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Nah all that's left is Twilight.

That is, unless you think up more.:raritywink:

Love it, my friend! You did awesomely, as always! Here! *hands out a cookie* Have a cookie! :pinkiehappy:

You got a little bit of cheese and cliche in here but it isn't too detracting.

Twilight next? She'said a nerd with too much time to herself. She has to be a freak in the sack.

Best pony finally gets her own Erotica Girls story and it's AMAZING! :raritystarry:

ahh harm, my old friend, you never cease to amaze me

6 down 1 to go I cant wait to see Twilights story.

Awesome story! You deserve a song and an applause.

7017903 I wouldn't mind seeing some with side characters.

Are you going to still do these after Twilight or will that be the finale?

7017995 Would like to see yours as well.

Sixth entry of Erotica Girls series? Now I know what to read before showering :ajsmug:

I absolutely loved this one, Party Of Two and this one are my all time favorites.

Her muscular ass cheeks are on full display for you as an angelic choir sings in your mind.

That went through my mind when I read it. This is why AJ is one of my two waifus in my life. BTW: The other is Sunset.

7017903 It would have to be the Dazzlings or the Shadowbolt 5. Of both groups. That would add 8 more stories to the list.

Absolutely loved it!:pinkiehappy: Congrats on yet another feature as well.:twilightsmile:

And boom goes another stick of dynamite. I also like how Big Mac explains himself as the "dad" of the family.

Good luck with writing the next part.:ajsmug:

Just as good as the rest. Keep up the good work :ajsmug:

I always enjoy some fem-Dom, and AJ is definitely my favorite candidate for that kind of fetish:ajsmug:.

Definitely looking forward to Twilight's story now and what kinks she may have:raritywink:.

the most realistic one yet. holy shit. i'm DLing this one.

Another great and amazing series of Erotica Girls. I'll be honest to everyone here, Fishing in the Dark, Training Session and Hit the Showers made me blush so hard that I couldn't stop reading them all over again. Thank you so much for updating this soon Harms. Stay cool and keep up the good work :rainbowdetermined2:

Did anybody else read this story just because of the title? Well, needless to say I'm listening to the Nitty Gritty Dirt band right now because of you Harms Way. Oh and bravo on the story too, pretty good. :ajsmug: I will have to read the rest of them.

Don't let this stop you from posting it, my friend. I'll be looking forward to reading it.

7017903, 7018437
Twilight's story will not be the end of this. More stories will come after her's. Just haven't really decided on who will have their turn after her yet.

Must.... resist.... the sugary goodness...! Ah screw it. COOKIE!!!!! *starts devouring the cookie*

7018031, 7018104, 7018492, 7018527, 7018599, 7018690, 7018919, 7018966, 7018999, 7019007, 7019016
Thank you all so much. I'm really happy that you guys each enjoyed reading this. :twilightsmile:

7019151 How about the Dazzlings?

7019151 Just like we enjoyed the previous entries in the Erotica Girls series:pinkiehappy:

(whistling noise) bravissimo my friend bravissimo :raritystarry:

The wait was worth it.

These story's never cease to impress me.:twilightsmile:

Sweet Applejack is here and nexts Twilight Sparkle and you say you don't know who you going to choose after her that's a good question well you'll come up with a good idea and a great story can't wait to see what you pull out of your hat next:twilightsmile:

Twilight said that you were looking at me the same way as some guy she knew back at Crystal Prep who she thinks has a crush on her."

is that a hint on what's to come?

I always love your description and relationship building. Your ability to weave a backstory to a character designed to be generic is uncanny and enjoyable.

Then their is the clop, and the tone shifts completely. It's not bad, but abrupt. I could also complain that AJ wouldn't "put out" five minutes into a relationship.

Everything up to that is pure gold.

Anon's name here? Hmm, Enjoys outdoors... Stargazer? Pathways?


Exactly my thoughts. I largely skipped the clop, but until that it was a really cute and nice read.

You mean like a group fuck?

7020704 No I think of more Equestria Girls to bang.

7020799 i knew it.

Over in the bushes the sound of giggling can be heard from a certain pink lass as another familiar voice says "i 'll have that ten bucks back now!":pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

Misread the title the first time I saw it.

Thought it said "Fisting in the Dark".

Not sure if that applies or not, since I haven't read the story yet.

Seconds later, you feel the warm breeze running over your shaft as it is now completely exposed for Applejack to see.

warm breeze

That is a lie, breezes are never warm. The wind is always chilly at best, as in 95% of the time always. Do your research!

This has to be my favorite one so far. Awesome stuff man. 10/10 :ajsmug: :heart:


Do one for bisexual Lyra. Everyone is so sure she's full lesbian due to the cheek-press on the piano.

Quick question and I might sound a bit rude so sorry if this sounds mean but why name the character? By naming the character you take away the 2nd person and make it some where in 2nd and 3nd person. 1st is I go to the shop, 2nd is you, 3nd is Applejack goes to the shop.

With 2nd you never give a name, it takes away from the world you have already created and well it just makes an chaotic mess. The only story I know that has done it right was; She's Gonna Kill Me but why use the name Anon? It just weird because I knew someone named Anon and well he wasn't the nicest guy in the school. :ajbemused: It just something at is a little annoying, that's why I only stick to 3nd person.

No one tells Phoenix which way is North!

7022385 I think he named the character Anon because it's short for anonymous.

7022461 Well the points stands that there shouldn't be a name, how I do it and most writers do it is I, You, Me. I being first person, You being Second and Me being Third.

I did actually consider throwing in something like that at the end. :rainbowlaugh:

7022524 Popped in my head soon as I finished, That lewd pair couldn't help themselves, Pinkie would know everyone's hidey spot, as long as they keep a secret all should be good. YEAH RIGHT, RD + tact x Pinkie + Hmm...concentration = social calamity!

7021549 well then that just had to be the 5% then right?

7022791 No! That is impossible! The 5% never happens! It is always the 95%!

...I am joking if you cannot tell.

7022864 I'm sorry, but unless it's blatant sarcasm, I really can't tell.

7022893 Yeah, it is hard to tell in writing even for those who can tell what's sarcasm. I understand.

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