. They'll be in pain, but ultimately they'll remain charmed.
Whereas if you order a thrall to march off a cliff, they'll obey, then snap to their senses and "break the spell" mid-fall. Unfortunately, their charm-free lives would be short-lived.
It's very difficult to find a way to break the spell safely this way.

I love this. I wish this site had a like button for each chapter instead of just the main one for the whole story. :twilightsmile:

A friendly comment works just as well in my book! Cheers. 👍

Since there isn't such a law, get 'em while it's hot! :P

I don't know. I may need to consult my lawyers about how furiously to masturbate to it.

Was thinking about this story again. The fact that the protag knows this fact, makes it harder to use it.

Don't worry, I'm dutifully writing the conclusion! No ETA on it, but things are getting done!

Take all the time you need, this is one of those stories would wait for for years and still love.

good story so far, keep up the good work.:twilightsmile:

By the time you'd finished reading, your veins ran cold. In order for you to get rid of your charm... you had to undergo a near-death experience. Perhaps Sonata had missed this part of Aria's notes; she did look exhausted, after all. First thing tomorrow, you'll speak to her about it. Maybe she can figure something out.

The big gasp!

the reason there IS no law is because that'd include making the sun outlawed!

Oh man, this is getting intense!

Augh, and you leave us with the cliffhanger there? Now I really wanna see what happens next!

But regardless, great chapter, Crowley!

The anticipation is killing me! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Raising the glass to your lips, you quietly count down to yourself, then chug the whole thing. You were smart with choosing a Bloody Mary; the tomato, Tobasco and pepper makes it almost impossible to taste discern anything even vaguely like blood. Clever you.

Again you astound me with wonderful writing. Forsooth I am become addicted to your nervous/excited/hesitant/reminiscent Sonata. Please, I know you don't require my assertion to continue, but you have it nonetheless.

Yeah, we're about to get to the crux of the story at this point.

Glad to know I can still incite a "Wow" with my writing! Cheers.

Something dangerous and hot, no doubt! :) You won't have to wait long, promise!

That's won't be the only thing by next chapter... ;)

Man, I can re-read a chapter a hundred times and still miss obvious things like that! Cheers.

I'm glad you like this version of Sonata. She's the best of a bad bunch, and when she's alone, she's pretty much just the best ;)

Nice chapter, thought there's one small typo you may want to edit.

"I get it, you're mad about this, We both are." you pick up your beer again. Still cold. Good. "But we have to try everything we can possibly think off."

That should probably be "of".

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