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Great work, as always!

That lucky, lucky bastard.

Okay, that was pretty damned sweet. Protect the egg!

Got off easy, this dude.

Yeah, you did at the end, there. ;) Another great one.

Some great, great stories. All of them are very erotic and well-written.

This was my favorite. You could feel the love they have for each other.

I have not read either story, but I am interested in them - however, this story has an anthro tag while the previous one does not. I love your feral works, but I am not interested in anthro. Is the anthro tag for a specific story within the set of six, or are all of these stories anthro? Are the first six anthro as well? I'd appreciate clarification on the issue.

You really shouldn't let a silly thing like an anthro tag stop you from enjoying a story. Just read them, chief

Thanks, I'll go ahead and just remove all your stories. It may seem silly to you, but I have extremely strong feelings on the issue.

You really shouldn't have such strong feelings over something so silly

You also shouldn't expect me to care about whether or not you, someone who doesn't read half my stories anyway (31 of my 50 stories are human/anthro), to care about whether or not your rwad this story (or any of my stories, for that matter.)

Hope you find sonething else you enjoy reading, uce

Ok, where to even start. For one this was definetely much "better" than the first one, it was much more entertaining. My personal favorites were 2,3,4 and 6. 1 was...meh and as much as i love Sunset 5 was just...eh. But overall it was still really good, nice job.

2, 4, and 6 were all done by my best friend DrySpell, and I think he would be very happy to know that you enjoyed his chapters

Yeah ima need more thanks

See, now I wanna know what the spell is

Vague, generic ocean witch magic

Wait. Dude named his kid jack-off?

I loved this one, definitely my favourite out of these.

sea witchcraft you say?
My dear, sweet child. That's what I do. It's what I live for.
To help unfortunate merfolk like yourself.
Poor souls with no one else to turn to.

I admit that in the past I've been a nasty
They weren't kidding when they called me, well, a witch
But you'll find that nowadays
I've mended all my ways
Repented, seen the light, and made a switch
To this
True? Yes.
And I fortunately know a little magic
It's a talent that I always have possessed
And dear lady, please don't laugh
I use it on behalf
Of the miserable, the lonely, and depressed (SOO pathetic)

Poor unfortunate souls
In pain, in need
This one longing to be thinner
That one wants to get the girl
And do I help them?
Yes, indeed
Those poor unfortunate souls
So sad, so true
They come flocking to my cauldron
Crying, "Spells, Ursula, please!"
And I help them!
Yes I do

Now it's happened once or twice
Someone couldn't pay the price
And I'm afraid I had to rake 'em 'cross the coals
Yes I've had the odd complaint
But on the whole I've been a saint
To those poor unfortunate souls

Have we got a deal?

If I become human, I'll never be with my father or sisters again.

But you'll have your man, heh heh. Life's full of tough choices, isn't it? Heh heh.
Oh, and there is one more thing.
We haven't discussed the subject of payment.

But I don't have-

I'm not asking much, just a token really, a trifle!
What I want from you is - your voice.

But without my voice, how can I-

You'll have your looks, your pretty face.
And don't underestimate the importance of body language, HAHAHA!

The men up there don't like a lot of blabber
They think a girl who gossips is a bore!
Yet on land it's much prefered for ladies not to say a word
And after all dear, what is idle babble for?
Come on, they're not all that impressed with conversation
True gentlemen avoid it when they can
But they dote and swoon and fawn
On a lady who's withdrawn
It's she who holds her tongue who get's a man

Come on you poor unfortunate soul
Go ahead!
Make your choice!
I'm a very busy woman and I haven't got all day
It won't cost much
Just your voice!
You poor unfortunate soul
It's sad but true
If you want to cross the bridge, my sweet
You've got the pay the toll
Take a gulp and take a breath
And go ahead and sign the scroll
Flotsam, Jetsam, now I've got her, boys
The boss is on a roll


*polite applause*

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