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Well, I like Sci-Twi and second person stories. Thanks for the, eh... "arousing" and pleasurable read

Kinda wondering if we'll get more Erotica Girls with Anon and the Crystel Prep girls

"I'll just... go ahead and leave you two alone for a while then."

Yes, Spike. Better not have your puppy eyes get soiled. At least you get your treats and belly rubs.

Lol! :rainbowlaugh: That ending!

Finally! All mane seven stories ate complete! Very well written my friend, I'd give this story a 7/10. Thank you so much for updating this out!

We meet again my friend. As always liked and favorite. :twilightsmile:

The adorasexiness has been doubled:rainbowkiss:!

A awesome finish to the series.
Definitely loved twilight In this and the fetish part was really good.

Ha. Great ending.

7299476 Anon with both Twilights?


"Welcome to my bedroom, Anon."

I immediately thought about this video: :rainbowkiss:

Awesome job I'm almost complete all seven of them so far on Lemonfics on Wattpad i got 5 of them done including Starlight Glimmer EG, Vice Principal Luna, and Countess Coloratura/Rara in the Equestria Girls Version would you like to check them I will give the links to them if want?

7299904 that would be interesting to say the least.

Unbelievable. You´ve made your longer story about the sexiest of the mane six and even included my fetish. What God sent you upon this impious Earth to delight us with such wonders?

So, yeah, I really enjoyed it. I hope you keep on writing stories of thus nature for a long time!

It's nice to see some more EqG clop. Especially the one involving foot fetishes. You've done an excellent job on not just the cloppy bits but the romantic build-ups as well. Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

Great Story! Quick question, is this the end of the series? Or are you going to do other characters aside from the Mane cast?

I'll be doing other characters as well. I did have an idea for the next story, but now I don't think it'll work. So the next one could be anyone.

As a guy, who has written a story about a foot fetish. I salute you, good sir/ma'am

This was well worth the wait, i really dont have any negatives to say its just as good as all the other storys you made, but my No.1 is still Sunset's story "cough" Sunset fanboy "cough" you did great.

7300796 Continuations of these couples! I demand it!

Awesome job as usual! :twilightsmile: I've really enjoyed reading the "Erotica Girls" series.

So what's next for you?

Well I do still plan on continuing to make "Erotica Girls" stories. But I'm not sure as to who will get the next one. There are so many options for me to choose from.

Sir. And thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :raritywink:

7302578 how about a sequel to this one involving a three way

Or one of the Dazzlings

Faved this earlier and only just got around to reading it today. :twilightblush:

And thus, the mane seven is now complete and it was a very long read, but so worth it, especially at the end. :twilightsmile:

7302578 -cough-SonatA-cough

Congratulations on finishing your series. I've been a fan of the Equestria Girls Erotica since the first story and I got to say that you made Twilight into quite the vixen and finish the story with a bang. The little backstory of how Anon and Twilit bonded over tutoring sessions was sweet and watching Anon react with incredulity to the magical events that he missed was hilarious, especially his reaction to the Equestrian Twilight. Thanks for the amazing series. Have a fav.

Nice job, Harms Way

*reads the ending lines* I smell a threeway! Not likely to be written down anytime soon, but I can smell it in the air! And it's delicious!! :rainbowwild: Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum!! Omnomnomnomnom!!

7303840 i agree it needs more time to ripe.

7300580 True, that one particular part was cute ^ ^

I replaced every instance of "Anon" with "Jake".

Huh, two Twilight's? :rainbowhuh:

I wonder if there'll be more stories in this series, with Lyra and her friends, and/or Mystery Mint and HER friends.

Foot fetish...

Wow awesome as always, Liked, Fave and everything, I feel so grateful that I came across your stories! Thank you HW :pinkiehappy:

Princesses must be next. Celestia, Luna, then maaaybe Cadence.
I have one question though, why was Twilight on the pill? Was she planning to have sex with Anon? What if he didn't return the feelings? Waste of money and of a pill. Eh, who do I care. It was hot

well that was a nice read and good job on making 7 stories.

"I'm Rainbow Dash. But you can just call me Dashie if you want."

The real Rainbow Dash would never let anyone call her by any sort of cut or affectionate name, other than her boyfriend/coltfriend/girlfriend/marefriend

This was adorkable and sexy at the same time. :twilightsmile:

I realy hope you write some more Erotica Girls story.

More stories will be coming, my friend. Starting with Principal Celestia.

Once again, you never cease to create a wonderful story.... and the whole foot fetish part made it even better!

Great work!:twilightsmile:

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Also, thank you for the fave. :twilightblush:

alright so after reading all of them which only took 1 day i have to say that i like all of them and i cant choose just one of them so i look forward to reading which you decide to do next whether it's a part of this or not.

I would have loved for Anon to say this when the second Twilight appeared.
"okay, I don't know if you two are okay with the sister thing, I'm obviously WAAAY into it"
jabbing Archer obviously

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